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Spot It Out With Perhaps Spotless Anti-Melasma Night Cream!

English: Melasma on the faceEnglish: Melasma on the face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Research shows that Asian women is prone to be more susceptible to Melasma in general & it has been estimated to affect up to an unhappy 40% of Asian women! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, up to 70 percent of pregnant women develop Melasma.

Known as the ‘Mask of Pregnancy’, changes in hormones during pregnancy is called Chloasma. These dark brown unattractive patches are known as Melasma & are commonly seen on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose, & chin; Melasma is mostly observed during & after long period of sun exposure on women.

Interesting fact:
It's most commonly seen during summer months & less noticeable during winter season, where there is less exposure to the sun. While Melasma may fade after delivery for some women, there are also others who end up having the brown pigmentation patches on their faces for years or even for life. The effects of Cloasma may even become more pronounced with each pregnancy.

Help is here, with the new Perhaps Anti-Melasma Night Cream! As a new skincare marvel in the market for whitening products, Perhaps uses Longan extract in its range of cleansers & sun blocks. Combined with a host of skin boosting ingredients, Longan extract is shown to have multiple beneficial properties for the skin.

This wonderful product starts right from its packaging, whereby the box opens up to an instructional guide to the night cream. I thought that’s pretty cool!

The bottle of cream comes in the form of a pump & it’s very easy to handle. Ideal for Asian skin, this newbie is already a worthy adversary in the skin-whitening market. It comes as a concentrated cream that helps revive skin after deep research & up-to-date nano technology. Aids in the removal of old skin cells on the surface, leaving baby skin soft & reducing acne scarring.

Product Specification:
Perhaps Anti-Melasma Cream most importantly prevents Melasma production in the skin. This yummy concoction rejuvenates fair skin & helps reduce dark spotting on the skin. Main ingredients of the Perhaps Anti-Melasma Cream include Longan, Tourmaline & Pearl. 

Longan extract:
An amazing discovery made by Professor Usanee of Thailand showed that extracts from the seeds of a dried longan fruit has 30 times more antioxidants than Vitamin E & an incredible 50 times more whitening effect than Vitamin C.

Unlike bleaching creams, the extract is free of toxins & aids in preventing the generation of Melanin, dark pigments & deterioration of skin cells, collagen & elastin.

Tourmaline crystal:
Tourmaline crystals have pyroelectric properties that can speed up the absorption of nutrients into the skin. This contributes to skin-healing & improves the protective mechanisms in the skin. Turn back time for youthful radiance through the energizing properties present in the tourmaline crystals.

Pearl powder:
High in calcium, zinc & manganese, pearl is an excellent source for building proteins that help hydrate the skin. Along with 18 amino acids & essential minerals, pearl powder will help to bring out the glow in skin. Coupled with longan’s superior whitening properties, pearl powder leaves skin luminous & smooth like a real pearl.
Perhaps you should give this deliciously simple, yet effective cream a go this summer. Perhaps Anti-Melasma by Renaza, is retailing at RSP SGD 99 at all Renaza Wellness & Lifestyle Lab located at:

Orchard Central
#02-13 181 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238896

151 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068609

Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-23
8A Marina Blvd
Singapore 018984


  1. Whoa! Another whitening product, soon you would become snowwhite. LOL! Looks tempting! The instruction to use is on the inside of the box, that's unique.

    1. DS, hahaha! I've to start recruiting my seven dwarfs......

  2. Replies
    1. Kathy, I've couple of tiny ones on my feet. Not sure if they're old-age spots. Lol!

  3. Only can get from Singapore? How about Msia?? :)

    1. Xue Ren, they've a branch in Hong Kong tho'. U can try writing to them to see how much the postage is to M'sia. Have a good weekend!

  4. it's so good for middle-aged ladies. i think they will have more 'magic' products coming up soon :)

    Latest: Happy Father's Day

    1. Fish, this is perfect for aunties like me. Hahaha!

  5. I like this product very much. From your reply from above, it seems that we need to purchase from Hong Kong. I hope the product will reach our shore soon as I would like to purchase one to try out.

    1. Nava, I think S'pore is nearer for M'sians. Don't think the postage is too ex.

  6. If only we all could have the skin color of our youth. I actually think that my skin looked better when I was low on iron but now it is pinkish. Perhaps the heat in Texas has something to do with that as well. I have never seen this product in the states, but I will keep an eye out for it.

    1. Tina, u said it gal! My skin is kinda dry now too :< This is one of those products that people will be attracted to :)

  7. patches on skin are women's enemy, just like acne. huhu..
    hope to find this product in malaysia

    1. Aemy, it's scary just to think about it, isn't it! Thank God I've never had acne in my life!

  8. sounds coool...will look out for this product in my place
    Tasty Appetite

    1. Jay, I'm sure this is gonna be a very popular item. Happy shopping!

  9. Sounds cool since I have those pigmentation on my cheek and I'm only 23yrs old :( hope to find this here in Msia.

    1. Michelle, gosh! It's really a problematic concern. Must really take care of it now before it gets worse. Thks for dropping by & it's great having u here with us. Gonna visit your blog soon!

  10. Jane, it's $99 as stated in the post above. You can click on the links if you like more info :)


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