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Fight Skin Dehydration With Garnier Aqua Defense Bright Essence!

The first of its kind, Garnier Aqua Defense Bright Essence fills skin with in-depth hydration, while making it glow from inside out!

Modernization has made profound impact in our lives; it’s almost impossible for one to survive without air conditioning these days. Especially for people living countries with four seasons, millions of people will turn on that marvel of invention, as summer approaches with soaring temperatures.

However, air conditioning can have a negative effect on our skin. Air-con, plus environmental factors such as pollution, dries our skin causing a certain extent of dehydration. Hence, our skin is also vulnerable to premature ageing.

With the new Garnier Aqua Defense Bright Essence, which harnesses the power of one million #water molecules, help is on the way!

Its smooth watery texture allows the complex to be easily absorbed & ensures that no shine or greasy feel is left behind. The formula’s richness in water is also designed to lock in moisture, keeping skin revitalized & radiant throughout the day, while preserving its firmness & #youthfulness.
I like the refreshing sweet & fresh fruity scent that tops off this first 2-in-1 hydrating & brightening essence.

(Product Specification)

Natural Ingredients to Boost Skin’s Radiance
Drawing its inspiration from Nature, #Garnier harnesses the benefits of natural extracts to revive skin, lift dullness & brighten skin tone:
  • Pure Lemon Essence: With its antioxidant & clarifying properties, lemon essence helps restore skin’s full radiance, while clearing away impurities such as #blackheads. A rich source of #VitaminC, it also repairs acne scars.
  • Scutellaria Extract: Commonly known as “Golden Root”, this plant has been grown in Japan for centuries & is revered for whitening properties. At the same time, its anti- oxidant action allows it to combat free radicals, which are responsible for premature ageing.
  • Vitamin CG*: A powerful anti-free radical, Vitamin C locks in moisture while boosting the production of #collagen. It also performs a dual brightening action by shielding skin against damaging #UV rays, while protecting it from within by inhibiting the enzyme that causes #pigmentation marks.

If you’re looking for a good & reputable product to suit your tight budget, Garnier’s ingenious 2-in-1 skincare solution is your answer to achieve crystal clear skin that glows from within.

Available at #Watsons, #Guardians, major supermarkets & hypermarkets & selected departmental stores from November 2011.  The Garnier #AquaDefense Bright Essence retails at only S$19.90!


  1. This brand is becoming very popular, not surprised with many new inventions they bring out to the market.

    Good review and maybe will try out when whatever I have been using finishes off.

  2. i love garnier too :) it's really very user-friendly, suitable for all skin types!

  3. Nava, I must agree that Garnier is quite a popular brand & their products are really value for money. Thks for the feedback! I'm glad u like it :)

    Fish, great to have another fan here! Welcome to the Garnier Club!

  4. wow..sounds interesting..will give a try now..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. A timely review, Shirley! The air is getting dry here and my skin could use a little boost. Thanks!

  6. Jay, thks & u have a wonderful weekend!

    Kimby, I could sense it from here. Hahaha! Nothing gets better than a boost :)

  7. Sounds good....Will try it out soon....

  8. I had used a few of garnier product, but have yet to try this. Infact, i have been hunting for one moisturiser that is not oily but hydrate as i have oily but dehydrated skin. Trust your review, sounds like a great value for money product, shall give this a try. Btw, i have bought the garnier BB eye roll on, GREAT! i love it.

  9. Neha, thks again for dropping by! enjoy your weekend!

    Doris, happy shopping & thks for letting me know your feedback! Hope you like this product too :)

  10. Great timing to do this review, Shirley, as my moisturizer is about to run out and I'm looking to replace it for I'm not exactly that happy with it (it makes my face a little too oily >.<). Garnier's always been a reliable product for me, so I'll give this one a try. Thanks for this helpful review!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  11. Wi, Loreal has always known to be in the good-buy list. It's a great brand for me when I was much younger especially when I don't have that much money to indulge. Lol! I'm glad u like the review too & I hope u'll enjoy the product :)

  12. Wah, after reading this, I feel like my skin will have tat 'diong diong' feel after using it. Will surely try :)

  13. so far the garnier's product i've tried is brightening eye roll-on & it's very good. maybe i'm gonna try this one as i'm interested on stuff with vitamin C ^^

  14. Oooo this is an awesome review. I like garnier hair care products but haven't tried their skincare yet. $20??? Sign me up, my clarins moisturizer is $48!

  15. Jen, hahaha! Love your sense of humour :)

    Aemy, I love the Garnier Eye-roll too! I think this new product will suit u :)

    Bessie, this is a fantastic product when u wanna switch in times of low budget. Lol! Great product that suits all pockets :)

  16. do you use this before moisturizer or use it as a moisturizer?

  17. Anonymous, you can use it as a moisturizer twice a day. It'll be great if you could leave your name in future. You may direct your questions at Garnier; they've an advisory corner at their website :)

  18. Does this contain Hyaluronic acid?
    Heard that this Hyaluronic acid can 'keep' a lot of moisture.
    Also, after using this product, does the skin really glows within?
    Really need some advise to get the best moisturiser.

  19. Cassie, thks for your interest in the product! I'd suggest u visit Garnier's site for more info. As with other products, it varies according to one's skin type.


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