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Marmalade Pantry At The Stables, A Haven In The Woods

Mention Marmalade Pantry, one would instantly link it with the thriving modern bistro cafe right in the shopping belt of Orchard Road, with a strong following of aficionados.

Marmalade Pantry in the city is situated at the chic ION Orchard, sitting prominently in the central atrium. The crowded bistro, enticing diners with its luxury comfort food, is certainly a trendy place to be seen & heard. Now, the group welcomes their second outlet, Marmalade Pantry at the Stables, which is located deep within the tropical greens of Bukit Timah, on Fairways Drive.
pantry at the stables, eng neo ave, bukit timah
Offering an all-day bakery as well as a menu which showcases a reflection of the modern bistro’s all-time favourites, infused with the romanticism & mystique of the surrounding greenery as you dine by the dazzling vista of lush tropical gardens, is Marmalade Pantry At The Stables.
marmalade pantry at the stables
Thanks to FoodNews, I was invited for an intimate food-tasting session with 3 other bloggers at the country-side, formerly occupied by Mimolette. The tranquillity, nature & fresh air forms the ideal ambience for a quiet moment away from the madding crowd. I like the private oasis, tucked right in the middle of nowhere; alone, mesmerising in my own world.

marmalade pantry delicious juices
As I was ushered to my seat, the waiter promptly delivered the menu & recommended me a drink to start with while waiting. I was impressed with the list of freshly-squeezed juices with fanciful names like "Vigorous", "Rejoice", "Blush" etc. "Delicious is nice, it's popular", he suggested. Delicious with Raspberry, Honeydew & Rockmelon @ S$8 sounded like a healthy blend; I went along with his pick. I like the good mix of the fruits, a nice welcome drink to quench the thirst. It wasn't too sweet & overpowering, just the way I like it. Delicious, indeed!

marmalade pantry mexican chicken salad
Our lovely host for the evening was Janice. When all the bloggers were seated, Janice placed the orders for The Pantry's signature dishes. First to arrive, the Mexican Chicken Salad @ S$22.
marmalade pantry mexican chicken salad tasty
Mexican food is known for its colourful presentation, assortment of spices & ingredients, & diverse flavours. The salad is no exception. I used the Tortilla as a scoop to pick up the mixture of avocado, chickpeas, kidney beans, corn & generous helpings of tomatoes. The chilled salsa appetizer is surprisingly refreshing. Healthy foodies will certainly find this starter a good choice.
marmalade pantry pan seared haloumi, cheese
Next is a must-try appetizer! The Pan Seared Haloumi @ S$21 is such a mystifying dish. Are these Tau Kwa (Fried Beancurd) or Cheese, sitting on the bed of tomatoes? The pan-seared white pieces looked & tasted like Tau Kwa, but those were Cheese! The Greek Cheese is apparently made from a mixture of milk from goats & sheep. The firm & salty Haloumi tasted so good with its watercress herb toppings. One of the gals cleaned up the entire plate of tomatoes with the sweet sauce as she's a fan of the red fruit often used in vegetable cooking.
marmalade pantry crispy pork belly
Thumbs-up to the Crispy Pork Belly @ S$32! The first thing for die-hard fans of this dish to dig into, is the skin. But, there was none here! Though disappointed, the aromatic porky didn't fail us. Exterior portion was relatively crispy & parts of the meat melted in my mouth. I like the accompanying sauce too. Only complaint, the Chef should've kept the skin. What's Crispy Pork Belly without the skin?

marmalade pantry at the stables, steak and eggs
Touted as the most popular & signature dish, the Steak & Eggs @ S$38.00 was sadly, a let-down. I took the corner slice as I prefer medium-well, & the meat was dry & tough. I was surprised when fellow blogger, who took the medium-rare part also shared the same sentiments. Maybe it wasn't our nite. However, I must commend the Chef behind those Smashed Peas. I hate green peas, but I took more than my fair share of it. Simple reason, the peas were infused with my fave Truffle Oil. The raw taste of the vegetables were drowned in the scented oil. I was like a kid once again, devouring the peas hungrily.

marmalade pantry at the stables, crabmeat linguine
Crabmeat Linguine @ S$22 was cooked with pine nuts, tomatoes & chilli. I like the Al Dente pasta, with the right consistency just the way I wanted. It has a munificent servings of crabmeat & I must say that the portion is extremely huge, especially for lady diners.

marmalade pantry, wildberry mojito
All of us had a wonderful time tasting the food & chatting, getting to know one another. While waiting for our desserts, I'd another round of drinks. This time, I took their another recommendation: the Wildberry Mojito @ S$16. I like Mojito, it's like a ladies' drink, with rum, fresh wildberries, lime, raw cane sugar & decorated with mint leaves. Nice!
marmalade pantry cupcakes, red velvet, hummingbird, elvis, limonata, desserts
Janice took care of us really well, filling our appetite with more goodies. We were served four different types of Cupcakes: Red Velvet with coconut cream cheese frosting; Cupcake of the Month for July - Hummingbird; Elvis, a chocolate banana cake with peanut butter frosting & Limonata, a tart lemon glazed cake. The Cupcakes are all priced @ S$4.50, except for the Hummingbird which is @ S$4.80. My top of the pick goes to the Hummingbird; I love the crunchy biscuit, which paired off perfectly with the cupcake topped with grated coconut.

marmalade pantry sticky date toffee pudding
Marmalade's Classic Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding @ S$12 is not new to me. I'd tried this before & it was too sweet for me. Although I like the texture of this dessert, I still find it too sweet this time.

marmalade pantry lemon brulee tart
On the other hand, the Lemon Brulee Tart @ S$14 was a better choice. It was like eating the Super Sour Lemon Candy, perfect after a full stomach.

marmalade pantry at the stables, outdoor
The entire food tasting session lasted over 2hrs, & I was as full as a fat lady's sock. Dinner at Pantry at the Stables is a casual, intimate affair. Diners can relax with cocktails on French striped deck chairs which overlook the surrounding greenery before proceeding to be seated in the main dining room or alfresco for their meals. Rating: ★★★★☆

Ladies, get your BFF to visit Pantry at the Stables, offering a daily Afternoon Tea set to share over afternoon chatter. Priced at S$20++/pax (min. of two to enjoy), guests can choose from over 10 different flavours of Gryphon Teas. The Afternoon Tea set also comes with a selection of homemade finger sandwiches, scones & cupcakes.

marmalade pantry at the stables, bukit timah
So be sure to try the new Marmalade Pantry At The Stables; the beautiful spot is too good to pass up!

Pantry At The Stables
55 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286846
Tel: +65 6467 7748


  1. Nice Revamp to yr site! Luv the new look :)

    1. Ian, welcome back & thks so much for your views!

  2. Beautiful place my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Guru, hope u'll have the chance to savour their food!

  3. All these pics are making me hungry!!

  4. The Mexican Chicken Salad looks delicious.

  5. Woah that's a lot of food! I really like the scenic view during the night!
    Romantic! :D

    1. Charmaine, host treated us really well :) Chk out this place if u're here next time!

  6. Wow.... the place looks so cosy and nice and the food looks so delicious....drooling here :D I think if I go there, I would feel totally relaxed but come out feeling lazy and heavy after all the good food....haha. Oh, Shirley, the NuStevia is awesome. I really like it. I use it to make cakes and ice cream too part from using it in my drinks. Thanks again very much for the giveaway, one of the best that I have got so far!

    1. Mary, kiv this place for your next visit. Thks so much for letting me know & I'm glad u like your gifts. Hahaha!

  7. What a heavenly place and the food is equally heavenly.

  8. WOW! What an amazing blogger event, and I am getting so hungry just by looking at the photos of the delicious food!

    1. Bessie, hahaha! Wish we could chill out together someday :)

  9. You make me miss Singapore so much! I remember this restaurant; I heard about it so much the last time I was in Singapore.

    1. Sophia, be sure to visit this area the next time u stop by S'pore! Great having u here :)

  10. This really looks delicious! I was expecting an extremely high price on the menu noteing the location and ambience of the restaurant, but to my surprise, the prices are pretty reasonable.

    1. DS, I must say that their prices are pretty reasonable considering the generous portion of food & nice surroundings :)

  11. LOL drooling at those food pic at this hour is wrong *run out of house and find food*

    nice sharing hehehe and happy blogging! :D

  12. The Lemon Brulee Tart was good! You tried so many cupcakes!


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