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I’d Reindeer Meat @ Salutorget Scandinavian Bistro, Helsinki

The restaurant tastefully blends with the milieu of the building & offers a view of the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki. It stood out with a touch of Finnish elegance in an historical setting.

After our tour at the Angry Birds HQ, our team was treated to a nice lunch. The Salutorget Scandinavian Bistro is a version of Finnish gastronomy in an authentic ambience.

The Angry Birds team ordered two portions of Toast Skagen & Beef Brisket, both priced @ €13.20 each to share.
The Toast Skagen is made up of shrimps in mayo-like dressing. It's nice but there’s nothing fanciful with this appetizer.

However, everyone enjoyed the Beef Brisket. The starter looked like any Roast Beef, unlike the brisket all of us had in mind.  The meat was tender & really tasty, & it came with Potato salad with apples, dressed in Dijon & honey.

We also shared the Caesar Salad @ €9.80/€13.90. This salad is probably the safest bet to order as it can never go wrong.

Well, the highlight of the lunch is the Reindeer Leg @ €22.90, which came highly recommended.  The dish was accompanied by oven baked Beetroots, Pork cubes & Lappish Potato.
So how does Reindeer meat taste like? I was told it tastes like venison. I would say it’s an acquired taste. I don’t eat lamb, so I was a little put off by the smell when it first arrived at the table. Nevertheless, I started slicing a part of the leg & was surprised how the meat easily fell off the bone.

The texture was smooth & tender; most of the team finished the dish. Well, the meal will certainly be an unforgettable experience for me.  I guess if one is in the mood for a zesty dish with a difference, reindeer meat is the one!


  1. Meat lover paradise.. Hm,how can I try this food?? Ho ho ho.. :-p

  2. The restaurant looks lovely, I really like the quiet and quaint ambiance :) And the food looks delectable! The beef brisket was a little new to me though, I guess I'm used to the traditional Asian way of preparing Beef Brisket haha And whoa... Reindeer meat, I never tried them, but judging from your review, it's something worth trying when I get the chance to.

    Thanks for sharing, Shirley!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Aki, fly to Finland?? Hahaha!

    Wi, love the ambience. Guess all asians will have the same thoughts about beef brisket. Looks & tastes so different. Lol!

  4. Nice restaurant setting and food looks great!

  5. Jen, I wouldn't mind visiting again to try other stuff :)

  6. I thought that's egg in mayo dressing at 1st~

  7. Great experience of enjoying the food here Shirley, I think I will like the reindeer meat as lamb is up there on top of my list although we try not to have it that often, you know age and how too much of meat is not that good.

  8. Nava, I'm sure reindeer meat will appeal to those lamb lovers :)

  9. Yummy! Foods are looking good! :)

  10. I'm very impressed with your adventurous eating experience!! Way to go trying something new and different. I don't like lamb at all, so I'm not sure I could stomach Reindeer meat! However, your description sounded pretty yummy! Have a great week♥

  11. The ambiance of the restaurant looks great...And food looks very fancy....Would have loved it...Plz like my facebook page also to be a part of the give away...The button is right on top of my page....Thnx

  12. Rebecka, somehow I just don't like lamb like u. Smell's too over-powering for me. Lol!

    Neha, will do that. Thks!

  13. Kenny, thks for dropping by again! Glad u like it :)

  14. Kelvin, like your sense of humour! Yes, bring over some of your wit! HahahaE

  15. Everything about that restaurant is fab and lovely, Shirley!
    All the food look good too! I like lamb so I guess I will enjoy eating reindeer meat...

  16. Tina, I'm sure u'll enjoy reindeer meat then. Texture is so smooth..... Hope u'll have the chance to try.

  17. Definitely an experience indeed. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to meat, but I know my hubby would be drooling over that reindeer meat. Kudos to you for not turning around and running the other way after being put off by the smell.

  18. Lequan, with all the eyes staring at me, I'm embarrassed not to try. Hahaha!

  19. Love the environment! Somehow the buildings in western country looks so much nicer than Asian! LOL!

  20. Charmaine, I love the architecture of Europe. I'm always amazed by them :)


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