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Go Natural With NuNaturals For Your Baking & Nutritional Needs!

With over 18 years of experience providing nutritional supplements, NuNaturals uses only the highest quality herbs & nutrients to make their products & they're sold in over 9,000 stores in the United States.

It's X'mas comes early for me when a huge parcel arrived from US. Thanks to NuNaturals, I've the chance to sample their wonderful products.

What's in the box:

NuStevia White Stevia, US$9.99 (100 Pkts)
Perfect for sprinkling on cereal, yogurt as well as mixing in beverages.

NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tabs, US$$10.79 (150)
These marvellous tabs are a pre-measured serving; 1 tablet tastes as sweet as 1 1/2 tsp of sugar. NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tablets contains absolutely no calories or carbohydrates.

NuStevia NoCarbs Blend, US$9.99 (3.5 oz Powder)
Uses Erythritol, a natural filler that is produced from corn & will have absolutely no effect on blood sugar levels & is safe for both Type I & II Diabetics. The cost to get the same sweet taste of other brands can be up to 2 1/2 times more expensive compared to NuNaturals!
MoreFiber™ Stevia Baking Blend, US$$9.99
The revolutionary easy way to cut sugar out of your recipes!

Pure Liquid Cocoa Bean Extract, US$13.99 (2 oz)
Health Benefits Without The Fat & Sugar! Added with a touch of non-bitter NuStevia extract to complement the taste of the Cocoa extract.

Pure Liquid Clear Stevia Plastic Bottle, US$$11.99 (2 oz)
Great for teas & other beverages, this liquid is so concentrated, that only 5-10 drops are needed.

Pure Liquid Alcohol Free Stevia Glass Bottle, US$$14.15 (2 oz)
For individuals that are sensitive to alcohol, here is a product especially for you. For everyone else, the unique sweet taste that the glycerine imparts makes this a favourite of many NuNaturals Stevia users.

I was so excited with NuNaturals range of products & couldn't wait to have a taste of it. So I quickly went into the kitchen to fix a cup of Peppermint Tea & added 2 drops of Pure Liquid Vanilla Alcohol Free Stevia, instead of my usual Honey. What a surprise! Wow, an interesting mix of Minty taste + the scented Vanilla.......... Love it!

If you enjoy NuNaturals Stevia, this is a product that you must try. At US$$14.99 (2 oz), this is a true Vanilla extract made from premium bean that produces a product with incomparable taste!
Pure Liquid Orange NuStevia Alcohol Free Glass Bottle, US$$14.15 (2 oz)
Add this to your tea or coffee, yogurt, or sparkling water for an awesome sugar free soda or a delicious drink!

Want Orange Chocolate Yogurt? Add 20 drops of Cocoa extract & 5 drops of Orange NuStevia to Greek Yogurt & you'll have the creamiest low calorie, zero fat tastiest treat you have ever eaten! All the flavor & none of the calories.

BIG TIP: Combine Orange NuStevia with Vanilla NuStevia for an outrageous taste combination.

Well, I can't wait to experiment with the rest of NuNaturals products & see what I can come up with.

Meanwhile, for those who would like to try the above products, NuNaturals has offered the readers of Luxury Haven, DISCOUNTS on all orders placed on their website :

When you get to their checkout page, enter the DISCOUNT CODE: BLG0612 & you'll receive 15% DISCOUNT off your ENTIRE ORDER! This discount remains EFFECTIVE UNTIL JUNE 30, 2012.

Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U. S. on all orders exceeding US$35 after discounts. Check out their Int'l Shipping Info.

If you're feeling lucky, why not head over to Giveaway: Lemon & Orange Flavoured NuStevia Liquids x 4 Winners & try your luck in the contest. Giveaway is Open to All Readers Worldwide!!

Thank you NuNaturals, for the lovely surprise & sponsoring the Giveaway!

Head over to check out NuNaturals Introduces New Stevia Sweetener & More!


  1. Very innovative products they have!
    Perfect for health concious people :D

    1. Charmaine, I'm so glad to have the opportunity to sample their products :)

  2. Shirley, you've been one busy girl lately, I can hardly keep up with you! :) I've never tried Stevia sweetener but I see this one is available in the U.S. and it sounds like it met with your approval. (You'll have to add "global" to your Luxury Haven blog name!) Nice product review!

    1. Kim, I've problem keeping up with all the product reviews too & have turned down quite a handful cause I've been kept busy. Lol! U're so adorable, dear! Hahaha! I like that :)

  3. I received the same parcel beginning of the month and have created a few recipes with the products. Works perfect for my other half and his diabetic.

    1. Nava, that's pretty cool huh? Have fun, dear!

  4. ar! i should get one for my parents one day ! :D

    1. Xue Ren, perfect for the health conscious! Enjoy shopping!

  5. interesting.. I heard of these products and am thinking of taking it back home on my next trip.. luckily we do not have any diabetics at home.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, I guess these products are good for anyone else, not just diabetics. Hope you'll get to try some of their products too :)

  6. I would love to try these in my baked goods. So many people are looking for a Splenda alternative.

    1. Sandra, great having u here! Thks for leaving your lovely comments! Will chk out your blog soon :)

  7. I love adding the vanilla flavor to my oatmeal!

    1. Simply Life, thks for the tip! That's awesome :)

  8. I sure need all these to stay young...hehe. Oh...massages too :D

  9. wow i've heard a lot about stevia but it's so expensive and almost impossible to find here! how i wish i could get a big box of stevia too! would save me a lot on the other sugar substitutes i've been getting for my diabetic baking/cooking. thanks for getting the 15% discount - am gonna try it out! ;p

    ps, did shipping take long?

    1. Janine, thks for leaving your wonderful comments & it's great having u here! Shipping take about a week. Happy shopping & hope to see more of u here! Will chk out your blog soon :)

  10. this 1 is baking material eh? :X

    consume it will turn younger? hahaha

    1. Edmund, not just for baking. U can just drop these liquids into your drinks. Hahaha! I like your last line :) Try entering in my contest above :)


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