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Where Is A Good Place To Sell My Rolex?

I’m a watch fanatic & I wonder where is a good place to sell my #Rolex should there be a need for it. Shops dealing in 2nd-hand branded watches are a plentiful, both in the malls & online. But how reliable are these dealers?
Through the years, I drew my purse strings really tight for these luxury indulgences. Especially for Singapore Airlines crew, most Flight Attendants pair their Louis Vuitton luggage bags with Rolexes. So when I first flew the jumbo, I got myself one naturally. The #RolexOyster Stainless Steel & Gold watch became my first extravagant splurge in my twenties. It was a good investment.

While browsing through the net over the weekend, I stumbled onto Bob’s Watches, dealing in used Rolex watches for both men & ladies. It’s a #RolexExchange where one can buy, sell & trade authentic Rolex watches at market prices. Bob’s Watches is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Boy, I was impressed!

After all, buyers are looking to purchase a genuine Rolex from a trusted reseller at the best price. On the other hand, sellers like myself, are looking for the best possible price, ensuring we're getting the full market value.

Am I a fan of #eBay? Absolutely not; especially when it comes to buying & selling genuine items. There’re lots of counterfeits lurking in eBay. Besides, I’m not familiar with pricing & I dislike the hassle of collecting the money from potentially unethical buyers. With professional help like Bob’s Watches, I can easily complete my trade in just a few simple steps.

So if you’re also looking to buy or sell your Rolex watches, be sure you get a reliable & reputable source like Bob's Watches. They’re a member of the International Watch & Jewelry Guild, & also a member of the Westminster, California Chamber of Commerce. With these credentials, we're assured to get the best deals!


  1. Like you, I used to indulge in luxury goods but since I already had enough, now I have mellowed down on those and its more of buying what looks good immaterial of the brand.

    Call me behind time, I never buy anything on line Shirley until now.

  2. Nava, I guess this happens when age catches up. At my age, it's more like looking to sell. Lol!

  3. Charmaine, good reason to start saving! Hahaha!

  4. hahas rolex isnt my type :) but it's nice having one!

  5. A Rolex in your twenties??? Sigh... I don't have one, and I just entered my thirties lol But yes, like you advised Charmaine, it's a great reason to start saving hehe And this post is really helpful to those who are contemplating on selling their Rolex, Shirl. These days, there are shady merchants everywhere and people need to be extra careful with their dealings, esp. with luxury items.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. Fish, it's a form of investment for a start :)

    Wi, maybe u can get your boyfriend to get u one next time?? Lol! Yes, we've to be extra careful so we won't fall prey.

  7. Hi Shirley! Fist of all, I am so sorry I am behind in visiting your posts! It's definitely tough writing 7 posts a week and visiting all of my readers so I can only imagine working and you have a family! Similarly to you, I also purchased a rolex in my 20s, and it was a sound investment! 8 years later, I still love it! Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with a fine swiss timepiece and the price only goes up over time while the style of rolex is classic. If you were to sell in the after-market I would either take it to a jeweler that specializes in vintage jewelry since you don't want to unload it on ebay!

  8. I wish I had one to sell after use...

  9. Bessie, 7 posts in a week? Gosh, I can only do 3 at most; it's too time-consuming. Totally agree in buying a fine timepiece & I'm really crazy about it.

    Neha, it's never too late to start saving for one. You'll never regret.

  10. Yeah, rolex watches is definitely a good investment. I have purchased online but have yet to try selling online thou, this Bob's watches seems easy and simple.

  11. Shirley, I like how you viewed this as an investment -- in your career, and most of all, in yourself, for the enjoyment it brought you through the years. Your diligence in researching the best option to sell will pay off over the long run, too. Good job!

  12. Ho ho ho.. I never hold any rolex in my hand before.. ha ha ha..

  13. Doris, this is certainly a good reference :)

    Kimby, best part of collecting fine timepieces is that you can sell them even after wearing them for ages. One can even pass on to their next generation :)

    Aki, can try try at a watch shop & have a good feel at it :) Heehee!

  14. There are so many fake dealers out there right now. It's really difficult to tell between fake and genuine. Especially when buying something expensive like that. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything online except for books.

  15. Lady G, you've got a point there too. Better be safe than sorry.

  16. With too much online dealers now, it's really hard to know who's authentic or not. Ive never owned a Rolex before. But just in case I decide to, I'll make sure to visit Bob Watches.

    1. SellMyWatch, thks so much for visiting! I total agree with your views. Glad u like the review :) Have a good day!


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