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Enchanting Helsinki

After my post on Awards & Architectural Wonders Of Helsinki, the quintessential city continued to impress me with its spectacular sights:

Scene 4 (stop-over): Rock Church or Temppeliaukio Church

The Rock Church is one of Helsinki’s most important tourist attractions & it’s also a popular venue for concerts because of the excellent acoustics.

The ceiling is a giant disc made of copper wire.

Their interior walls are created by rocks & natural light brightens the inside through 180 glasses between the dome & the wall.

Scene 5: Sibelius Monument

Finland's first abstract public monument, the main part of the Sibelius Monument consists of approx. 600 acid-proof stainless steel tubes of various diameters, welded together individually.
Viewed from further away, its form blends in with the woods & rugged rocks. The monument is a visual expression of the way Sibelius' music depicts nature.

Face of national composer, Jean Sibelius, in cast stainless steel.

Scene 6: Parliament of Finland

Parliament House was designed in the classic style of the 1920s. The exterior is reddish Kalvola granite with the façade lined by fourteen columns with Corinthian capitals.

Seeing Helsinki on foot after Audio Tour:

The House of the Estates is a historical building that houses sporadic governmental meetings etc. The building was originally completed in 1891 as a meeting place for the commoner estates consisting of clergy, burghers & peasants.

Just like S’pore, Helsinki is a city where greens are vital for its citizens. The Esplanade Park is a popular meeting place & a landmark for the city.
In the centre of the park stands Helsinki's first public monument, the statue of Finland's national poet J.L. Runeberg (1804-1877).

It is said that the sea gave birth to Helsinki & the harbour raised her. The city is one of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the Baltic Sea region.
Helsinki’s South Harbour in the heart of the city is one of Europe’s most beautiful harbours. Check out Historical Suomenlinna Sea Fortress next!


  1. wow..that is something spectacular..=`)

  2. G.ta, u're fast! Thks for visiting!

  3. More more~ I love posts like this :)

  4. overall I think what grab me attention is VIKING LINE :P

    maybe I've wanted to take cruise for my vacation XD

  5. Kelvin, more coming up + lots of Angry Birds pix! Hahaha!

    KF, I think u'll fall in love with the Alaskan Cruise then :)

  6. wow! so special! the sibelius monument looks artistic!

  7. Helsinki is simply awesome! I would never be able to see this if not for your sharing. Thanks!

  8. Shirley, thank you for such a fascinating tour -- I have so much fun traveling "with you!" :) All of the buildings were amazing, but I loved those pipe organ pipes on the rocks -- WOW! What a beautiful setting for beautiful music!

  9. Henry, the tourist attractions are a delight to visit. Wish I could spend more time there....

    Doris, join contests & try your luck too :)

    Kim, I'm glad I didn't bore u with my tour. Stay tuned for more!

  10. Hi Shirley! WOW, this is an amazing trip and I would love to visit Helsinki one day! My aunt and uncle went a few years back and really enjoyed it, beautiful photos!

  11. Wow, Shirley, Helsinki is such a wonderful and historic place! I am so amazed with the Rock Church. It looks majestic. And gosh... The Sibelius Monument is something else! It's so unique, I've never seen anything like it. And from afar, it looks like it's floating! Amazing...

    Great post, love! As I read it, it feels like I'm on a guided tour. Thanks for sharing!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  12. wow! i like it so much!!!! ;-)
    thank you for visit my Miriamstella's blog !
    I hope you come back again to see my new post! and if you like the could follow! ;-)
    Miriamstella (from Italy)

  13. City and building sight-seeing is my favourite part when comes to travelling. I can't wait to see more for your Angry Birds part.

  14. Bessie, they're real lucky to be able to travel to Finland. It's my dream place :)

    Wi, I think everyone will be awed by the grandeur of Rock Church especially the Christians/Catholic. If only I could stay on for some of their events.

    Mariam, thank u for visiting my blog! Looking at the pix, seems like it's a fashion blog. Will definitely chk it out soon :)

    Diana, I've enjoyed your tour as much & looking fwd to more pix too :)

  15. Thanks for taking us on a tour with you. Lots to see in Helsinki.

  16. Biren, can u imagine..... all these in just 2 days! It's so rush, rush... Hahaha!

  17. Evangeline, thks for visiting & I've left my comments in your blog!

  18. What amazing tourist attractions! I loved reading about all of them, especially The Rock Church. It'd be a waste not to perform concerts in there. That veiling is so cool! You're lucky to be able to visit all these wonderful attractions, Shirley!

  19. Lequan, I love Helsinki! Yes, it's amazing to be able to see these attractions :)

  20. Sibelius monument is one of the best in this post..very different and at the same time it looks like some musical instrument..if u can blow into the pipe

  21. Hong, I like that too! Very unique indeed :)


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