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My Chinese New Year Feasts

Happy Chinese New Year, my friends! 恭喜发财, 新年快乐! For those celebrating CNY, have u been snacking a lot? Well, I’m one of those guilty ones, snacking non-stop & now I'm down with a terrible sore throat. Lol!
how to impress guests with cny table settings
I’ve been busy cooking & hosting quite a bit, hence haven't really had time to update my blog. But now I’m back, slowly crawling back to posting. As soon as I get back in tune, I'll be visiting your blogs.

learn how to make pretty oranges for cny
Remember my DIY Mandarin Oranges For This Chinese New Year? Well, besides substituting real oranges with these during my visiting, I also used them for my table setting. Do you like it? So, are you ready for my CNY feasts?

how make beautiful cny salmon yusheng

check out delicious chinese new year dishes
(CNY Day 1 - 8-course dinner): Yu Sheng, Braised Fish Maw with Abalone Soup, Crispy Seafood Taupok, Tofu Wreath with Dang Gui, Fortune Chicken in Foil, Steamed Fish Rolls with Snow Fungus, Yam Ring Treasures & Mango Pudding.

cooking yummy chinese new year food
(CNY Day 2 - 7-course dinner): Yu Sheng, Fish Maw with Abalone & Mushroom Consomme, Crispy Seafood Taupok, Tofu Wreath with Dang Gui, Fortune Chicken in Foil, Lovely Steamed Open-shell Scallops, Mango Pudding.

how to make cny steamboat dishes
CNY Day 3 - Steamboat/BBQ: Fish Maw Winter Melon Soup, Pork Collar with Enoki, Pesto Prawns, TauPok, Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, Tang Oh Veg, Udon, Tang Hoon, Fish Balls, Pork Collar meat, Fish fillet, Shitake mushrooms, Otak.

chinese new year lucky koi mango pudding recipe

making chinese new year mango pudding flowers
Flowers of the Seasons Mango Pudding

Many Chinese families will be having another feast on the last day of CNY. Will you be eating out or dining in? Mmmmm...... I haven't really decided myself. Anyway, I'll be back with some of the recipes above. The highlighted links are my past cooking, you can just click on the links for the respective recipes. Have a great week! Till then........


  1. wow! your yee shang very niceeee! btw drink more water lo! i guess everyone also sorethroat after cny! haha

  2. Henry, thks so much! Guess soar throat is a CNY syndrome. Hahaha! U take care too :)

  3. Hey Shirley...A very happy new year to you....Everything thing looks very tempting on your table...would have loved a bite..

  4. Neha, great hearing from u again! Sorry for the absence. Thks for your lovely comments!

  5. Woo~ Big feast! Im sure everyone enjoy it! Shirley mama is the best! Hahaha! Happy Chinese New Year! xDDD

  6. Eunice, hahaha! And u're the best too! Happy CNY, sweetie!

  7. Such a gastronomic feast! Gong hei fatt choy and get well soon.

    Try some young green coconut water to soothe the throat. Avoid the flesh please.

  8. whoa.. your food is alwaysssss AWESOME Sis!! ^_^.v.. Ha ha ha.. no wonder you have sore throat.. But for sure, you'll be back in no time.. next CNY, I'll heading singapore to your house ok?? ha ha ha..

  9. Tell me pleeeaaaseeee that you are inviting me for the CNY last day feast........... if you are cooking again. LOL! Just kidding, but really can't wait for you to share your "secret recipe". Oh, where on earth could you find such awesome yusheng presentation - i guess not even in any michelin stars restaurant except LUXURY HAVEN'S KITCHEN.

  10. lovely click..


  11. Those flowers look so yummy and clean..and the koi fish mango pudding surely will be a hit in my home. please share them with us and how you made them in different colors. The rose won my heart. Take care of your throat. All moms need their voice.
    Love Ash.

  12. Oh Shirley, I can fully identify with you...haha. Just too much eating, too much entertaining and trying very hard to crawl back to blogging :P I think I am not doing as well as you. And my cooking is definitely not as elaborate and beautiful as yours. I should just move and stay next door to you :D My gosh...I just love every dish of beautiful! You are just so creative! Are you still busy cooking? I mean CNY is not over yet. By the way, hope your sore throat is ok now. With so much good food, I think it's worth the suffering :P I would definitely eat first and suffer later....hehe

  13. missyblurkit, thks for the tip! Now I'm starting to cough, so gotta avoid coconut. :< Thks anyway & Happy CNY!

    Aki, hahaha! Got the hint :)

    Small Kuching, thks dear!

    Doris, u're always so sweet! I'm fully satisfied with the Yu Sheng too. Hahaha! I'm giving myself a pat on the shoulder. Lol!

    Aarthi, thks!

    Ash, thks for your kind words! Yap, moms need our voice for "screaming". Hahaha! Oops!

    Mary, it's so good having u here again! Come & visit me next time & I'll cook for u :)

  14. All the foods you cooked by yourself? Gosh! You are a real superwoman. If I am going Singapore next year during CNY, can I visit your house? :P

    I love the Mango Pudding creation. Sweet and lovely. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family

  15. waa what a great feast!! if i were there, i'd go to ur house on cny! haha :p

  16. Diane, thks for your lovely comments! Gosh, my place's gonna be packed next yr. Hahaha!

    Aemy, looks like I've gotta move to a bigger home. Lol!

  17. Shirley, you sure know how to put on a feast -- lucky guests! I thought things were pretty quiet in your neck of the woods lately, but no wonder -- it's hard to blog while you're cooking 8 course dinners! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, though -- hope you're feeling better soon! Take care.

    P.S. Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog in the middle of all of this -- I'm honored!

  18. Kimby, it's always a joy hearing from u & reading what you've in store for us. Thks, dear!

  19. Hey Shirley, 'Gong Xi Fa Cai ' to you & your family, dear. I'm sure you had a great time and still enjoying it. Oooh...what a gorgeous CNY setting. I didn't even decorate my house this year or baking much as well. Only made a few jars of pineapple rolls to giveaway. That it! Saving me quite a bit. kekeke.... Btw, love your DIY mandarin.
    Hope you're going to have a fabulous weekend.

  20. A very happy new year to you and your family. The spread looks so tempting and delicious!

  21. Happy Chinese New Year BlackSwan! Have a great year to you and your family :)

  22. Thats quite a big preparation with plenty of food, all the more home cooked ones. Hope you are feeling better now and take care Shirley.

  23. I was sick too! Wish you a speedy recovery! :)

  24. Hi. I came here through my friend's blog, Smallkucing. I hope it's not too late to wish you a happy Chinese new year. :D

  25. Happy New Year Shirley! All the best to you in the year of the Dragon! And also...everything looks super yummy on that table of yours :)

  26. Kristy, Happy CNY! U always seemed so busy. I'm surprised u didn't do much this yr. Thks for dropping by & have a great time!

    easyfoodsmith, thks so much for leaving your wonderful trail here!

    Nava, were u just as busy at your godparents' place? Happy New Year!

    Charmaine, it's the CNY syndrome. U take care too!

    cleffairy, thks for checking out! Happy CNY & will visit yours soon!

    Bessie, all the best to u & family too!

  27. Your table looks quite beautiful. I hope you had a great New Year's celebration.

  28. Kristen, thks & have a great weekend!

  29. I would love to be at that table eating with you:D One of the nicest table setting and food for CNY! Next year I must plan to celebrate my CNY in Singapore. HINT! HINT! LOL!

  30. Veron, thks so much for your kind note! Hope u'd a good time this CNY! Well, I got the hint. Hahaha!


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