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Celebrating Our 21st Anniversary At Salt Grill, ION!

Ascending 218m into the clouds, you haven’t seen S’pore till you’ve whizzed yourself right to the rooftop of ION Orchard. Sitting on Level 55, set against the backdrop of the astounding 360° city skyline, is Salt Grill & Sky Bar.
This wedding anniversary, hubby & I chose to dine at Salt Grill, by Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan. It’s truly gourmet dining with stunning views!

Upon ushered to our seats, by the full-fledged windows with mind-blowing skyline of S’pore, a plate of warm curry bread with raisins served with Extra-virgin Olive Oil & a mixture of Spices, soon greeted us.

At this chic restaurant, you’ll find your your tableware all stamped with the signature “Luke".

To start off, my hubby opted for Salt’s signature ‘Glass’ Sydney Crab Omelette (S$29). The egg dish was filled with fresh succulent crabmeat & topped with Enoki Mushroom Salad, bathed in Miso Mustard broth. It was a delight to begin with.

Jon & I stuck to our favourite & had the Foie Gras Parfait (S$27 each). A unique way of serving the delicacy, together with toasted Brioche, Walnut & Mesclun Salad.

It was so delicious that my son emptied his parfait as though it was Chawanmushi (Japanese Egg Custard) in no time.

As for me, I prefer mine on Brioche, enjoying bit by bit.

For the main, I'd tucked myself in with their suggested Roasted Gnocchi with Pork & Fennel Sausage (S$36). It was an unusual choice for me but I wanted something light. The potato dish was flavoured with Parmesan & Pangritata & it was tasty. However, I'd prefer to have bite-size sausages instead of minced.

The two men are fish lovers, so they opted for the Barramundi Fillet (S$38 each). The fish was nicely grilled & served with Green Beans & Wasabi Mayonnaise. The Wasabi gave the fillet a hinge of zest, but thankfully, it wasn’t too spicy for Jon.

All of us had enjoyed Luke’s Liquorice Parfait with Lime (S$16 each), which was worth the try. A distinctive dessert with a different touch.

The meal all ended too fast. We’d a good time sipping Mint Tea & trying out their Petit Fours (S$10). Jon was the first to indulge in the goodies. The cheeky boy managed to get his dad to pop the chewy candy into his mouth. And Ken was in for a rude shock! The candy was amazingly sour & Ken was paralyzed by the taste. Lol! Watch out for this candy (1st from the left) if you do visit Salt Grill!

After a satisfying lunch, we continued to elevate our senses at the highly acclaimed Sky Bar.

En-route, guests can play with the State-of-Art telescope, featuring live & augmented reality viewing.

Jonathan, having a good time with the new toy.

View from the bar.

Along the way up, guests can also find directions of S'pore engraved onto the glass windows.

After relaxing at the bar, we soon descended to Level 4 by the private elevator, to visit the Art Gallery.

Jonathan in dreamland.

The prices of these exquisite art pieces are guaranteed to make your jaw drop & they aren’t the most expensive items there:
Singapore Harbour, S$18,ooo

Two Horses, S$4,800

Rojak Seller, S$150,000

At Salt Grill, there’s so much to see & do. I’m pleased to recommend Salt for your next dining experience, a gem in the heart of Orchard Road that’s definitely worth the visit. Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

With this, I wish all married couples a blissful marriage with many loving years to come!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar
2 Orchard Turn
Level 55/56, Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: (65) 6592 5118


  1. Happy Anniversary to you Shirley and many more to come. Such a great way to cherish the years spend together in this luxury setting with amazing gourmet food, served in such a classy way.

  2. Oh my god the last picture, resemblance you and your husband face with Jonathan face, so look alike XD

    Happy 21st anniversary and wish you sweet and awesome moment always hehe

  3. And 1 more think! The Macaroons color looks so interesting, in brownish orange color hehe :D

  4. Nava, thks so much! We make it a point to celebrate every year & not to take it for granted. Lol!

    KF, really? That's nice! Hahaha! Thks for your warm wishes! Looks like u're in love with the macaroons :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to you Shirley and your hubby. Those are sweet and lovely dishes that I wish my hubby will bring me there on our anniversary too :)

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The dishes certainly looks great and glad that your family had a good time.

  7. Ann, it's easy! Show him this & drop hints lah. Hahaha!

    Doris, we were like tourists! Lol! So fun :)

  8. Shirley, what a memorable way to celebrate your anniversary! I'm so glad you enjoyed the amazing food, the incredible view, and most of all your loving family! :) Simply wonderful post!

  9. Happy 21st Anniversary! What a lovely lunch and fantastic views! I will have to check out this place when I visit Singapore :)

  10. Happy 21st anniversary to you and your hubby, Shirley. You two are an inspiration for me, sigh... I wish I was married with a kid but lol... I chose to stay single, so I'm not complaining :) It'll come in it's proper time. Anyway, I love the restaurant you chose to celebrate this memorable occasion. It's perfect, and the food looks absolutely divine. And I love the last photo of your family, you all looked so full of joy and what a gorgeous family you are!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  11. Kimby, may I take this chance to wish u well with lots of love!

    Biren, pls do chk it out :) I'm sure u'll fall in love with the stunning views!

    Wi, chose to stay single? U're still young, sweetie. I hope that u'll find your soulful partner soon :)

  12. Oh WOw! Very fine dining experience you had there! I wish I can be there dining in with my love one one day too. Happy Anniversary! =)

  13. Shirley, Happy Anniversary! I got to check this restaurant out next time we are in Singapore. Maybe we can celebrate our 15th anniversary there too:D I LOVE the last picture of you and the two men you love most. Jonathan have the best features of mum and dad. He is a handsome dude!

  14. Veronica, that's wonderful! I certainly the two of u will enjoy the place as much as I do :)

  15. Kian Fai always finish the macaroons first.. ha ha ha.. deng.. err,despite the view were so adoreable,the price of the food were quite good huh... of coz in S$.. If Malaysian go there,sure fainted to see the price.. I mean,me.. :-p

  16. Aki, alamak! Don't look at the price lah! It's only once a year. Lol!

  17. Happy anniversary, Shirley! You have a beautiful family! I wish you more years of wonderful & blessed marriage!
    Your photos tell me you had a wonderful celebration, and I am so happy for you! :)

  18. Tina, thks so much for your kind words! I hope to celebrate every coming years so I can have the excuse to fine dine. Heehee!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!
    You really look young! The photo of you and your son, is more like a couple! LOL

  20. Charmaine, u're sooooooo sweet! Thks, dear!

  21. Happy 22th Anniversary in advance!!!

  22. Kelvin, thks man! That's nice :)

  23. An amazing meal in an amazing setting. Must have been a wonderful occasion. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  24. Frank, thks for greetings! It's good to hear from u :) Have a good week ahead!

  25. Very elegant. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  26. Lady G, thks so much for dropping by! Hope to see u more often :)

  27. Happy belated anniversary Shirley! You and your family sure must had a great time!

  28. Ian, thks so much & it's really good to hear from u!

  29. Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby, Shirley! What a fantastic meal you all enjoyed. I'd definitely be the first to pop that sour candy into my mouth as I love sour candies. Thank you for sharing such a great anniversary with us. I love that photo of you and your son and the one of your family.

  30. Happy Anniversary! Make this day a very special day! Happy Birthday Shirley, May you have more birthda

  31. Lequan, I knew u'd do that, u naughty gal! I'd love to see the look on your face. Thks, sweetie!

    Marilyn, thks again! It was fun chatting with u on FB :) I wish you the same too!

  32. Such a beautiful family...Happy Bleated Anniversary to you both, may you share happiness together always!
    Hugs from your friend Alisha

  33. Alisha, so glad to receive your wishes! Thks so much, dear!


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