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Angry Birds Asian Challenge Press Conference At Singapore Changi Airport

Squawk! Squawk! Well, we’ve come to the final post of my Angry Birds journey. Here’s a tour of our press conference @ S’pore Changi Airport after a 12-hr Angry Birds Asian Challenge flight from Helsinki.
finnair angry birds asian challenge press conference

Mr Angry Bird & every one of us in the AB “uniform” were at the center of attention as soon as we stepped out of the plane. Although we were dead tired from the overnite flight, you could see smiles & laughter from our happy faces; everyone was in high spirits.
finnair angry birds asian challenge changi airport
Credit: Bryan Soh

Upon arrival, the AB team were led to a private reception by Finnair, where more journalists & Angry Birds greeted us.
angry birds asian challenge changi airport conference

angry birds asian challenge singapore changi airport
Can you see what’s on the table? Here’s a close-up!

angry birds polar cupcakes, changi airport
The table was filled with outlandish #AngryBirds characters! I was instantly drawn into a fairytale land at the sight of these vibrant cupcakes. I felt like a kid wanting to snatch each & every one of these cakes. Bet I wasn’t the only one who felt this way; I could hear chuckles & people snapping pictures of these rainbow treats excitedly.
angry birds cup cakes
The friendly waiter looked at me as though I’m a kid deprived of her toys. He sweetly offered me the #cupcakes asking how many I would like. I wanted to say “All, please!”, but I refrained myself shyly & politely asked for two.
angry birds polar cupcakes
Instead, the kind waiter replied, “What about one of each?” like he could read my mind. I hate rejecting alluring offers like these. I jumped at his brilliant suggestion immediately & I was smiling cheekily to myself.
angry birds cupcakes changi airport conference
Sadly, someone got to it before me at the speed of a lightning. Before I knew it, the last Red Bird was gone! So I ended up with an incomplete puzzle. Although I was hungry, I resisted the temptation to snack. I wanted to save them for my son since I couldn’t get any AB souvenirs in #Helsinki, & the only t-shirt I’ve got from Rovio is a “S” size.

finnair angry birds asian challenge changi airport conference
Soon, the conference started with a speech from the representatives of the AB event, together with Mr Angry Bird.

winner of angry birds asian challenge
Prizes were presented to Mr Jani Uljas, Winner of #AngryBirdsAsianChallenge.

changi airport angry birds asian challenge team
Credit: Finnair
The Angry Birds Asian Challenge team in black, posing for the journalists:
John Khor & Bryan Soh from M'sia, Karen & Myself from S'pore, Katja Presnal from US, Viktor Stenhjem from UK & Lasse Kaila from Finland.

angry birds asian challenge channel news asia shirley
Credit: Finnair
Interview by #ChannelNewsAsia & RazorTV. Video: Angry Birds Accidental Champion.

When the hoo-ha finally ended & it was time for good-byes, none of us wanted to part. Suddenly, Henri (Senior VP of Rovio Asia) popped up & offered to buy the AB team dinner.
rovio angry birds team in clarke quay
We’d drinks at Clarke Quay but I didn’t join them for dinner as it was really getting late. I desperately wanted to get home to my 2 beloved men in the house to relate my effervescent AB moments & to share my goodies with them. My Goodie Bag:

angry birds asian challenge goodie bag
angry birds asian challenge t-shirt
angry birds asian challenge singtel f1 tickets
F1 Tickets from SingTel
Oh yeah! Here’s something really bizarre. Although the commotion is over, I still smell, see & breathe Angry Birds. I’m falling in love, all over again……

Changi Airport & Winners

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  1. Wow, Shirley, the AB cupcake table was just absolutely a sight to behold! OMG... haha I would love to have one of each as well, not to eat, but just to admire for hours and hours lol I know, I can be pretty weird at times lol And how thoughtful of you to save them for your beloved son ;) I'm sure he loved it!

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us, Shirley! It was one awesome series of posts :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. he he he.. angry birds makke you happy instead of making us angry huh?? ^_^.v..

  3. Wi, I knew u'd love it! Bet u'll be fighting with me if u were there. Lol! Thks, dear! I'm delighted that u've enjoyed the posts :)

    Aki, oh yeah! Makes me very, very happy :)

  4. What a great event with all the theme surrounding angry birds and that lovely goodies in terms of the cakes and that you have received.

    Looks like angry birds are taking you far and up there Shirley, congrats on this.

  5. Nava, I get a lot of invites & usually shy away from social events like these. I think this is my one & only. Thank God I've these birds entertaining me there. Lol!

  6. You're so lucky to join this happening event. The most importantly you got sponsored trip to Finland. I'm so jealous. Hahaha..

    I not really like Angry bird but the Angry Birds' cupcakes do attract me. It is really like rainbow on a table. Hehehe

    Shirley, Happy belated birthday to you. Sorry for the late wishes. Being busy lately for preparation of my coming exam. Spare some time to read your blog before continue to study again :S

  7. Wow Shirley! You appeared on TV...summore being interviewed.Cool!

  8. Maybe you should try making AB cupcakes next time! :D

  9. Diana, thks for taking your time off! All the best to your exam!

    Hong, not only me lah. Most of us got interviewed some way or another. Lol!

    Charmaine, think I should pick up some good baking skills soon. Heehee!

  10. aww the cupcake is so cute! if me, i would have admired it very long before eating it!

  11. Fish, I'm sure those who brought the cakes back probably kept them for days. Hahaha!

  12. I found it amusing when u said : I desperately wanna go home to see both of yr beloved men. Haha! Such a lovely wife and a wonderful mom! Keep it up! I think you should be more active in this kind of event, dont be shy! :P

  13. Eunice, thks for your lovely comments! Happy blogging!

    Anu, thks for the heads-up & have a beautiful weekend!

  14. Shirley, it was so fun to see and hear you in the videos -- what a great write up of your trip, too! (And those CUPCAKES and that CAKE...) :) Thanks for sharing your happy memories!

  15. Kimby, now u've met me "in person". Hahaha! Those cupcakes are gorgeous, aren't they?

  16. angry birds cupcakes!!! cute! but..the word Changi spooks me..hehe...

  17. Aemy, have u been watching too many horror movies? Lol! Good to hear from u, dear!

  18. Wow. Awesome experience. I wish I could attend it too. Thanks for visitng =D

  19. Steven, wish I could do it all over again :)

  20. Wow! What a great experience! And you got to visit Helsinki too! I love Finland! sigh! The AB's cupcakes are just too cute!

  21. Manu, hope u'll get the chance to visit Helsinki too! Have a wonderful week, dear :)

  22. How fun...and I got to hear your voice :) Lovely and fun post! I never new what angry birds were until you fun rice creations :)

  23. Alisha, u joking right?? U & Biren both living in the mountains where the birds don't get angry? Lol! Just kidding! Glad u're in the loop now :)

  24. Those cupcakes are adorable! I'd be like you, only ask for 2 but really want all of them. Haha. Thanks for sharing this whole trip with us. Looks like you had such an awesome time. I'd be anxious to return home and share my trip with my family too.

  25. Lequan, can u make these cupcakes? I'm sure your kids will go crazy. Lol! If u really do, must share them with me yah.

  26. I'm so proud to see you were chosen for such an illustrious trip! You deserve the honor for your amazing talents in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing your trip and all of your beautiful creations!!

  27. Rebecka, thks so much for your wonderful comments! I'm delighted to see u reading this AB post :)


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