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Kneipp Healthy Feet Collection + Giveaway!!

Sore & achy feet, dry & cracked skin, calluses, odour due to excessive sweating, blisters – all signals that feet are sending out to let you know they’ve simply had enough! Sebastian Kneipp believed feet needed great care & that healthy feet promote overall good health.
kneipp happy feet collection skincare
The Kneipp Healthy Feet Collection moisturizes, purifies & revitalizes tired feet:
Rosemary: Invigorates, revitalizes & increases energy & blood circulation in tired feet.
Calendula: Known to moisturize dry skin, replenishes the roughest areas to smooth the skin.

Today, I'm gonna introduce you to a pampering Foot Care-Regimen; sharing with you some Tips to a Healthy Happy Feet, & how to let the herbs work & relieve pressure & stress from your feet:

kneipp happy feet foot bath crystals
(Step 1)
Indulge in Kneipp® Foot Bath Crystals (S$37.45, 500g). Fill the cap up to the edge of the inner ring with bath crystals. Soak feet for about 10 mins in ankle-deep water & towel dry.

Properties: Triple-effect by cleansing tired & burning feet, soothing & invigorating them. Helps increase circulation due to essential rosemary oil while preparing feet for additional treatments. Calendula blossom extract regenerates & smoothes sensitive & stressed areas. *Kneipp® Foot Bath Crystals are even safe to use for diabetics.

Tips: A quick easy way to enjoy a foot bath, plug your tub, pour salts, turn the shower on & enjoy a stimulating aromatherapy shower with a therapeutic foot bath!

kneipp happy feet foot repair review
(Step 2)
Apply a thin layer of Kneipp® Foot Repair (S$34.90, 100ml) & massage evenly into skin using soft pressure.

Properties: Buttery & rich cream with emollient & moisturizing properties due to its ingredients shea butter, 10% urea, panthenol & vitamin E. Because of its rich skincare properties, the Kneipp® Foot Repair is especially suitable for diabetics & help prevent athlete’s foot.

Tips: For an incredibly moisturizing treatment, apply Foot Butter liberally to the feet & massage in gently just before going to bed. Put on a pair of cotton socks & allow the Foot Repair to unfold its full effect overnight.

kneipp happy feet anti-callus salve review
(Step 3)
Apply Kneipp® Anti-Callus-Salve (S$27.90, 50ml) several times a day to callused & cracked skin areas & massage softly into feet.

Properties: The Anti-Callus Salve helps improve the appearance of callused skin in only 7 days. Skin is nourished, smoothing rough areas & improving texture.

What I Like:
I was intoxicated with the aromatic scent of the entire range of Happy Feet. My feet were soft & tender immediately after my Foot Bath Crystals soak.  It was very relaxing!  As I've rather dry skin, the Foot Repair Cream was a treat to my poor feet. After application, I put on my socks & went to bed to let the herbs work on my feet. My feet was like given a new lease of life the next morning, well moisturized & tender. And it smells great too!  The Anti-Callus-Salve is a joy to have as it worked wonderfully especially on my heels. Wanna try these products??

It's Giveaway time again! More than S$1,550 Kneipp products had already been given away to Luxury Haven's readers. Another piece of good news! I've quite a handful of M'sians readers asking if they can take part too if they've someone to collect the prize on their behalf. The answer is "YES"! I've decided to open the contest to our friendly neighbour "Malaysia" too, as long as you've someone in Singapore to collect your winning prize.

singapore national day kneipp skincare giveaway

In fact, in my last National Day Giveaway: Limited Edition Kneipp Citrus Body Lotion & Foot Cream, Reana Claire of Malaysia was one of the lucky 5 who walked away with the limited edition range worth S$80!!  Well, her son is living in S'pore & will be collecting the prize for her!

kneipp body lotion, anti-callus foot care
In this round of Giveaway, winners will also get the Kneipp Limited Edition Citrus Fruit & Melissa Herbal Body Lotion + Healthy Feet Anti-Callus-Salve (not sold in S'pore) worth about S$80, & there're 5 sets to giveaway!! So here are the rules for this contest & make sure you read properly & complete all the 5 steps!

  • Participants have to be 25 years old & above to join the Giveaway.
  • Giveaway is Open to Residents of Singapore.
  • Giveaway is Open to Malaysians, only if you've someone in Singapore to collect the prize on your behalf. *Kneipp does not deliver the prizes. Winners will need to provide a letter of authorization, allowing the person to collect the prize on your behalf.
  • Winners will be picked via
  • Contest begins 13 Aug 2012 & ends at 9pm on 20 August 2012.
  • Results will be announced within a week. No email notification will be sent, so please look out for announcement here or in Facebook. Follow This Blog Via Email (right-hand side of the blog) & have the announcement delivered right into your mailbox!
  • Winners will have 48 hrs to acknowledge their winnings in the comment box, or another winner will be selected.
  • Winners are to share photos of their prize in their Facebook & tag Kneipp & Luxury Haven.

How to participate:
  1. "Like" Kneipp & Luxury Haven to qualify for the draw.
  2. luxury haven kneipp happy feet giveaway
  3. Click on the pix above & it'll bring you to a similar pix in Facebook.
  4. Copy & paste the msg: "Share & Win Kneipp Limited Edition Citrus Body Lotion & Foot Cream worth S$80+! 5 Sets to be won!!" & share the pix on your FB wall. Make sure it's set to Public so we can see the pix on your wall.
  5. Tag 5 of your friends in the pix!
  6. Leave your comments with Name & Email once you've "liked" & "shared" in the comment box below, so that we can verify your entry & enter your name to the draw.
  7. Do not sign in as "Anonymous"!!
Good luck! Thank you again Kneipp, for all the goodies!

Kneipp Singapore Outlets

Unity Healthcare:
  • 2 Jurong East Central 1 #B1-05 Jcube Mall
  • 252 North Bridge Road #B1-44L Raffles City Shopping Centre
  • LINK BRIDGE 62 Collyer Quay #02-01 to 04 OUE Link
  • 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall #02-105
  • Choa Chu Kang North 6 #B1-08/09 Yew Tee Point
  • 1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-14/15 Great World City

Guardian Health & Beauty:
  • 290 Orchard Road # B1-20/24 Paragon
  • 101 Thomson Road #B1 United Square
  • 930 Yishun Ave 2 # B1-01/02 Northpoint Shopping Centre
  • 2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-57 IMM Building
  • Novena Hospital 38 Irrawaddy Rd.#01-08/09/10/11
  • 1 Woodlands Square #B1-28/29/30 Causeway Point
  • 23 Serangoon Central #B1-62/63 Serangoon NEX

Uchino Bath Designs:
  • Takashimaya Departmental Stores: 391 Orchard Road, Basement 1
  • Isetan Katong Departmental Stores: 80 Marine Parade Road, Parkway Parade

Winners For Kneipp Body Lotion & Anti-Callus-Salve!


  1. Congratulation to Reana Claire as winner in the last contest. I have no one to collect the prize in Singapore, so unable to join in this contest, disappointed :(

    1. Agnes, that's too bad! Perhaps another time...

  2. Name: Amber

  3. Law Seong Eng

  4. Name: Amber

  5. On second thoughts, I think I wont be participating.. sounds greedy..give others a chance..but I dont mind sharing it for you in my FB...

    1. Reana, you've already won the previous contest anyway :) I'll be sending you the prize collection letter once the sponsor returns from this biz trip next week. Thks for sharing & giving others a chance in this giveaway!

  6. Replies
    1. Ann, thks! Try your luck, u may win something again :)

    2. Thanks Ann! Yes, do try again... good for our skin.. :)

  7. Yes, we should all pamper our feet -it's the soul that bring us around all those therapatic shopping trips. :) So i have tagged, liked, shared hoping to be able to pamper my feet too.

    1. DS, thks for your wonderful comments & all the best!

  8. Winter Law

  9. Rex Lee

  10. Yi Pin

  11. its important that we pamper our feet...bears our weight all day long.

    1. missyblurkit, no one to pick up prize for u?? U can participate too!

  12. arhh! kind of hard to get my relatives from singapore to collect the prize for me. they are too busy! :(

  13. Winter

    previous was under annoymous

  14. I seriously have to find some relatives in SG now, am missing too many lovely products. Wish I could mentally relocate to SG.. what say Shirley!!
    Love Ash.

  15. I am using "Fresh Eys" which work wonderfully on my puffy eyes. Now I hope to win the Body and Foot Care giveaway!!!

    rain99love aka Rebecca Teo

  16. Hi Shirley, This sounds like a great prize to win but unfortunately I can't participate, nobody to pick up prize! Congrats to Reana for winning!

  17. The thing I am interested is open to Singapore residents only. That's not fair,Shirley. I take great care of my feet more than anything.

    1. Balvinder, so sorry dear! I'm working real hard to reward my overseas readers.... Too bad u've missed the NuNaturals Stevia which was open to all :<

  18. Replies
    1. Sandy, thks for visiting & hope to see more of u here!

  19. I for sure would love each one of the products Shirley but too bad I have no one in Singapore to collect on my behalf. Will await patiently for our giveaway which you can kindly consider those from Malaysia.

    1. Nava, I'm feeling real bad no being able to include my int'l readers. Pls be patient.....

  20. I agree with Indulge..I need to find a friend or relative who live sin Singapore to enter these giveaways.

    1. Bessie, hahaha! U're having very attractive giveaways as well, dear!

  21. Sorry auto correct sucks!

    I was saying how everyone hates dry skin and this giveaway is sure to cure all :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Guru, thks dear! I hate dry skin! Too bad Kneipp contest is only open to locals, else u could try their products too :<

  22. My feet are in great need of repair!

    1. YL, don't u have someone to collect prize for u??

  23. Too bad... I don't have anyone in Singapore also to collect for me :(

    1. Charmaine, so sorry dear! Was hoping u could participate too.......

  24. Shirley, thanks for the invitation. Hopefully I'll win again this time.

    1. Ann, u'll need to copy & paste the msg above & share on your FB wall. Then tag 5 friends in the pix so we can see :)

  25. I want to follow this contest...because this product is really good.

  26. Yan Jing Jing

  27. Deepali Gupta

  28. Khor Shyh Yong
    johnkhor777 [at] gmail [dot] com. Sorry dor the inconvenience but this is to prevent spammers from collecting my email. :)

  29. Kaleen Teo

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. hi shirley !

    Thank you once again for the giveaway !

    Name : Shanice Foh
    email :
    also like and shared the post in FB :)

  31. Liked and Shared

    Sheryl Chan Poh Ching

    Sheryl Chan

  32. Name: Irene Soh
    Email :

    Am so hoping to win. Have enter myself in various similar contest but lady luck is not shining on me at all...

  33. Name : Shirley lim

  34. eddy khoo

    thanks shirley for the great read and giveaway !

  35. Hi Shirley

    Pls Enter Me

    Bebe Lee
    bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

  36. Thanks for the giveaway

    WC Grace
    glwc88 at

  37. Hi Shirley

    Name Quek CH
    Email chquek @ hotmail dot sg

  38. Greetings Shirley (:

    Name, Dorothy Chng

  39. Done steps 1 to 5 and here's step 5 :)

    Name: Sonia Lee

    Thank you Shirley

  40. I've done all steps except for Step 4 as I couldn't tag since the photo has reached the maximum number of tags allowed.

    Name: Slj Slk
    Email: sljslk[at]gmail[dot]com

  41. Hi,

    Since I am not from Singapore I can't participate in this giveaway.

    But I liked ur blog and M ur new follower.

    1. Raksha, great having u here! Thks for visiting & will chk out your blog soon!

  42. Hie Shirley,

    FB nick : XscalsVe Cal

    Name : Ai Leen Cheong

    Email :

  43. Hi,I am here again....Name :Amila,
    done all the steps mentioned above...Happy hosting!!


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