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Check Out Angry Birds @ Finnair’s Airport Lounge!

finnair angry birds flight
Look what greeted me at Finnair’s check-in counter in Helsinki!

finnair helsinki angry birds flight
Being a frequent traveller, checking-in at airports is nothing unusual for me. But this time, I was totally in for a surprise! The flight to the Angry Birds Asian Challenge started right from the check-in counter. This meant that every fare-paying passenger were also in for a sweet treat, & this was just the appetizer!

After a short stint in the beautiful city of Helsinki, it was time to embark on a 12-hr flight back to Singapore on Finnair’s Angry Birds flight.

After checking in, an invitation to Finnair’s lounge was extended to privileged passengers, like ME!! While I was clearing the customs to go to the lounge, these Angry Birds were also going through the security.

Now, guess who were waiting for us at the lounge? The Angry Birds, of course!
finnair helsinki lounge, angry birds

Tada! Come greet the the main star! Hauska Tavata, Mr Red Bird! That’s “Nice to meet you!” in Finnish, if I remember correctly.
luxury haven with angry birds in finnair lounge

I quickly checked Mr Angry Bird's seat no. OMG, 56D! I got the seat just behind his row!! I was elated, ecstatic to be sitting near Mr Red Bird!!
angry bird boarding pass

It was picture time with the plushies!
luxury haven with angry birds in helsinki

shirley tay of luxury haven with angry birds

With me was the cheery Jukka-Pekka, one of the organizers for this event. JP was my first contact. I’d received an int’l call from him, informing me of my fluky win for this trip :) It was awesome!
angry birds in finnair lounge

Let’s go & check out the Angry Birds themed food in the lounge!
finnair angry birds menu

Gosh, these ferocious-looking birds were everywhere! Some wines for a start?
finnair lounge wines, angry birds

How about some greens at the Angry Bird Salad Bar?
finnair angry birds buffet

Aren’t these serviettes cute?
finnair angry birds paper napkins

Even the staff at the lounge was wearing an Angry Bird apron!
finnair lounge angry birds apron

Gonna grab myself a burger!
luxury haven in finnair helsinki lounge

There were also Fried Angry Bird Eggs!
fried angry birds eggs in finnair lounge

Let’s round up our dinner with some Angry Bird Vanilla Mousse!
finnair angry birds dessert buffet

Time to relax after a good meal. With me were few of the Angry Birds Asian Challenge team members: (L-R) Bryan, John, Lasse. What do you think of our glow-in-the-dark tees?
finnair angry birds asian challenge team

Bryan & John were my travel partners in Helsinki. These 2 handsome young chaps took really good care of me during the trip even though I was way above their age. Lol!
luxury haven in angry birds asian challenge

Here’s another lovely event organizer. If only I could get hold of her cardigan………
shirley tay in finnair angry birds asian challenge

And her hair accessories! These are actually plush clips where you can hook on to your bags etc. How creative!
angry birds hair accesories

Well, time to board the plane! Here’s a video of Finnair A340 getting ready for the Angry Birds flight to Singapore for your viewing pleasure before you Come With Me On Board Finnair’s Angry Birds Asian Challenge!


  1. so cool!!! Cute angry birds everywhere!

  2. It sounds like really fun and exciting event you have attended.

  3. Cutebun, hahaha! Such fun! Thks for visiting! Will chk out your blog soon :)

    Veron, an unforgettable one!

  4. ha ha ha.. the angry birds were everywhere.. LoL.. ^_^.v.. If only the flight seat were angry birds too.. ha ha ha..

  5. Aki, flight seats were not AB seats but these birds were on every seats!! Stay tuned!

  6. Oh my, those birds WERE everywhere! Lol. Good thing they're so adorable. I want to take all of them home. Teehee. Love those glow-in-the-dark tees. You're a very lucky gal to have won such an exciting trip. Great to see that you had such a great time.

  7. What a fun post! I love to see angry birds everywhere... hahaa.. so cute!

  8. Lequan, I'm sure u'd go wild too if u were there with me. Lol! Yes, I'm too lucky!!

    Ann, thks! Wish u were there too!

  9. What an amazing experience with every concept of angry birds all the way.

  10. Such a fun :) Love angry birds anyway and your blog as well. So wonderful!

    White Honeyr

  11. Really adorable! Oh, why didn't Finnair give you a couples of those birds as sovenir. How "stingy". LOL! Just kidding, Infact, they are really generous, to think they not only give one but 4 asians the chance to go on this fully paid for trip. Thanks to Finnair and thanks to you for sharing it with us here. ;D

  12. angry birds madness!! this is awesome!! gawd i really want to have the giant red bird! haha ^^

  13. Ahhh Shirley, the post I had been waiting for!! lol Oh gosh, the Angry Birds lounge is just adorable! So many Angry Birds plushies everywhere, ahh I'm squealing with delight at the sight of those cute little birds :D

    The food looks really appetizing too, and I love the names they came up for each dish. And your glow in the dark shirts.... I am glowing in the dark green with envy now haha And woots, I agree, you had great company all throughout your Helsinki trip, they both look cute, esp. John haha ;D (I hope he's not a follower of your blog LOL)

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Shirley. I loved this post!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. Wow...This is so cute...You had real fun dear..

  15. Hehehehe....this is TOO cute Shirley! OK so I thought Angry birds was just an iphone game but I had NO idea that they had a whole flight experience! LOVE the lifesize red bird and the food looked absolutely delicious!

  16. Nava, & there're more coming up! Can u believe that??

    VV, thks for dropping by & leaving your lovely comments! Will pop by yours soon :)

    Doris, we got one each. Hahaha! BTW, Finnair sent 7 lucky winners to Finland :) I'm glad u've enjoyed the post.

    Kristen, indeed!

    Aemy, I want that too! Heeheehee! Thks so much for dropping by!

    Wi, sorry for the delay. Isn't the lounge fun? I can imagine u going wild with me. Lol! John will be glad to hear that :)

    Neha, thks! More fun coming up :)

    Bessie, it's just for the Asian Challenge that they're doing up the plane. Not sure when they're gonna take it off :<

  17. wow everything looks awesome, except the part where people just clip their hair with angry birds clips. lol! that seems a lil too much. hahas

  18. Fish, depending on how u look at it, I'm totally in for it! These people just wanna have fun & the passengers enjoyed the event :)

  19. Angry Birds welcomed you and even accompanied you having meals. I love how they named the pancake the ''angry birds egg ''. haha

  20. Ihamo, thks & hope to see u again & again!

    Evelyn, welcome to my haven too :) Thks for visiting & I'll pop by soon!

  21. Woah love her hair pins!!! So cute!!
    Not for sale there?

  22. This sounds like such an awesome time Shirley! Can't wait to hear about the next part =)

  23. Charmaine, no AB stuff selling there :< So sad!

    Peggy, more AB in my next post to excite u gals. Hahaha!

  24. Taj, thks for visiting & hope to see u more often!

  25. shirley....find one day hope u come msia...or i go singapore to find u

  26. Jess, sounds great! Nice mtg u :)

  27. That's cool. Lucky you didn't crash to a pig...
    :D hehehe...

  28. It's a very interesting concept, and it seems that you're a big fan of Angry birds judging by your bento posts.

  29. Azam, hahaha! I wouldn't mind. Lol!

    Lady G, I'm a fan of AB, Disney & Hello Kitty! Hahaha!


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