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Come With Me On Board Finnair’s Angry Birds Asian Challenge!

finnair angry birds flight
( Day 3 ) After mingling with the Angry Birds at the Finnair’s Lounge in Helsinki, it was finally time for me to board the plane!

finnair angry birds at helsinki airport
Finnair pampered their passengers with live band playing the Angry Birds theme song at the Helsinki Airport boarding gate.

finnair angry birds asian challenge boarding gate
There were more Angry Birds at the counter welcoming passengers in the queue to board the plane.

finnair angry birds asian challenge cabin seats
Credit: Lasse Kaila
Once on board Finnair, Angry Birds stuffed toys on each passenger’s seat soon greeted us.

finnair angry birds asian challenge on board
First Ever Angry Birds Asian Challenge onboard this Finnair Flight.

welcome aboard finnair angry birds asian challenge
This was what I found on my seat, welcoming me!

finnair angry birds asian challenge black bird
Tada! This is MINE! These charismatic plushies were on every seat; it was like a lucky draw. In our team, Bryan & I were both got this Black Bird! I’m happy with mine, although it’d be perfect to have the Red Bird.

finnair angry birds asian challenge team
Happy team members with our very own Angry Bird: John, Katja, Viktor & Lasse

luxury haven onboard angry birds flight

angry birds stuff toys onboard finnair

luxury haven onboard finnair angry birds flight

What was Lasse doing? Unhappy with the plushy he had gotten??

shirley tay luxury haven onboard finnair
Well, he managed to swop for a Yellow Bird in the end :) Cute, right?

luxury haven in angry birds asian challenge
Look what I found!

shirley tay in finnair angry birds asian challenge
My AB trademark!!

luxury haven with red bird onboard finnair
Come, meet Mr Red Bird; sitting just in front of my row! He certainly didn’t look happy to be squeezed in the cattle class with us :<

finnair angry birds meal
Meal time!

angry birds breakfast onboard finnair
Omelette for breakfast. Yum!

angry birds desserts onboard finnair
Dessert time with the #AngryBird!

luxury haven finnair angry birds flight attendant
Just look at this pretty #Finnair Flight Attendant with the AB apron!

finnair angry birds flight attendants
The handsome Steward too, with an AB tie though it wasn’t as striking as the apron. These gorgeous Flight Attendants were really friendly & sporty throughout the entire flight.

shirley tay of luxury haven in angry birds apron
Hey, I’ve got one too! 

Nay, fat hope :< The Finnair Stewardess kindly let me put on her apron for a photo shoot after seeing how I drooled over her apron. If only I could have it………

shirley tay in angry birds asian challenge
After meal, it was time for the real thing. I was thrilled to be part of the first ever #AngryBirdsAsianChallenge, taking place on board the 12-hr flight from #Helsinki to #Singapore at an altitude of over 10,000 metres!

angry birds asian challenge samsung galaxy s
On this extraordinary Angry Birds flight, passengers got to play the AB game on #Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0.

samsung galaxy s on finnair
Top 5 passengers who had signed up for the game on board would then compete against 7 global contestants (that’s ME, one of the seven).

angry birds asian challenge
Here were the event organizers going round the cabins signing up passengers for the challenge.

finnair angry birds asian challenge players
Seen here were Lasse & Viktor practising hard before the challenge.

angry birds asian challenge player
Here’s John engrossed in the game when the challenge finally started, with onlookers watching him play.

luxury haven in angry birds asian challenge
Credit: Bryan Soh
Me, playing the game in real time. I did amazingly well, probably one of the best scorers in the entire flight; counting from the back! Lol! My pathetic score was perhaps just half of what the winner had scored. But who could blame me; after all, I’m not a faithful AB gamer. Although I’m a huge fan of the Angry Birds, I’m not exactly into its game. I just love cooking AB food & I adore their merchandise as I’m a big kid myself.

angry birds asian challenge on finnair
Next in the challenge was Bryan. The atmosphere was tensed & pressure was building up, as he was the last player. All eyes were on him to see if he could beat the top score of the leading passenger. Bryan did really well, but not good enough to beat the top score. The team members were hoping that he could emerge as the winner. 

finnair angry birds asian challenge winner
Credit: Finnair
So who was at the center of attention? Jani Uljas, a normal passenger from Finland, was the overall Champion of the Angry Birds Asian Challenge with the best score!

After the 12-hr exhilarating overnite flight had landed in S’pore, Jani & the team members had to attend a press conference at Changi Airport. Although the commotion had ended on board Finnair, there're more coming to you next at the Press Conference In Singapore Changi Airport! Well, I'll leave you here with Longest ever flight of the Angry Birds video:


  1. What an amazing experience it must been, I can see it in the pics with all the birds around.

  2. Love all the cute birds around too.

  3. Nava, looks like u're gonna join me in the AB Club very soon. Hahaha!

    Wida, I couldn't agree more :) Thks for visiting! Will chk u out soon!

  4. Sounds so fun. Can't wait to see your next post :))

  5. Ann, I'm struggling to post out all the AB articles as soon as I can :) Thks for reading!

    Lady G, will chk u out soon! Thks for leaving your trail here :)

  6. Can't wait to hear the next part! Sounds like such an amazing time =)

  7. It was so much fun, and one of the best parts was meeting you!

  8. Peggy, if only I could rewind the trip :< Only complaint: trip too short

    Katja, good to see u here! It's a pleasure mtg u too, dear! Take care :)

  9. Wow, indeed it would be wonderful to have that AB apron - it would fit you perfectly since you won the trip thru' your cooking. Nevertheless, having the black bird is good too.

    Haha! Nevermind about the game score, i'm just as lousy, perhaps worse because i couldn't even beat my 2 years old nephew. LOL!

  10. You're so lucky to be part of that special Angry Birds themed flight, Shirley! Everything sounds so fun! I'm so jealous! LOL

  11. How fun!! Makes flying more interesting!!

  12. Ha ha ha.. The Angry Bird post!! ^_^.v.. Hm,still,Si Aki envy of all the passanger.. yeah,while playing with em in my laptop,all of you play it in the longest fly of AB.. With PRIZE!! Ho ho ho..

  13. Doris, wish I could cook AB meal with that apron. Lol! Maybe we can challenge each other then. Hahaha!

    Tina, my son is so jealous of me. Those normal pax were lucky to be on that flight too :)

    Taj, oh yes. Wish airlines could do that more often.

    Aki, you should've joined the contest too. U maybe on the flight with me. Lol!

  14. One can even dream of angry bird on that plane lol~

  15. Kelvin, I'm also dreaming as I'm writing. Lol!

  16. Shirley, your enthusiastic enjoyment would have made this a fun trip for all! I'm so glad you got to go cuz now I'm enjoying reading about it! You are an Angry Birds ambassador. :)

  17. Kimby, thks again for your lovely comments! Angry Birds ambassador?? Cool, I like that!!

  18. Charmaine, hahaha! Now I'm an AB addict!

  19. This was truly a fun flight, Shirley! And it's great they set up these fun activities for you to do whilst onboard. The longest I had been on air was 6 hours and I spent most of it sleeping hahaha Wearing the AB apron must've brought in so much memories huh? You looked adorable in it! And it's just lovely that they also have plushies giveaway for their passengers, that's just so thoughtful of them ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  20. Wi, if only all flight are such fun! Looks like u're one of those piggies who can sleep anywhere. Lol! I usually spend my time watching movies on board. Oh yah, the plushy giveaway was lovely!

  21. Looks like it was a fun flight for you all! Wow, I hope my next flight would be filled with such pretty toys! Enjoy and happy blogging!

  22. what an awesome trip you had...It looks so much fun...

  23. Purabi, I want more! I hope my every flight will be filled with stuff toys. Hahaha!

    Neha, indeed we'd lots of fun & laughter!

  24. Oh entire flight just for Angry Birds fans! Looks like fun but I am so outside the loop.

  25. That must've been the most exciting and fun flight you've ever been on. You had me pretty jealous with the AB apron there, you naughty girl. Lol. Those AB are really very adorable. I'm sure they bring out the big kid in a lot of people.

  26. Biren, better catch up with us fast before the fad ends! Hahaha!

    Lequan, certainly the most enjoyable flight in my entire life. Flying has never been such fun. Lol!


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