FREE SMRT Chinatown Shuttle Bus Service For Your CNY Shopping!

Park & Ride this Chinese New Year! SMRT is providing FREE Shuttle Bus Service to Chinatown from Jan 20 - 22!

* Click on the images to zoom in!

Take NR services at Clarke Quay MRT station bus stop (Eu Tong Sen St) or Boat Quay bus stop (South Bridge Rd)
NR services will operate on 20 & 21 Jan from 11.30pm – 4.30am.
There will be no NR services on 22 – 23 Jan.

For more info, contact SMRT Customer Service @ Tel: 1800 336-8900.
Happy Shopping!


  1. This is an awesome service! Shirley, sadly I don't have a traditional dress! The last time I was in Asia was in 1989 and I want to get one custom made. So sorry I won't be able to celebrate in true Chinese New Year spirit

  2. What a great service, making it easy to move around in Singapore. With the many times I have been planning to visit Singapore, nothing has materialised so far, somehow something or rather will come up as soon as I am set to get into Singapore. Nevertheless, I have not given up and sure will be in Singapore.

  3. Bessie, I was hoping to see u in a sexy costume. Lol! I'm sure u'll look good.

    Nava, hope u'll get the chance to vist S'pore one day!

  4. This is a great idea. Sometimes traffic is so bad getting to an event it just hinders you to even go! I almost had a chance to get to Singapore, but the opportunity went away. Someday I will be there!

  5. great! u know, last year i was planning to go to singapore on this cny, but i got to cancel it because it's my cousin's wedding..huuhuu..but never mind, family 1st huh ;)
    happy CNY!!

  6. Tina, totally agree. Hope u'll grab the chance to visit my country someday :)

    Aemy, seems most of u slipped the chance to visit S'pore. I'm sure u gals will love it here!

  7. What a great idea...we need more services like this!

  8. Shirley, 祝你新年快乐!恭喜发财!

  9. Alisha, make sure u take advantage of these services if u do visit S'pore :)

    Ann, 恭喜发财!


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