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SK-II Lunch Event At Alkaff Mansion

It was a delightful afternoon of lovely treats & dazzling products at SK-II’s private party at the historical Alkaff Mansion. I was whizzed to the event in a chauffeured Mercedes Benz in style, right at the doorstep of my home.

An Italian Menu greeted me upon seated at the restaurant. The event soon commenced with SK-II introducing us to a new paradigm in Whitening Skincare!

Each & every guest listened intensely with great interest, a new breakthrough in high definition experience in beauty & skincare, as we tucked into our meal from time to time.

Our 3-course lunch:
Pan-fried Buffalo Mozzarella wrapped in Parma Ham
paired with Seafood Linguine

My choice of Pan Roasted Cod Fillet served with
Rosemary Potato & Aged Balsamico Sauce

Tiramisu with Pistachio sauce

After lunch, media & bloggers broke into groups where we were ushered into rooms for product testing & in-depth understanding of SK-II latest breakthrough in Holistic Beauty.

The entire event lasted about 3 hrs & everyone went home happily with our goodie bag consisting of: SK-II Cellumination Essence EX (30ml) S$199 & 28-day Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate S$209; a new approach to achieving Visible Aura Skin.

I’m really excited to try out these most talk about products in town currently & I’ll be going deeper into details soon, so stay tune for the ugly truth we ladies don’t wanna know!


  1. the food price is also the same as the SKII products.. ha ha ha.. just by seing em, I feel expensive ody.. But I know, value the money rite?? :p

  2. Small Kuching, without doubt! One of the best in the market :)

    Aki, hahaha! U're so cute!

  3. food and skincare in a day is perfect. i love teh SK11 products too but they're kinda expensive.

  4. so yummy the food, SK 2 not bad heh! Because I seldom see my friend around me use SK 2 :X

  5. This event looks like it would have been loads of fun! The food, no doubt, was delicious. Your pictures really do entice!
    Never heard of SK-11, but there are so many skincare products on the market is is hard to keep up with them. Have a great weekend!

  6. missyblurkit, a perfect day indeed! Heehee! Take it as an investment for your skin :)

    KF, maybe prices are too steep for your age group? I need these esp in later age. Lol!

    Tina, it was a great event! SK-II is one of the hottest brands around :)

  7. SK-II is really going all out to prove their products' worth. I believe their product must be value for money.

  8. Doris, just look at all their advertisements; all the gorgeous celebrities :) Love their ads!

  9. Lucky you for being invited to such a event, what more chauffeur driven in a Merc. The food served looks awesome and I am sure you had a great time.

  10. They all look yummy


  11. Nava, I felt like a VIP. Hahaha! SK-II treated us well :)

    Aarthi, have a good weekend!

  12. holy moly! am so envious haha! wonders if one day I could join you in an SK-II event! yes, particulary SK-II, coz am an ardent fan. My other friends thank me for recommendin this one. Wonderful product range that really works! I mean look at how pretty you are right! Hope you're ok now!


  13. Oh Shirley, once again, I am so jealous with that wonderful experience you had! Lucky you!!!

  14. What a fun time...the food looks fabulous! New follower popping over from Ann's blog :)

  15. Charles, thks! U're always full of joy. Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    Tina, I'm humbled to be invited. Have a lovely weekend!

    Lizzy, thks for visiting & I've left my comments in your blog!

  16. you must be a loyal fans of skII :) i'd enjoy the food there more than the products anyway :P

    Latest: Must-Eat Before CNY Ends!

  17. Fish, since more than 10 yrs ago :) Their products suit my skin & I like the scent.

  18. Jay, thks & have a lovely week ahead!


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