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Promote Your Blog Here! DIY This X’mas With 12 Lovely Recipes!

Instead of dining out this X'mas, why not put on your apron & impress your loved ones with your cooking?

If you do use any of these recipes here or take your pick at My Cooking, snap a picture & email it to me. I’d be most delighted to showcase your cooking at the slideshow (right sidebar) & also at my Facebook Fan Page. Head over now to my Fan Page & "Like" to join many others to be in the loop!

Own a blog? Better still, promote your blog here! Send me your blog after you’ve posted your cooking with a direct link to my recipe. I’ll then add your post together with your food pix!

For non-Bloggers, you can email me your FB link instead if you like to make more friends. So head over to my Readers’ Corner now to see what other readers have been whipping up in their kitchen.

Test your skills now with these Award-winning Recipes, ranging from Beginners level right up to Advanced, with step-by-step pix instructions:

For more recipes, head over to My Cooking, simply click on the pix in the slide show & it'll bring you to the respective recipe. Have fun & Happy Holidays!


  1. awww... so nice of you. Keep helping others to promote their blog. =) hmm..I didnt cook recently..cause im su busy enjoying! haha! after my exam, I'm so busy idling around. Hahaha!

  2. Eunice, thks so much for supporting & submitting your Oreo Cheesecake! I'm really happy that it was a success :) All the best to your exams!

  3. bloody mary lobster cocktail looks yummy, but I think i'll go without the lobster

  4. Dblchin, u can always substitute with whatever seafood u like but it'll be just an ordinary cocktail if u don't add anything inside.

  5. What a great showcase of foods.

  6. Hello Dear,

    thnks much for ur want to participate or guest host the event for a month?

  7. aww, even your starter food recipe sounds super difficult for me already >< sadly i really cant cook


  8. Aww.. I would like to submit too. If my cake is success. I can't cook well. :(

  9. thanks Shirley for the invites. I am currently in Thailand for a holiday and when I come back, will look into it.

    I simply love the lobster cocktail as have not tasted or seen one like this before.

  10. Kristen, thks for dropping by!

    Anu, thks for the invite! Sounds interesting!

    Fish, u can always start off with my Bewitching Strawberries Salad. No cooking at all. Lol!

    Ginny, looking fwd to u using my non-bake recipes :)

    Nava, have a great holiday & see u soon!

  11. Nice round up of your amazing recipes, Shirley! Hope to try some of your recipes if time permits!
    Happy holidays to you and your family!!!

  12. So nice of you to share your recipes! I'm going to see what I can make ;)

  13. So many ideas and fantastic recipes to pick from, Shirley, plus your offer to promote your readers/fellow bloggers... really a nice gift for the holidays! I've been wanting to make some of your recipes for a long time... hmmm, which one will it be? :) Before I forget to ask, is there a deadline? Please let me know, thanks! I have to plan my grocery shopping (small town stores are nice, but limited.) Sounds fun!

  14. OH WOW...Shirley that Wafu Speghetti look delicious! That is incredibly generous of you to help promote other people's blogs!

  15. sounds interesting..:) lemme see what I can prepare..
    Tasty Appetite

  16. Tina, thks for the gesture! There's no deadline, anytime when you're comfortable, dear! Really looking fwd to yours!

    Taj, you could start with a simple recipe that needs no cooking :)

    Kimby, it'll be such an honour to feature one of my fave bloggers' cooking! No deadline at all, sweetie. U can pick from My Cooking if those listed here can't satisfy u :)

    Bessie, hope some of my cooking will tempt u to start putting on your apron. Hahaha!

    Jay, it's be great having your cooking here too! Looking fwd :)

  17. That's really great to promote other blogs as well! Blackswan your recipes are truly wonderful and I would really try some of them very soon!!

  18. Purabi, thks so much for dropping by & leaving me your lovely comments! Looking fwd to your cooking :)

  19. Great posts! I admire you for promoting other's blogs at the same time promoting your recipes! These recipes look fantastic, i will try some of them soon!

    1. Kat, thks so much for your visit & kind note! Do send me your pix & link for me to upload once you've tried my recipes :) Will pop by your blog soon!


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