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DIY Your Mandarin Oranges This Chinese New Year

When families visit one another to exchange greetings during the Chinese New Year, it’s a tradition to take gifts such as Tangerines and Oranges, as their Chinese names sound like "gold" and "wealth".
howt to diy chinese new year mandarin oranges
While Mandarin Orange is the most popular fruit during this period due to its symbolic of "luck" or "fortune", Tangerine with leaves intact represents long lasting relationships and fruitful with kids.
chinese new year mandarin orange ang pow basket
My mum has been making these Tangerines for the last couple of years for display in her house. She has just suggested a brilliant idea as she found lots of leftover oranges gone to waste in the past.

Mum thought it would be a nice notion to replace real oranges with these DIY ones this year. Recipients would be able to appreciate and display these vibrant oranges in their homes. I was in full support of her superb idea and wanted to learn how to make these for my visiting too. If I can do it, you can too. I've included a tutorial for you, so let’s DIY our own Mandarin Oranges/Tangerines this CNY!

What you'll need:
(1 Orange)
2 Orange Nets
1.5” Green Tape
2 Leaves

    diy chinese new year mandarin orange crafts
    diy lunar new year mandarin orange crafts
    diy chinese new year tangerine crafts
  1. Cut tape to 1.5” and wrap around the net to make the stem. (Use the side with the “hard” end). Press firmly to fix the tape to the stem and set aside.
  2. making cny tangerine crafts by singapore granny
  3. Cut the “hard” end of 2nd net and insert into hand.
  4. chinese new year visiting custom diy mandarin oranges
    diy chinese new year handicrafts tangerine
  5. Remove net and insert 1st net through it. Straighten them with the stem sticking out. You should have 2 nets together now; 1 inside and 1 outside.
  6. diy mandarin oranges step by step photo instructions
    lunar new year mandarin orange tutorial
    chinatown diy mandarin orange tutorial
  7. Unfold the ends (the side without the stem), about 1”. Keep turning the net out, layer by layer and tightening it by pulling the other end until you get the desired shape. Continue until you reach the stem and you’re done.
  8. diy chinese spring festival tangerine crafts
    beautiful cny diy tangerines handicraft tutorial
  9. Next, insert leaves by piercing them through the net and you’ll get your striking fortune Tangerines.
chinese new year mandarin oranges

Impressed with my mom’s work?
beautiful diy jewel bag
Check out Jewel Bag Made By An 81 Year-old Lady!

chinese new year ang pow basket
This gorgeous-looking basket is a Chinese New Year Gift From Student.

Here's wishing all a Happy and Prosperous CNY, with love from Singapore!


  1. You mother is amazingly talented! These oranges look like you could take a big bite!

  2. awesome click


  3. Shirley, Happy Lunar New Year to you and your mum and all at home.
    Can you ask your mum she can take me as her student or not :)
    新年快乐 身体健康 万事如意!

  4. Ann, she's amazingly talented. Wish I could inherit all her talents :)

    Aarthi, thks!

    Ann, hahaha! U're too humble. She visits old folks home & makes crafts for them, & sometimes auctions her crafts & donates the money to charity. She's my idol! Happy CNY to u too!

  5. These oranges look like real..very nice..I already have kept 2 oranges on my office table....
    Wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year!!

  6. waaa so creative! cute! ^^
    happy cny!!! :D

  7. Amy, oh yes! They do look real from afar :) Thks & have a great weekend!

    Aemy, u have a smashing CNY too & collect lots of ang pows. Hahaha!

    Just realized that all the comments above are from readers starting with 'A'. Maybe it's a good sign!

  8. Great work! Your mum really have very dedicated hands. I like all her craft work and must really thanks her for the lovely bangle she make in one of your last giveaway. Lucky me, i'm one of the winner. What a great idea to replace real oranges with these DIY one. Great idea!

  9. Ahemmmm ops...then got A got B...can assume me as C = CAT

    anyway, Very cute mandarin oranges. Love the tanglung too

  10. Doris, thks so much & I'm really happy to know that u like her hand-made bangle. It means a lot :)

    Small Kuching, Happy CNY to u!

  11. Your mom's "mandarin oranges" are so pretty! She is very creative.

    Gong Xi Fai Cai!

  12. HI Shirley
    Happy CNY to you and your mum. Can you pester her to teach us her purse and the handmade bangle. We all learn a few life skills around here. May this new year bring with it tons of wealth and help you advance in your degree of black belt in shopping and most importantly good health.
    Love Ash.

  13. creative and brilliant idea. where do you get the orange nets from?

  14. Your mother seriously has some skill. These are cute!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. Biren, thks! I'm sure she'll be delighted to know that :)

    Ash, sounds like a great idea! In fact, I'd a round of Giveaway previously; beaded bangles made by her. Thks so much for your lovely comment & it's great connecting with u!

    Missyblurkit, as mentioned in my post, u can get it at any handicraft shops. Glad u like it!

    Bonnie, thks for popping by! Will chk out your blog soon :)

  16. especially the Jewel bag...she's a pro! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  17. Looks like both your mum and you are so creative. Lovely way of giving oranges and I am sure everyone will simply love it. Btw, thumbs up to your mum to for the wonderful looking bag.

    I understand that you will be busy with CNY as I am also the same Shirley. I have my Chinese godfamily, my Chinese in laws and friends to keep my busy too.

    You have a great and wonderful CNY and also to everyone at home.

  18. Hong, I've yet to learn making the bag from her yet. Lol! She'll be elated to hear that :)

    Nava, have a Happy CNY too!

  19. no wonder! you got your talent from your mom! Happy CNY hun!!! enjoy the holidays xox

  20. Happy New Year Shirley! Love the tutorial on the oranges and also the bag your mom made :)

  21. Dear Shirley,
    Lovely oranges - wish you a very happy New Year:)
    I'm so pleased to pass on the 'Triple Cute awards' and the 'Cherry on Top Award' to your wonderful blog!Please do check out the link at my place and accept the award -

    Hope to see you soon:)

  22. Great idea and environment friendly!
    Wish you and family a "Happy & Prosperous CNY" and a wonderful Reunion Dinner :)

  23. Shirley, I admire "crafty" people and their creations! What fun, and so pretty.

  24. wishing you & yours a very happy new year..
    your mom is amazing dear..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  25. Thumbs up to your mom, Shirley! She's just so creative! I am truly impressed!

  26. Happy Lunar New Year! Your mom is so talented...I can see where you get your creativity form :) These are so pretty and perfect for the new year greetings!

  27. Charles, hahaha! It's in the genes.

    Bessie, thks & Happy CNY to u too!

    Sudha, that's so cool! Thks so much & I'll chk them out soon :)

    Iriene, thks for visiting & Happy CNY to u too!

    Kim, welcome to the club! Heehee!

    Jay, thks & have a wonderful week!

    Tina, thks dear!

    Alisha, it's very nice of u to say that! Thks, dear!

  28. You have a creative mum!
    No wonder you're creative too, got her genes hahaha

  29. Charmaine, thks dear! Happy CNY!

  30. Dear Shirley:
    Just drop by and wish you a healthy and happy dragon year ahead. Gong Xi Fa Cai !
    I love your mom's handmade bag. I'm into diy bags now, so hope to have this share in one of your tutorial maybe? :-)


  31. Yin, thks for the warm greetings & Happy CNY to u too! U're into DIY bags too? That's awesome! Will keep in mind & see if she has time...

  32. O thats such a great idea Shirl!

  33. Shirley, thks for dropping by! Have a good week :)

  34. Hi can I check with you where did you buy the cheap fishballs where u bought for 9 for $1? I can't quite find the location because u only mentioned #01-17. do u have the full location? Thanks!

  35. Anonymous, the address & map is in the Part I & the link is in the same post. Here it is: Seafood Bargains At Woodlands Terrace. Happy shopping!

  36. Hi Shirley, I think your moms' DIY oranges are a great idea, our family received 3 large boxes of mandarin orange this year, I seriously doubt a family of 5 could finish that all before they go bad. We would try to take the to school and office for our friends. These DIY oranges not only serve as nice decorations, it would save us the need to waste food unnecessarily (while people in Africa are starving) lol.

  37. Lady G, bringing the oranges to distribute is a great idea! Hope u KIV the idea for next CNY :)

  38. So neatly done.. I have tried doing the oranges with the nettings before..but without the green stem and leaves.. sort of not completed.. :) But the jewel bag, that is really something!

    1. Reana, guess u'll need to add in those to make it look real. Yap, kudos to my mom!

  39. Hi Shirley, I am currently sourcing for supplier to make this DIY mandarin orange and I came across your website. It was really amazing.

    May I enquire if you would like to make 4000 pieces for my company? Or you have any idea where I could get it?

    Thank you for your time with much appreciation.

    1. Glynnis, thanks so much for your kind words! Unfortunately, I'm tied-up with product reviews & won't have time to spare. I'm not sure if there are ready-made ones, but usually those handicraft shops like in Chinatown will sell the materials to diy though. Happly holidays & may you have a wonderful 2015! xoxo

  40. Hi Shirley, I chanced upon this tutorial and could i check where did your mum get the orange nets from? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Samantha! As mentioned above, handicraft shops like in Chinatown will sell the materials. Hope you'll have fun making them as well. :D

  41. Awesome idea! Love it! Thx for sharing! :D

  42. hi May i know where to get the orange net????

    1. Hi, thanks for popping by! As mentioned above among the comments, handicraft shops like in Chinatown will sell the materials. Hope you'll have fun!

    2. Pleasure is mine & I hope you'll enjoy the crafts as much!


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