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SK-II Whitening Cocktail Party & Workshop

Following the SK-II Lunch Event At Alkaff Mansion, I started to pay even more attention to the pigmentation on my face.

Looking at the pix above, it says that Stubborn Spots, also known as Age Spots or Hyper-pigmentation, are formed by melanin accumulated within the spot. Melanin discharge dysfunction causes melanin to accumulate beneath our skin, resulting in formation of spots.

The scary fact is that, while visible spots are easily seen, what is more difficult to manage are “hidden” spots that manifest into dark spots over time.

I’m delighted to learn that SK-II has launched the Whitening Spots Specialist that terminates even 5-year-old Stubborn Spots! SK-II has uncovered the intricate mechanism of how these spots are formed & why they’re one of the toughest whitening issues that women face.

Consisting of the highly-awarded Whitening Spots Specialist & the Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate, this new regimen takes a three-prolonged approach to cut, loosen & remove stubborn spots!

Whitening Spots Specialist is recommended for day & night use as a beauty essence. Complete your whitening regimen with the WSS Concentrate for additional skincare at night.

While the gel-type WSS (S$176 for 30ml, S$258 for 50ml) comes in a classy bottle, the 28-day WSS Concentrate (S$209) are in small packaging & numbered from Day 1 – 7, making it hard for you to miss a night.

For more in-depth knowledge on whitening care, why not join the SK-II Cocktail Party on 24 Feb 2012, from 5 – 9pm at Metro Paragon?

You may also like to participate in An Aura of Confidence Workshops to discover how you can achieve highly defined aura bright skin by learning about their newly-launched Cellumination Essence Ex & more:

Dates: 25 (Sat) & 26 (Sun), Feb 2012
Sessions: 11am – 1pm & 3 – 5pm
Venue: Metro Paragon
Fee: S$100/pax, fully redeemable for SK-II products
Door Gift: Receive attractive gift worth S$115 & S$40 Triumph voucher*

To register, call Tel: (65) 6734-6422 (Metro Paragon)


  1. Enjoy the workshop! So far, I've been lucky....but time marches on!

  2. Ann, that's real fortunate not to have any pigmentation. I envy u :)

  3. You continuous post on SK 11 is getting to me and maybe about time I venture into this brand. Works perfect for the pigmentation issues.

  4. Stylish By Nature, thks for following me!

    Nava, I think it's good especially for "matured" skin like mine :)

  5. we love Sk-ii shirley!!! yay! hope one day we'd get to attend an Sk-ii workshop together :)

  6. Shirley, I'm joining your "cocktail party" at 8:00 in the morning, lol -- hope that's not too early. :) It's also not too late to take good care of your skin, as you pointed out with these products. Thanks for an informative read!

  7. wow.. so Lucky la U sis.. now wonder they'll just give you their sample or set of their product.. U have been so generous to SK-II.. :p

  8. Charles, sounds good! Take care, gal!

    Kimby, I like your sense of humour! Hahaha! Perhaps someday we shall attend one together :)

    Aki, SK-II has been most generous to me :) Love their products!

  9. stubborn spot? omg i have that! huhu...i can afford a set of skII though i know how good it is. a few more years maybe? hehehe..

  10. enjoy the workshop and keep updating us on skin issues and cures.
    Love Ash.

  11. its making me think whether i should give skII a try again. skin's been acting up again:-(

  12. SKII is very pricey in the US... It's definitely the product I am thinking to try in a few years...for now claris is doing the job :)


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