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Fabulous Garnier Giveaway At Shirley's Luxury Haven!

It’s my 46th birthday next week! To celebrate this special occasion, I’m conducting a Giveaway to thank you for your awesome support!

Many readers here have commented that they envy my good skin & youthful look. Hence, what’s better than to share skincare products with you this Giveaway! For this, Loreal has generously sponsored not just 1 item, but 3 of their latest Garnier products; 3 sets in total!!
Guys, you can participate in this contest too! You could keep the Bright Essence for yourself & present the other 2 lovely gifts to your wife, girlfriend or even your beloved mom.

Prizes worth over S$60/set (3 Winners):
- Garnier Aqua Defense Bright Essence
- Garnier BB ERO
- Garnier BB Cream

You can read about these marvellous product reviews below:
Here’s what you need to do for this Giveaway:
  1. Follow me on my blog if you haven’t.
  2. Follow me on Twitter.
  3. 'Like' Luxury Haven Facebook Fanpage.
  4. Bloggers: Blog about this Giveaway, with a link to this post. You may use the above pix in this post. Come back & leave me the link to your blog post. Alternatively, you can add Luxury Haven to your Blogroll. 
  5. Non-bloggers: Post about this giveaway on Facebook. Copy & paste the link in the comment box for my verification.
Enter your steps & in the comment box once you’ve completed. Please ensure you're contactable by email.

Sample Comment:
I’m following you @ Twitter,
I’m following you @ your Facebook Fan Page,
I’m following your blog,
(Bloggers) I’ve blogged about this giveaway @ yourlink OR I’ve added you to my Blogroll,
(Non-Bloggers) I’ve shared your post @ Facebook + yourlink.

You must complete all steps to qualify for the draw. The 3 winners will be selected via Random.Org.

*This Giveaway is only open to residents of S’pore. Contest closes @ 9pm on 9 Nov 2011. Winners will be announced a week after the closing date. I will contact you for your details & Loreal will courier the prizes to you. Good Luck!

Updates: Lavish Lunch At Iggy’s & Announcing Winners of Garnier Giveaway!


  1. I’ve shared your post @ Facebook

  2. oh oh oh.. I want this!! Really want this.. ha ha ha.. OK2.. I will try to do it tonight!! ^_^.v..

  3. I have share your post on facebook.!/jess.koh2

  4. Happy 46th Birthday,Shirley!

    Wishing you a blessed birthday and may you enjoy good health and beauty!

    And I’m following you on Twitter,
    also following you at your Facebook Fan Page and I’ve added you to my Blogroll.

    I will follow you where ever you may go! *keeping fingers crossed for the giveaway*

  5. Jason, thks for sharing on FB! Kindly complete all steps & enter each step into the comment box.

    MissyBlurkit, thks for your warm wishes!

    Aki, this contest is only open to those who resides in S'pore. Sorry, bro! U can share this post with your S'pore friends :)

    Jess, I'm afraid I don't see the link on your FB. Pls complete the rest of the steps & leave a note in the comment box. Thks!

    Stardreamer, thks so much for your support! Pls complete all steps & enter in the comment box :)

    Neha, will try to get sponsors for int'l giveaway next time. Sorry, sweetie!

  6. WOW! Nice giveaway :)
    I'm already your follower on your blog.

  7. Happy Early Birthday Miss Shirley :) Too bad I live in the US so I can't enter but I do follow you on twitter, fb, and gfc... ;) Good luck to everyone!

  8. wow happy early birthdae! :) hope u give the garnier to someone who really deserves it!

  9. I've shared your post @ Choose me!:D

  10. Happy birthday advanced wishes from me <3

    I would love to join if available time is given. :D

    Following your twitter and hopefully you follow mine too - dtdianateo :D

  11. I’m following you @ Twitter,
    I’m following you @ your Facebook Fan Page,
    I’m following your blog,
    (Non-Bloggers) I’ve shared your post @ Facebook + yourlink.

  12. You bet I do admire not only your lovely skin but that great wonderful smile of yours.

    Lovely gift to be given out am sure someone will deserve it.

  13. Ann, thks for the follow! Awaiting your bloglink as the last step :)

    Biren, thks! Have a good day!

    Bessie, u're such a doll! Thks, gorgeous!

    Fish, will try to host an int'l one next time.

    Jessica, thks for the FB link! Pls complete all steps & enter into the comment box with your name instead of Anonymous :)

    Diane, will be delighted to do that too!

    Nava, u're always so sweet! Hopefully, I can host an int'l one next time :)

  14. Jason, I believe you've a blog? Pls complete the final step to qualify for the draw. Good luck!

  15. I’ve blogged about this giveaway @

  16. I’ve shared your post @ Facebook + yourlink.

    Shirley, have a fun & enjoyable birthday : )

  17. Awww too bad I'm in Malaysia :(
    Anyway, Have a Happy Birthday in advance!! *hugs and kisses*

  18. Hi Shirley, I already added you on my blog link and also retweeted you on twitter yesterday.

  19. hi gal, i shared your blog plus twitter too hehe

  20. Happy B day dear...have fun n enjoyyy..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  21. Nice giveaway. Too bad I am in KL.

  22. beautifull pictures! i loooove your style!
    Nice blog!
    I invite you to see my blog, and if you like it, you could follow me! i 'll do the same!

    Is Fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  23. I have share your post on facebook.!/jess.koh2

  24. Hi

    I'm such a loyal fan of yours.

    I have been following your blog for the longest time.

    I follow you on twitter too.

    I have always like LUXURY HAVEN facebook fanpage.

    I have written a post on this giveaway. Here's the link:

    I am super "kiasu", so i have shared about this giveaway on FB too. Here's the link:!/profile.php?id=580728432

  25. I have share your post on facebook.!/jess.koh2

  26. I follow on GFC as bukaeyes
    Betsy Hoff

  27. I like you on Facebook
    Betsy Hoff

  28. Hi Shirley, I guess I'll just stick to soap, easier on my pocket, ha ha.
    My wife drinks lots of Chinese green tea, and tau fu or soya bean.....and at her age still get much younger men asking her for lunch dates, ha ha.
    You have a nice day.

  29. Thank you so much for your warm wishes & interest in my Giveaway! All participants, kindly check & ensure all the steps are completed & entered into the comment box. All the best!


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