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Cute Egg Faces For White Christmas Recipe Challenge

cute egg faces for white christmas recipe challenge
What do you think of these quail eggs? Please say they’re the cutest eggs you’ve ever seen…. Hohoho!

cute egg faces christmas recipe at kitchen artistry
(Spotted @ Kitchen Artistry)

cute egg faces christmas recipe at tasting spot
(Spotted @ Tasting Spot)

cute egg faces christmas recipe at omy
(Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat)

Well, I was in one of my crazy moods again & decided to turn these plain-looking quail eggs into colourful gem stones with faces. Look, we’ve got Emerald, Ruby, Topaz & Mother of Pearls for X'mas!

very good recipes white quail egg christmas recipe
I'm submitting these White Quail Eggs to White Christmas Recipe Challenge, organized by Very Good Recipes. Thanks so much for the invite by Veronica of Quay Po Cooks!

This is my version of a White Christmas & these eggs represent the many faces of the Snowman, while the gem stones here represent Christmas ornaments that we can't go without! Eat these eggs with whatever sauce you like! Dip them into mayonnaise, ketchup, wasasbi or eat them plain. Why don’t you share with us how you’ll like to eat them?
how to make cute egg faces for kids

Making these eggs is as easy as ABC. The only difficult part is you’ve to peel them while it’s hot so the colouring will stick properly while the eggs are hot.
how to make colourful cute egg faces for kids

Here’s another X’mas Gift Idea! I’m using the egg mould that came with the eggs. Simply wrap it up with a ribbon & you’ve got a lovely bento gift for this X’mas!
how to make colourful cute egg faces for christmas

Check out other uses for these lovely eggs @ Bento-licious With CasaBento かわいいお弁当
casa bento cute eggs lunch box for kids


  1. AAaah...these are sooo cute! They make me smile :))

  2. Colourful eggies!! They match the festive so well... :)

  3. WOW Shirley...these are amazing! You are so crafty and I am impressed by the details you put into it. They're too pretty to eat :)

  4. Ann, thks dear!

    Evelyn, Merry X'mas & thks for dropping by!

    Bessie, just trying to lure people like u to step into the kitchen. Hahaha! Thks, sweetie!

  5. i am so thrilled by your photos! gorgeous!

  6. Loveforfood, thks for your lovely comments!

  7. Wow these are really cute! You're so creative :)

  8. Rachael, thks! These are really easy to make :)

  9. How creative-I want some! Your photos are amazing. I have never seen anything like this. Glad to have popped in-enjoyed the visit. Have a great holiday!

  10. These are simply gorgeous and again another creative outcome from you Shirley, lovely contrast of colors.

  11. very very innovative n soooooooooper recipe..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  12. Anu, thks dear!

    Tina, thks for stopping by & I'm glad u like these eggs! Looking fwd to sharing :)

    Nava, not difficult task at all. Hahaha! I'm sure everyone here will have no problem making them.

    Jay, thks! Hahaha~

    Taj, have fun!

  13. Cute and adorable. Reminds me of Easter Day! Just this need to peel the egg skin. Hehehe ^^

    Merry Christmas to you Shirley and to your beloved family too. :D

  14. so cute!!!!!!
    how can i eat these cute things..? i think im not gonna eat them, i'd put them on my dressing desk instead..hehehe...

  15. Diana, I guess this is another alternative to easter eggs :) Happy Holidays to u & family too!

    Aemy, hahaha! U're so adorable!

  16. shirley, you're so creative! i love the artwork of food from your blog all the time!


  17. Fish, thks so much for your support & kind words!

  18. Diana, thks so much for dropping by & happy holidays to u!

  19. Shirley, I just love your creativity! These little eggs are full of personality! Brilliant!

  20. Rebecka, it's always nice to hear from u dear! Happy Holidays!

  21. Shirley, these eggs are adorable! Anyone (not just kids) would have a fun time eating them. Although they're so cute, I wouldn't want to eat them. Teehee. Good luck with the challenge, my dear.

  22. Lequan, I'd fun making them too! I'm happy to be able to "seduce" u with these eggs. Lol!

  23. How adorable these are! You are so creative sweetie, and my young nieces and nephews would go crazy for these...cute!

  24. Alisha, I'm sure these cute eggs will be wiped out in second with kids around. Hohoho!

  25. Shirley, Remember I said, if any entries submitted to the White Christmas Challenge through Quay Po Cooks wins a prize at VGR, they will get an extra price from me which is my son's band, ROSEVELT's first Album named 17:25? Well, the result is not out yet but to me, whoever have given me the support is a winner in my heart already. May I have your address so that I can courier the CD to you? My email is

  26. Veron, way to go! That's an awesome way to support your kid! Thks! I'll email u my add soon :)


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