Inspiration Award & Fabulous Blog Award

It’s another year of blogging for me & these Blog Awards keep me going to know that there’re people who really read & appreciate my posts.

luxury haven inspirational blog award
luxury haven fabulous blog award

The Inspiration Award has been passed on to me by Ash of Indulge-Ashscorner, & the Fabulous Blog Award by Tina of Pinay In Texas.

These Awards have been sitting in my backlog for quite some time & I must apologize for my tardy response. Thank you Ash & Tina, for having me in mind! It’s certainly a pleasure connecting with you in bloggersphere. Your lovely comments in my blog never fail to bring a smile on my face.

With this, I’d like to pass the Inspiration Award to these 5 bloggers who have inspired me with their relentless blogging spirit:

Next, I'd like to pass the Fabulous Blog Award to a group of Malaysian bloggers who have been supporting my blog, leaving me with their awesome comments. Some of them even went all out by retweeting my posts in Twitter. These beautiful bloggers are:

I hope you'll display the Inspiration Award or the Fabulous Award in your blog, reminding yourself how awesome you are.

To each & every amazing readers/bloggers,
I've seen how many times you've done something nice. Never think what you've done for others is not appreciated; for it is, by everyone. Today, I just want to say "Thank You", for making bloggersphere a better place for all of us! Toast to Friendship!


  1. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for accepting the award.You truly deserve them.
    Love Ash.

  2. Ash, thks so much & I'm glad we've met!

  3. wow.. Fabulous?? he he he.. thanks sis.. ^_^.v.. Congratz anyway getting those awards.. U always deserve em.. ^_^.v..

  4. Shirley, thanks again for tagged me for this award and it's the 2nd time u makes me smile again. I am truly sorry for the previous tag award that I didn't managed to post but I promised I will blog about it soon.

    Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shirley. Love you so much. Muackss.. Hehehe..

  5. Aki, thks & I hope it'll make your day :)

    Diane, no worries. I know you've been busy with exams etc. Thks for accepting the award!

    Stella, thks sweetie!

  6. Oh! I'm surprised to see my name there! Thanks so much Shirl! I thank God for having our paths crossed as I feel the same way as you do. You were such a big inspiration for me. Big hugs and thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    Let's continue to inspire others, 24/7! Be blessed xox

  7. Shirley, congratulations on your latest awards! :) I loved your thoughts about the blogging community and readers. This is a toast to YOU, sweet friend!

  8. Charles, I hope it makes your day too! Pleasure knowing u, sweetie!

    Charmaine, hahaha! Ok, ok, we'll chat in FB :)

    Kimby, thks again for your kind note! You're an awesome supporter :)

  9. sweet of you dear! ^^
    thx so much for this award, i really appreciate it!
    you deserve more for the award, your blog is inspirational & fabulous..i love it when you post about food & recipes ^^
    thx again!

  10. Aemy, thks for all your sweet notes!

  11. You are such a wonderful person to write such kind words for all the bloggers. Congrats on receiving the awards. You deserve them truly!

  12. Purabi, thks & pleasure knowing u too! Have a good week, dear!

  13. Thank you so much for the award Shirley. Hope all is well and I always look forward to visiting your blog for yummy photos :)

  14. Those are well deserved awards, Shirley! Congratulations! It was a pleasure for me to pass on the Fabulous Blog Award to you! :-*

  15. waa..congrats for them!

    gud luck dear!=)

  16. Bessie, thks for accepting the award!

    Tina, thks again for the thought! Great knowing u :)

    AP, thks & have a good week!

  17. Congrats on the blog awards Shirley. Like you, I am also slowing down on blogging, at times I can't find the time esp now is my peak time at work.

    I try to keep my blog at least by posting on alternative days and trying to stop doing so on weekends. My work also requires me to get the job down at home, so this is also another killing factor on blogging.

    Hope everything is fine over your side.

  18. Thank you for the award and I've proudly displayed it on my awards page with a link to your site! I'm deeply touched...

  19. Thanks Shirley lol . . . Where got Fabulous me XD

    I am so busy until forgot to blog hoop your blog :)

    Have a nice day k?

  20. Ann, awesome! Thks for accepting, dear!

    Edmund, so must I punish u instead? Hahaha! Well, u can always make it up :) Thks for all the RTs!

  21. Congrats on getting the awards from your readers. Continue writing awesome blog ya :)

  22. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you very much for this award to me. I have also been inspired by you and many bloggers too :)

  23. Evelyn, thks for your lovely note!

    Ann, thks for all the support!


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