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S$2,000 Bill At Joël Robuchon, RWS

joel robuchon resort world sentosa singapore
This is the price tag for three pax, if you relish dining in a celebrity chef-run restaurant. Touted as the rich men’s haven, Joël Robuchon at the Resort World Sentosa Singapore, was my latest fine dining adventure.

Review Featured & Picked as "Editor's Choice" @ OpenRice S'pore

Internationally acclaimed for his French haute cuisine, the world‘s most-decorated Michelin star chef, the legendary chef/restaurateur Joël Robuchon has achieved countless monumental milestones that many can only dream of.

Gourmands can enjoy the 14-course degustation menu which many famed food critics have described as pure ‘magic’, or make selections from the ala carte menu, & be awed by Robuchon’s famous bread, cheese, dessert, ice-cream & tea trolleys.

Well, my group of three were simply electrified by their Degustation Menu @ S$565 each, glass of Champagne @ S$45/each & 3 bottles of mineral water @ $18, amounting to about S$2,200 incl tax.

joel robuchon bread trolley resort world sentosa
We were impressed from the start, with their magnificent most talk-about bread trolley. Never have I seen such a huge selection of bread!

joel robuchon bakery, resort world sentosa
I picked 3. Ladies will certainly fall in love with their petit bread sizes. It’s great, since I could select more given that they’re small in size.

Service was immaculate. The Maitre d’ asked if we like our bread to be warm before serving. Isn’t that such a thoughtful gesture? Yum! Even their bread tasted different & they’re sooooooooo good!

What we had:

resort world sentosa joel robuchon caviar
Imperial caviar on a shivering corn velouté 
with golden croutons

resort world sentosa joel robuchon foie gras
Foie gras & potatoes carpaccio,
topped with shaved winter truffle

resort world sentosa joel robuchon bakery
More delicious bread while waiting...

resort world sentosa joel robuchon truffles
Black truffle in a hot pastry, onions & smoked ham

resort world sentosa joel robuchon scallops
Pan-fried scallop with fregola on a coral emulsion

resort world sentosa joel robuchon frog legs

resort world sentosa joel robuchon frog leg
Frog leg with garlic cream & parsley coulis

resort world sentosa joel robuchon lobster
Roasted lobster with cauliflower seeds & curry,
Sea urchin in tender consommé jelly with wasabi cream,
Truffled langoustine in a ravioli

resort world sentosa joel robuchon dining review
Chestnut velouté, on an onion royale with cardamom

resort world sentosa joel robuchon seabass
Pan-fried sea bass with the skin & five spices,
served with verjus sauce

resort world sentosa joel robuchon veal
Sauteed veal chop with natural jus &
vegetable taglierinis flavored with pesto

resort world sentosa joel robuchon risotto
Soja shoots as a yuzu & chives risotto

Smooth passion fruit, dark rum granite, light coconut foam

resort world sentosa joel robuchon dessert
Beautiful gold-dusted flower made from edible Soy

resort world sentosa joel robuchon desserts
Chuao chocolate, sesame seeds biscuit, Sicilia pistachio

joel robuchon resort world sentosa dining review
Peppermint Rea served with Mignardises

joel robuchon resort world sentosa dining reviews
My Goodie Bag

joel robuchon resort world sentosa dining reviews

Well, my 3-hour French affair ended with a goodie bag containing a Lemon Cake to take home & share with my family. The dining experience was divine & the gastronomy meal is sure to please any discerning palate, if you have the money to indulge. However, my top of the list for French still goes to My $400 French Affair With Guy Savoy, be it taste, presentation or service.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Joël Robuchon
Level 1, Hotel Michael
8 Sentosa Gateway
Tel: (65) 6577 7888


  1. each person dines at $700 for 3 hours? wow! it would be enough for my monthly expenditure already..

    Latest: Pick The Best from The Rest!

    1. Fish, guess that's the cost dining at its finest....

    2. OMG! frikkin ex but yeah I think it's worth it! yer so lucky shirley :))! love foie gras!!!!

    3. Charles, so we've got another in common - Foie Gras huh?? Hahaha!

  2. Fine dining is luxurious and is good to have from time to time to pamper ourselves:D

    you certainly had a good meal there. the pics are making me hungry now...

    1. missyblurkit, it's pure indulgence at this haven! Hahaha!

  3. you are making me hungry now...:) Hope you had a good time...All food look fantastic!!

  4. I am so jealous!! Hahaha how I wish to be able to eat those yummy food XD

    1. Charmaine, I'm sure u'll have your chance very soon :)

  5. After looking at the food and the champagne you had at this place, I can understand why the bill was right up there. Well, no harm done treating ourselves to exclusive from time to time. Lovely dessert that I can see.

    1. Nava, food & champagne was divine! Yum! Can't afford to frequent this kind of joint. Just once for an experience :)

  6. For $700 and more per person, not in this life, neither would i dream of it. LOL! But this really looks quite a spread. Thanks for sharing.

  7. wow! this is really fine dining! Min $700 per pax! But it looks darn delicious!

  8. Pity me.. As a student, I cannot afford .. XP. But the foods are really enticing! ;)

  9. I hate hungry now....

  10. Thanks for sharing your fine dining experiences without us spending a dime.. At least we know what to expect before spending our savings on fine dining. You are doing a great public service Shirley and god bless you enough wealth to last all fine dinning in Singapore and the world.
    Love Ash.

    1. Ash, u're the sweetest! Thks so much for your kind words! I wish u the best too!

  11. WOW SHirley! This is quite the dinner. In the US we have a restuarant in Chicago called Charlie Trotter and I believe for a 10 course degustation the price is $500+. I'd love to dine at Guy!

    1. Bessie, I must admit it was one of the finest I've had :) Mmmm.... Hope I'll have the chance to sample Charlie Trotter some day.

  12. Wow, what an exquisite meal!!! Lucky you...and you got a goodie bag, too? Fun!

    1. Lizzy, was surprised with the goodie bag. Cake was good....

  13. Wow, this looks so sumptuous and heavnely!

    How do you top this? :)

    1. Ian, it's good to hear from u :) Thks! Hope u're well.

  14. Glad you had a special meal. Joel is one of my favorites chefs and a mentor to my food. His approach has had a big influence on me. Fantastic post Shirley.

    1. Laz, that's awesome! Now I'm jealous. Hahaha! Thks, dear!

  15. What a great post my friend! If you have the money and are going to spend it...this would be the spot :)

    1. Alisha, it was truly another gastronomic experience for me :)

  16. wahhh..a very very fine and expensive dining and you were invited to that!

  17. Whoa, what an amazing foodie experience!I would be happy with the bread alone, but everything looked extraordinary :)


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