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Sexy Look & Love More, Taiwan No. 1 Selling 3D Masks!

sexy look extreme whitening duo lifting mask review
White Truffle + Black Pearl? Sounds delicious? Nope, I'm not talking about food this time, but introducing you to Taiwan No. 1 Selling 3D Masks with 360˚ Lifting Effect!! It's the revolutionary Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Masks, endorsed by Aisa Senda (千田愛紗), Lead Singer of 'Da Mouth'!

black pearl white truffle extreme whitening mask review
Comes in box of 5, the Black Pearl & White Truffle Extreme Whitening Mask tackles your skin dullness by fighting against yellowish & uneven skin tone & diminishing dark spots, revealing the bright & fair complexion that you long for!
black pearl white truffle extreme whitening mask reviews
Sexylook Black Pearl & White Truffle Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask is retailing at only S$8.80 & is now having a 10% off!!

Aside from bringing you the Best Selling 3D mask from Taiwan – Sexy Look, Secretive also offers you a sparkling skin indulgence with Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask!

love more white crystal platinium peptide whitening mask
Enriched with Ionized White Crystal, the White Crystal & Platinum Whitening nourishes your skin with multi minerals – giving you the healthy glow with double whitening effect!

cleo beauty hall of fame best brightening mask
Cleo Beauty Hall Of Fame 2011 Best Brightening Mask: Love More White Crystal & Platinum Peptide Whitening @ S$9.90 (5 pc/box), now @ only S$8.90. Save: 10% off!

sexy look extreme whitening duo lifting mask reviews
Lifting, whitening, smooth & luster skin.

Features & Effects:
  • Latest “turning back time lifting” mask fits your face & neck perfectly!
  • Fights against gravity, lifting the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek & eye area.
  • White crystal & platinum peptide - effective whitening effect.
  • Colloidal Platinum - revitalize, moisturizes & protects the skin. Enhances its ability to take in nourishing minerals, recharge, re-hydrate, leaving a healthy, brightening skin.

Here's how to put the 3D Mask on:
how to put on sexy look whitening mask
  1. Fit the mask to your face.
  2. Pull & hook the sides to your ears.
  3. Pull the mask below the chin & hook them to your ears.
  4. Massage your face while waiting for your mask (15-20 min) to maximise absorption.
how to use secretive sexy look whitening mask

What I like:
  • Thick mask & not some flimsy type.
  • Texture of mask is really strong & didn't tear when stretching it to hook onto my ears.
  • Nice rich serum, not diluted.
  • With the mask "stuck" onto my face, I could multi-task without worrying about the mask falling off.
  • Skin tightened after 20 mins.
  • No sticky feeling & face somewhat brightened.
  • Good quality & attractively priced.
  • Rating: ★★★★★

What I disliked:
  • Hooks a little too tight for my comfort. Maybe I didn't stretch enough as I was afraid the mask may tear.

Get these fabulous masks online now at #Secretive or join them at Facebook "LoveMore 爱恋膜法 Singapore" - Free box of mask to be won weekly!

Thank you Secretive, for the chance to sample these awesome & hottest selling 3D Masks!


  1. This is a cool mask! I still have SKII masks that I haven't used. I completely forgot about it till I see your post. I need to pay more attention and take care of myself more. I admire of you doing that. Thanks for this post!

    1. Nami, I've already finished all my SK-II masks :< But I've bought a lot of masks during my last trip to Seoul. Hahaha! I'm lazy but therapist said must use at least once a week to recover the moisture we've lost :)

  2. This mask looks intretsing and 15-20 mins is doable in a time crunched day. Have put it on my shopping list. I say again thanks Shirley for the awesome work you do of introducing these products to us.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, these masks are great for us especially when we're in the kitchen. They can protect our face from the steam & oil. Hahaha!

  3. This looks like a great product. In the US our masks come out of a bottle, these sheet masks aren't something we come by.

    1. Bess, sounds so cute! Out of a bottle, like a genie?? I would love to see it! We're living in different worlds! Hahaha!

  4. I love these kinds of masks! This one sounds so luxurious! xx

    1. Taj, hahaha! Hope u can find these in your country :)

  5. Man can use this one ar Sis?? :p

    1. Aki, a lot of men use masks & go for facials these days... When is your turn? Hahaha!

  6. Looks like a great mask. Have to head over to try to win some. LOL!

  7. the ear hook is a good idea so that it does not fall off..but heck...aren't we supposed to lie down and relax during our mask? hehehe

    1. missyblurkit, hahaha! People are so busy these days, no time to relax so this is just perfect. Lol!

  8. Where could i find in Kuala Lumpur?

    1. Redzuan, do can on the link to their website above & all info are there. Happy shopping!


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