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Achieving Aura Skin With SK-II Cellumination Essence

skii cellumination essence review
How confident are you to let your friends come as close as 20 cm to see your naked face?

skii cellumination essence tips
Sadly, many of us are plagued by uneven skin tone. While make-up & basic foundation can help skin appear brighter & flawless, it’s not a permanent solution to a healthy skin.

Well, SK-II has formulated a new Aura-Bright Cocktail in their latest Cellumination Essence Ex, giving women highly defined aura skin even up-close at 20cm! Isn’t that awesome?

skii cellumination essence pitera
The Cellumination Essence Ex, concocted with a powerful combination of Pixel White, Pitera, De-Melano P3C & Talape White, helps to target the root cause of micro tone & texture issues & to bring women closer & deeper for a new breakthrough in whitening.

skii cellumination essence ex review
This remarkable potion demonstrates significant improvement on micro texture evenness in just 4 weeks of application; & an improvement in micro tone evenness in 8 weeks of application.

After washing your face, condition your skin with the Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II's Miracle Water. Then, spread a pearl-size drop of the Cellumination Essence Ex over your face. For best results, you may like to add on the Whitening Spots Specialist!

At the SK-II Lunch Event, we were taught a special technique in achieving better results. After the normal application as above, apply extra drops over concerned areas & use your knuckles to gently massage till well absorbed.
luxury haven reviews skii cellumination essence
The Cellumination Essence Ex will be hitting the stores end of Feb 2012, retail price at: S$199 (30ml), S$299 (50ml).


  1. WOW....$199...If this is as good as they claim, I am ready to pay the price.. but still feel that it is slightly overpriced...let me know if you try it..
    Love Ash

  2. Ash, SK-II has always been known as the high-end brand but many users have claimed effective results. Guess it's still worth paying comparing to laser treatments etc.

  3. Yo sis.. No wonder your faces never show what your age are.. This product is real awesome!! ^_^.v..

  4. Aki, I need reputable products especially at my age to maintain healthy skin. Love this since I don't wear make-up these days....

  5. Ha ha ha.. Aki's Mama really wanna find a product like this.. ok, I should get her the product test set.. I bet they give it for free right?? :D

  6. Aki, u could always bring her to SK-II counters for a trial & consultation :)

  7. I don't think I'd let anyone see my face 20cm within distance. I have uneven skintone, and SKII is amazing but pricey in the US!

  8. Bessie, hahaha! Thks for being so honest with me :)

  9. I'm just worrying that they may charge the trial set.. ha ha ha..

  10. I have to agree that great skin from near distance is so important because it eliminates the need of applying very thick foundation on top.

    Seems like a great product and certainly will want to try out since after reading your review.

  11. Aki, u make me laugh. Hahaha!

    Nava, looks like we're on the same page. Thks for trying & I'm sure u're gonna like it!

  12. thx for your sweet comment!
    follow you now :)

  13. shirl! not out yet here in SG? really looks promising! and you're a living proof too so yeah, gotta try this haha! :))

  14. It looks nice but I don't think it works on my acne prone skin @.@

  15. Melina, thks for dropping by & following!

    Charles, stay tuned for their launch!

    Evelyn, perhaps u can chk them out at their stores for consultation :)

  16. This is such a cool product! Loved it!!

  17. Thanks for sharing this with us, Shirley! Sounds like an awesome product!

  18. wow it get me interested...nice product

  19. Purabi, glad u like it too!

    Tina, I was impressed at the event too!

    Azeanthy, with such results, it's simply fascinating.

    Raquel, hahaha! Time for shopping!

  20. love this product ...wanna try now..;)

    Tasty Appetite

  21. im really interested in the product but when i come across the price, it stunned me ><

    Latest: Aftermath of CNY; What do you think?

  22. Jay, thks & I hope it works miracle for u too!

    Fish, this is often the question I face - $$$. But if it works, I guess it's worth paying, isn't it?

  23. I'll definitely check it out if I see it around here :)

  24. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while now. xx

  25. Lizzy, sounds great! Have fun shopping!

    Taj, hope this reviews helps u to decide better :)


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