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Playful Bento Vegetables

This colourful & fun vegetable dish is an ideal accompaniment to my last Bento. Boring greens no longer have to be plain; adding colours & patterns bring life to the recipe. Kids will certainly adore this healthy dish cooked with shrimps.

Recipe Featured @ PtitChef as 'Starter of the Day!'

50g Broccoli
½ Carrot
3 slices of Ginger (optional)
Handful of Shrimps (shelled)
1 tbsp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp minced Garlic
2 tsp Butter

  1. Wash & cut vegetables into desired shapes using cutters.
  2. Heat oil & sautéed ginger & garlic.
  3. Add butter & shrimps. Throw in vegetables, mix well & cover pan. Let food sit for about 1-2 mins & you’re ready to serve!

Check out Bento-licious With CasaBento for a wholesome meal!


  1. so cute & simple ;)
    it reminds me of the bento box that me & friends made last year to be sold at convocation bazaar. the box got mini burger, sausages, sushi & sandwich..people loved it! ^^

  2. Aemy, that sounds impressive! Hope you've raised enough at the bazaar :) Glad u like my version.

  3. Your bento boxes are always SO cute, that it is looking too good to eat! Happy Holidays Shirley! I hope all is well!

  4. I simply adore the bento veges you made Shirley, we at home must at least have one veg per day and guess what!!!! I already bought all the ingredients to make a similar dish for tomorrow.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone at home and may the new year bring more joy, happiness, peace and love.

  5. Bento!! So freaking cute! makes me wanna wallop the bear!!! haha! Anyway, keep it on mama Shirley! and I wish you a very prosperous & Merry New Year! ^^

  6. You are tempting me there... not just the food...... but the bento box too. Got to check it out.

  7. Dropping by to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Keep blogging!


  8. How cute and inviting this is for kids. My kids never had such food treats as their Mama is kind of lazy in making them, but will soon try them and update you. Happy new year and wishing for a fantastic year ahead. Thanks for visiting my space and kind words you left for me. Following your creations now on.
    Love Ash.

  9. Diana, must admit the bento box is adorable!

    Bessie, thks & Happy 2012!

    Nava, remember to snap a pix if u do replicate my recipe & send me your pix & link :) Have fun!

    Eunice, I love how u address me as Mama Shirley! Hahaha! Sounds so cool :)

    Doris, hope I can conduct a bento contest soon :)

    Kathy, happy 2012 to u too & enjoy motherhood!

    Ash, really glad to bump into your blog & glad we're following each other now! Happy New Year!

  10. I would love for you to pack me a Bento lunch :) So cute!
    Wishing you a most wondrous 2012 my friend, hugs

  11. lovely cute shapes isn't just for kids. its for adults too!

    a little fun does wonders to our souls.

    happy new year shirley! cheers to a blessed year ahead!

  12. Alisha, would definitely make one for u if only u live nearer :) Happy 2012, my dear friend!

    missyblurkit, your new blog looks cool too! Visited & left my comments there :) Cheers

  13. Not just kids, I would love this bento for lunch. Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

  14. Biren, we're all big kids! Hahaha! Thks & Happy New Year to u too :)

  15. Another yummy and beautiful dish!! Wishing you all the best in 2012♥

  16. Rebecka, thks & I wish u the same!

  17. First time here..You have lovely blog …I am your new follower..Do check my blog if you have time..


  18. Aarthi, thks for following & I'll pop by your blog soon! Looking fwd to sharing :)


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