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Cleanse It Right With Garnier’s Light Black Foam

If oily pores leave your face sticky & uncomfortable, cleanse your skin to a healthy glow with Garnier’s latest 2-in-1 brightening & oil-control Light Black Foam!

This unique cleanser combines natural plant & mineral extracts that trap oil & dirt, helps to lift skin dullness effectively & balance out skin tone.  Garnier’s Light Black Foam is a beauty must-have, a silvery-black cleansing foam that brightens skin while clearing away impurities & excess oils.

What I like about the Black Foam is the natural #Eucalyptus extract & Mineral Clay, which are known for its purifying properties.  While  some brands leave your skin dry after cleansing, the #BlackFoam provides the perfect balance for your skin without over-stripping.

Its smooth texture allows it to foam generously & softly for a fuss-free yet in-depth cleanse. The careful balance of ingredients is key to this state-of-the-art formulation.

True to Garnier’s trademark, a sweet & fruity scent tops off the foam, leaving skin feeling fresh & recharged for the day, while making your daily cleansing routine a special ritual.
At just S$7.90, the #Garnier gentle foaming 2-in-1 cleansing solution rid your skin of both makeup & impurities. Rating: ★★★★☆

* Available at Watsons, Guardians, major supermarkets & hypermarkets & selected departmental stores from February 2012.


  1. like the tibe, it's BLACK haha! sadly Garnier doesn't work for me:(

  2. Charles, what products are u using now? This cleanser is quite mild actually & I kinda like it :)

  3. Yeah ha.. si Sumandak gonna love this to the max!!! ^_^.v..

  4. black foam? whoa that's strange, but interesting! hehe

  5. nice product


  6. lol from its packaging, i always think that it is for guys only.

    Latest: CNY Buffet; Eat ALL You Can!

  7. Oh, i love garnier products. I swear by it. I used lots of their products - from cleasing foam to mask. It really works wonder. And of course, as you aged, the skincare have to aged with you too. LOL! I used their blue color packing one - i can't remember what's the actual name - it's very good to treat oily skin. But when you aged, the oil tends to be lesser. This one sound like a good one to try it out. I shall get one soon.

  8. Worth the try product and something new for me with the black foam.

  9. Hmmm...too bad, I'd just bought another tube of facial cleanser...

  10. Shirley, I enjoy your product reviews and the comments that follow! Sounds like an interesting thing, "black foam." :) Sounds like you've been busy -- don't forget to relax!

  11. Aki, googled for "Sumandak" but no definition. Is this a name, bro??

    Aemy, I thought it's interesting too. Lol!

    Aarthi, have u tried their products?

    Fish, that's a good feedback :)

    Doris, looks like we've got an avid fan here. Thks for your feedback!

    Small Kuching, it's very refreshing, dear :)

    Nava, nice price tag too :)

    Evelyn, perhaps another time? Worth trying it.

    Kimby, love your last sentence! Have a good week, dear!

  12. I will have to try this, I do enjoy their products and always love the scents :)

  13. Alisha, nice to have another fan here!


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