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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream Review + FREE Samples

Just like chocolate, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is a sensual, rich lotion that melts on contact with skin to deeply penetrate & seal in moisture.
As one of the world's leading names in skincare, the Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream is Palmer’s number 1 formula!

Easy on the pocket at just S$19.90, this Night Renewal Cream is a deep penetrating anti-aging skin treatment to target skin firming & smoothing. Cocoa & Shea Butter moisture deeply. Retinol encourages renewal, Peptides invigorates the skin while antioxidant Vitamin E & Milk Proteins improves texture & tone. This unique combination of ingredients produces a luxurious cream to maintain moisture levels throughout the night for smoother, softer skin.

I was initially concerned that the Cocoa Butter smell might be too strong for my liking. But I was pleasantly surprised that it’s not too heavy on the scent, yet there’s a nice mild fragrance. Upon application, the cream is easy absorbed into the skin. On pricing, the economical night cream suits almost every budget! Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Key Ingredients:
Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, Milk Proteins, Peptides, Retinol

Don't we just love samples? Palmer's is now giving away samples to residents of Singapore, just by signing up at Palmer's community page!

All you need to do is:
1. Head down to
2. 'LIKE' the page.
3. On the left-hand side, click on the 'Palmer's Community Sign Up'!
4. Wait for your samples to be delivered!


  1. thanks for sharing shirley! it was such a long time I've used Palmer's..lost track alr, this is so timely! heee! thanks xoxo

  2. Ooohh... this cream is full of vitamins!! It's like food for the skin <3

  3. Shirley, Thanks for letting me know about this new product. Sounds great and will head over to FB now:)

  4. Hey, this product sounds great & suits my budget! Nice review! Will chk out this item at the pharmacy! Going over to FB now to register for their free samples. Thks so much!

  5. Charles, glad it brought back fond memories :)

    Charmaine, yap & price's so reasonable!

    Ann, enjoy the samples!

    Babel, thks for your lovely comments! Happy shopping!

  6. Yes to this product and I have it besides the may night cream on my shelf. All the support for this Palmer's cocoa night renewal cream.

  7. Nava, that's nice to know that! Thks for the feedback!

  8. i've been looking out for facial product made of butter, but i dont know which one is good..i think this is it, but im not sure if i can find it here..hehe..
    thx for the review ;)

  9. i love their cocoa butter formulae very much, but it smells really sweet once i apply on my body :/

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  10. I've never used Palmer's cocoa butter and their line of skin care but I've heard great reviews.

  11. Wow! Night renewal - anti-ageing - skin firming - all just what i needed. Shall be getting a bottle real soon. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing about the free sample.

  12. Aemy, u can chk out their website. I think Palmer's avail in a lot of countries.

    Fish, u don't like the scent? Well, I'm surprised cause the night cream is rather mild.

    Bessie, be sure to kiv should u decide to change your line of skincare :)

  13. Doris, I think this is a very good product for that price. Worth considering :)

  14. I had used Palmers product for the stretch marks after my son was born.. its been long since I used them again.. but this looks cool and Palmers is trusted for its products. Thanks for Sharing Shirley girl!!! U r the best
    Love Ash.

  15. Sounds like a real deal...always nice to have a good product for a reasonable price.

  16. Ash, that's interesting to know. Thks for the feedback! Now other readers will know Palmer's has stretch mark cream too :)

    Lizzy, I thought the price is a steal for such a good product :)

  17. You're so awesome to always be sharing wonderful products like this, Shirley!

  18. Tina, thks for all your kind support! Glad u like my reviews :)

  19. Small Kuching, it's my first time trying their products & I'm impressed!


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