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Historical Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

A trip to Helsinki wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
suomenlinna sea fortress unesco world heritage site
Suomenlinna is a maritime fortress & a naval base for the Archipelago Fleet; built in the 18th century during the era of the Swedish rule.

suomenlinna sea fortress luxury haven
Pix Credit: Bryan Soh

Together with my travel buddy Bryan, one of the few bloggers on this trip, we took a 20-min ferry ride from the Market Square to the Fortress. Although it was drizzling when we reached our destination, it soon turned sunny again after some time.

helsinki suomenlinna sea fortress
Upon its completion in the 1760s, the #GreatCourtyard served as the main square of the fortress. The houses surrounding the courtyard included the fortress commandant’s house & the main guard house.
suomenlinna sea fortress unesco world heritage site finland

A trendy venue for weddings, the #SuomenlinnaChurch is part of the #Cathedral Parish of the Diocese of Helsinki, with over 400 seats in the church.
helsinki suomenlinna sea fortress unesco world heritage site
The appearance of the church, which dominates the southern horizon from #Helsinki, was changed at the beginning of the Finnish era in the 1920s, when it was converted into an Evangelical-Lutheran church.

Other interesting sights:
finland suomenlinna sea fortress unesco world heritage site

suomenlinna sea fortress unesco world heritage site helsinki

finland helsinki suomenlinna sea fortress

finland unesco world heritage site

helsinki unesco world heritage site

suomenlinna sea fortress unesco

With my post on #SuomenlinnaSeaFortresswe've come to the end of my introduction to Helsinki. The gorgeous city is a great travel destination for people with different tastes, but it's not exactly a shopper's haven as prices are extremely steep there. To give you an idea how expensive things are, I’d to pay €1 (S$1.74) to go to a public toilet! In S’pore, at most is just 20 cents (SGD) to visit one.
helsinki finland

I’d certainly like to return to #Finland for more of its exquisite culture & hopefully, have time to stopover at Lapland to see the magical #Aurora, take the snow mobile & visit my dear #SantaClaus :)

finnair angry birds flight helsinki
Well, here's a sneak preview of what's next! Come With Me On Board Finnair’s Angry Birds Asian Challenge, with lots of "angry" pix, of course!


  1. Ho ho ho.. That's expensive for a toilet.. But I think,sure clean and clear kan Sis?? He he he.. Urgh,it's just,when will I can fly to different country,out from Malaysia for a while?? he he he..

  2. Ohh.. this is finland? Feel so wanting to travel there. ahhww...
    Will take note for Soumenlinna Sea Fortress.. =)

  3. Aki, u can get pretty clean toilets here for just 10 or 20 cents here too! Hahaha! Get out once in a while to see the world!

    CurryEgg, u can imagine my joy when I was flown there for free. Hahaha!

  4. The joy of travelling exposes us to all the beautiful places, love that flowers Shirley, worth exploring and the adventure you had.

  5. Finally!!! Still got more travel post coming up?

  6. Whoa, that's one of the pricey public toilets I've ever heard of! But the Soumenlinna Sea Fortress is just breathtaking! I knew you were saving the epic scene for last haha :)

    It is indeed a lovely place to go on a holiday, and a good break from all the heat and humidity of South East Asia! hahah

    Again, Shirley, this is one very awesome trip filled with so much culture, heritage and great food.

    I can't wait to see your "angry" flight! haha


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. Europe toilet really expensive. I still remember when I was in Germany, no choice but to use their public toilet which cost €0.80. The most expensive toilet I ever went in my life. Even the KLCC toilet which cost RM2.00 also I never went.

  8. So amazing that you managed to go to Finland! Though I can't imagine pooping for that amount xD allyour travel tips are noted (not that I'll leaving malaysia anytime soon DX)

  9. Nava, totally agree. There're just so much to see & learn :)

    Kelvin, certainly :) More, more...

    Wi, it's crazy for us Asians to pay so much for a toilet stop I guess. Have to keep u guys in suspense. Lol!

    Diane, I don't recall paying so much during my Europe trips or maybe I haven't visited any public toilets then. Hahaha!

    P. Chopsticks, thank goodness most of the expenses are covered by Finnair. Lol! Thks for visiting! I'll pop by yours soon :)

  10. I don't mind paying for a clean toilet even if it is pricey. I hate to pay even a sen for those who are dirty. One of my girlfriend's hubby is from Finland. Maybe the next time the go back, I should tag along to see all the beautiful places. Glad you had a wonderful trip.

  11. Hi Shirley, thanks for visiting me after I've been away for so long. I hope you're doing great. You look gorgeous in that pic. What a wonderful holiday. I would love to visit this place some time. Have a lovely week.

  12. hi shirley, that's a greatq tip except for that expensive toilet...In reading these I felt that I am also there great post...I also like your photos specially the one that look like a tunnel hope I could visit that place too.

  13. Veron, I'm sure most of us feel the same way. Hate it when the loo is dirty. Your friend is lucky. I'm sure she has already seen the Aurora.

    Rosidah, where have u been? Missed u, dear!

    Raquel, thks so much for dropping by despite your busy schedule! Have a good week, sweetie!

  14. I am super excited to see the upcoming post! Helsinki looks awesome and I love Ferry Boat rides, rarity in Chicago but they're always so much fun!

  15. Bessie, I've yet to visit Chicago but it's definitely one of my must-go destination :)

  16. wow...fantastic finland..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  17. Jay, thks for visiting & have a lovely week!

  18. Hi Shirley,
    Thank you very much for dropping me a comment and appreciate your concern....

    Lately I am bit slow in blogging...first I was busy with mine and my son's b'dy ...then I was sick with till nxt weekend I am busy with two dance programs that me and my kid are doing for an Indian function out in Lansing, Michigan, US and last week my husband started traveling and is now away from many things are going around me...but I am trying to post some recipes in b/w.

    Am bit now slow in picking up my awards....will surely take it once I am free from all these things....which are taking most of my time....

    Today posted a new event too....

    Herbs and Flowers
    CHECK OUT My DIWALI Event and Recipes
    100 Friends/Followers & GIVEAWAY

  19. Anu, I'm also down with flu & at the recovering stage now. Gosh, I hate all these viruses!

    Glad to know all's well now. Hope to see u back in action soon :)

  20. Shirley, thanks again for an interesting tour, and also for the awards you gave me (which I'll write about this weekend!) I'm still drooling over that Oreo Bailey's cheesecake, too... :)

  21. Kimby, looks like I've given u homework for the weekend :) Have a lovely evening!

  22. You took some beautiful photos, Shirley! Helsinki seems like a beautiful place to visit. I'll make sure to empty my bladder fully before I go out anywhere. Haha. Thanks for sharing about your trip and Helsinki.

  23. Lequan, that's a fantastic idea! Save up the coins for piggy bank instead. Hahaha!


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