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Boots Finally Arrives In Singapore!

Celebrating 160 years, the Boots brand has gone from strength to strength, both in the UK & internationally, & it has recently arrived in Singapore. Boots has an excellent reputation for differentiated health & beauty products, & excellent customer care.

There is a fantastic promotion currently going on at Boots! Those with a budget concern, Boots is a place to shop at affordable prices. You’ll get 30% off many of the products!

Below are just 2 of the several best buys from Boots:

Boots Dermocare Anti-aging Eye Serum (15ml)
An easily absorbed eye serum. It’s Hypo-allergenic & Fragrance-free:
  • Improves kin elasticity & firmness around the eyes.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Leaves skin around the eyes looking fresher and more radiant.
Now S$ 29.03!! Usual S$41.48

Boots Dermocare anti-aging Collagen Gel Plus (50ml)
An easily absorbed crystal clear collagen gel. 8 out of 10 trial lists were satisfied that with continuous use helped reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkle. It’s also Hypo-allergenic & Fragrance-free.
Ingredients includes a source of Calcium , Creatine, Sweet Almond oil & Soybean Seed extract:
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Improves skin moisture, leaving skin more revitalized.
  • Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen to help improve skin elasticity & firmness.
  • Leaves skin feeling softer, firmer, smoother & looking younger.
Now S$31.94!! Usual S$45.62

Shop at Boots & it comes with Free Delivery for orders over Baht4,000 (approx S$170), irrespective of the weight of your order!

What I like most about Boots is their Returns Policy. If you change your mind after you’ve placed your order or have incorrect item ordered by mistake, Boots is more than happy to refund or replace as long as you return your item within 7 days of receiving your delivery. Check their Returns Policy Boots Asia.

Check out Boots now for your convenient one-stop shopping for the entire family!


  1. ho ho ho.. never heard of Boots.. maybe,it's because I'm a man.. LoL.. but,hey Singapore.. when will si Aki see U?? Ha ha ha..

  2. Aki, they sell stuff for men too! Do chk them out. Have u been to S'pore? I'm sure u'll like it here :)

  3. Hi Shirley... Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me, I am also a HUGE fan of Wii's blog! So of course, I am going to be a fan of yours as well! I can't wait for you to get a new pair of boots, I've never been to Singapore, my family is from Taiwan! But I'd love to visit someday! Thank you for dropping by and I am looking forward to your next post :)

  4. Never been there.. Even Johor also.. LoL.. next time then.. ^_^.v.. Hm,ok2.. I'm gonna cek it out.. :-p

  5. B.Runway, hope u'll get the chance to visit S'pore soon. I've been to Taipei on many occasions & love the night mkt there :) Thks for visiting & I look fwd to your new post too!

    Aki, JB too? Lol! So next time kill two birds with one stone :)

  6. This is awesome, Shirley! The prices of these skincare products are value for money. Gonna check them out!

  7. Babel, I'm glad u like the products. Guess it's worth trying, considering their price. Happy shopping!

  8. Have not heard about Boots before but the serum looks like worth giving a try, after all I do venture into new products to try out.

  9. When I saw your title, I thought it's kinda pair of shoes. But when I read your content, this reminds me Boots is actually similar to Guardian and Watson. Hahahah.

    I just talked about this Boots today with my housemate this morning - regarding during our further study in United Kingdom and visited this Boots to purchase those beauty and health items like lip balm, hand lotion and more :D

  10. Nava, Boots is a reputable brand so u can be sure their products are safe :)

    Diane, I'm sure that's the first thing that comes into one's mind when they see the title. Lol! The products at Boots are so affordable & they won't burn a hole in your pocket. Hahaha!

  11. Sounds like some great products. You do a great job getting the word out.

  12. Kristen, thks so much for the feedback! Have a great week, dear!

  13. I like Boots products and use some from their natural line.

  14. Looks like a nice prduct...I wish I was in singapore...ha ha

  15. LOL, Shirley! I thought you were going to write about cowboy boots! (Must be the Oklahoman in me...) This sounds like an excellent product, with all that they offer. Nice write up (even without the "boots.") :)

  16. Biren, looks like u're the only one here who has ordered from Boots :) Glad to know that!

    Neha, maybe u can look it up & see if they deliver to your country :)

    Kim, hahaha! Nice one, sweetie!

  17. I wish they will come to KL! I love this chain. Never miss going there when I am in Bangkok!

  18. Veron, I shop at Boots BKK too. Lol! They're almost everywhere :)

  19. I wonder when they will have it in Malaysia! Can't wait!

  20. Charmaine, thks for dropping by & have a great week!

  21. thnks you very muchfor your wishes Shirley...appreciate that you did look the post!

  22. Anu, I must be caught up with my stuff & missed your birthday. Will make it up to u, dear :)

  23. Boots products are available in Target stores here. Haven't tried their anti-aging products but I love their body wash, lip gloss, lip stick and body butter! :)

  24. Hi Shirley,

    Unfortunately we don't have boots where I live, but during my visit to the UK I did get a chance to visit one. I'd totally check out those products if we had a Boots here. Thanks for bringing this to our attentions. Those prices are awesome!

  25. Tina, there're just too many products & shoppers are spoilt for choice :)

    Lequan, u may wanna chk out their online site instead & u maybe in for some surprise :)


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