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Awards & Architectural Wonders Of Helsink!

“Don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, Helsinki is a walking city”. That was the perky advice I got from Petteri, Sales Director of Finnair, when they flew me to Helsinki. Discovering the city was a breeze with the 24-hr Helsinki Card which cost €35, courtesy of Finnair.

Armed with my pair of Timberland Waterproof Walking Classics, the card let me explore major tourist attractions with unlimited free travel on public transport etc.

With it, I hopped onto the Helsinki Bus. The Audio City Tour lets visitors see the main attractions with 2 stops at the Sibelius Monument & the Rock Church, offering 12 different languages.

The weather wasn’t very good when I was in Helsinki. The climate changed drastically; one minute it was sunny, next it was rainy. Nevertheless, most of the pix turned out well except for some, which were gloomy.

Scene 1: Senate Square & Helsinki Cathedral

The Helsinki Cathedral is arguably Finland's most iconic & photographed building. The Cathedral by the Senate Square is the landmark of Helsinki & its surroundings form a unique & cohesive example of Neoclassical architecture.
Standing on the roof are statues of the 12 Apostles made of zinc, & they’re the biggest unique set of zinc sculptures in the world.

Scene 2: Uspenski Cathedral

The Uspenski Cathedral is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe.
It's amazingly striking with its deep-red brick walls with green/gold onion domes, representing Christ & the twelve Apostles. With its golden cupolas & redbrick farcade, the church is one of the clearest symbols of the Russian impact on Finnish history.

Scene 3: Market Square

The colourful & busy Market Square by the South Harbour has been a meeting place for local food lovers & is a popular tourist attraction to experience the unique Helsinki marketplaces.
You can taste a variety of traditional delicacies or try out exotic products from Lapland. But mind you, things are extremely dear over here. I saw a beautiful fur scarf at one of the stalls & I was shocked at the price tag of almost €100!! It’s crazy to think that stuff can be so expensive at our version of “pasar malam”, a term for night market in Asia. Continued at Enchanting Helsinki

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the 1st part of my tour around Helsinki. It’s now time to introduce you to 2 terrific bloggers, residing far, far away from S’pore; they’re Biren of Roti & Rice, & Rebecka of At Home With Rebecka.

I feel so blissful to receive these awesome awards from them. I've gotten the Versatile Blogger before but Cherry On Top for beautiful blogs with that little bit extra, is my first. Thank you ladies, for having me in mind! Now, the rule of accepting these Awards is to share 7 facts about myself & pass it on to 15 other bloggers. So here are my 7 facts:
  1. I’m a big kid! My knees go weak with Hello Kitty.
  2. I love horror movies, enjoy ghost stories. But behind the scene, I cover myself in blanket & refuse to go toilet after that.
  3. I may appear pampered & spoilt but I’m one of the few Singaporeans who had refused a live-in maid & confinement lady when I’d my kid. And I whipped up a feast for my son’s full-month party, w/o any help :)
  4. I’m a lousy baker.
  5. I’ve little tolerance for people who’re rude & unkind.
  6. I’m born in the year of the snake. So I get the excuse for being the sluggish me. Naturally, my fave pastime is, lazing around lah. Lol!
  7. I’m a S’porean & proud to be one. I speak both English & Singlish. Heeheehee!
The 15 bloggers I’ve chosen:
A Little Lunch
HCVVorld of Travels & Photography
Anu’s Healthy Kitchen
In Piscean's Heart
Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner
Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker
From My Heart
Si Aki Borneo
Enriching Your Kid
Quay Po Cooks
Travel & Living
The Culinary Lens
Helen’s Cooking

I thank you for accepting my appreciation for you! Blogger friends, please be a spot & keep the ball rolling so that other blogs will also get the exposure. Thank you again, for reading my posts & leaving me your wonderful comments!


  1. The Church design was AWESOME!!.. I mean,it's a rare building.. There aren't so many building with dat design except for Orthodox church.. #buildingmaniac

    btw,Thanks for the Award you pass on to us.. Ho ho ho.. Will blog about it later.. ^_^.v..

  2. Thanks for sharing with me dear!!! <3 You've been updating your blog quite frequently so I don't think you're that lazy lah!

  3. Aki, I was mesmerized by these beauties! Thks for accepting, bro!

    Charmaine, my posts are long overdue; all queuing up patiently. Lol!

  4. wish one day I can be that place u had been too XD

  5. KF, don't fret.... I'm sure someday u will :)

  6. Helsinki Looks beautiful. Would love to travel there. Thanks for sharing your picture. :)

  7. Rochelle, thks so much for dropping by!

  8. fresh post..
    mature one!
    follow each other?

  9. Wow, I feel so honoured Gorgeous :). Thanks for being a committed reader for my Travel site. And talking about Helsinki Cathedral, I was doing a list of photos I must personally take, and this was one of it. You beat me to it :)

  10. Hie Shirley..i'm looking forward to your next Finland post and thanx for the acknowledgement :D I'm flying to Japan this Sunday..

  11. Congrats on the awards Shirley, Helsinki is such a beautiful place and I can't stop admiring the buildings and structures.

  12. That was an awesome tour of Helsinki. What a beautiful city. Thanks for the award!!

  13. If I got the chance to go back Europe, definitely I love to visit the Northern Europe - Finland, Sweden and Norway and when I saw your pic, I was so definitely in love with that place.

    Thanks for tag me and giving that away. So happy ^^...

    By the way, I don't believe you are lazy baker.

  14. The buildings are beautiful :)
    Singlish is a beautiful language too :D

  15. Thank you so much Shirl. I know snakes to be very intelligent as well!

  16. Beautiful design! thanks for sharing and love the online experience!

  17. Shirley, what a wonderful tour! It was neat how you got to mix the "new" (Angry Birds) with the "old" (historical buildings, etc.) -- twice as nice!

    Congratulations on your awards, too -- I'm so happy for you! When I got to the end of your post, I smiled at your thoughtful surprise... Thank You! :)

  18. Thristhan, thks for your help in my pc survey the other time! I remember :)

    Hong, away for 6 mths? Will buzz u if I'm there :) Looking fwd to your post b4 u set off!

    Nava, I was admiring your shots & now it's my turn to bring u around :)

    Kristen, thks for support & keep your comments coming!

    Diane, pleasure mtg u! Happy blogging :)

    Kelvin, I'm glad both of us like Singlish. Lol!

    Shirley, thks & u don't be lazy too! Time to blog. Hahaha!

    Claudia, thks so much for visiting!

    Kim, there u go! U do know u're one of my fave bloggers, right?? I thank u too, for all your beautiful comments!

  19. Sure no problem..will be in Yokohama for exchange program..yep..will try my best to update one post before i fly to Jap (on the Night Safari)

  20. Shirley,

    First of all, congrats on your awards. They're definitely well deserved.

    Secondly, thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of Helsinki and your trip with us. Visiting your blog is like taking trips around the world from month to month. Haha.

    Last but of course not least, thank you for sharing your awards with me. You're always such a sweetie. I really enjoyed reading those facts about you. The one about the horrow movie made me lol b/c i'm exactly the same. Next time we can go watch a horror movie together and make the other one go to the washroom with them if need so. Haha. Keep up the great posting, my dear!

  21. Beautiful Helsinki! For a moment, i thought the pictures were extracted from some game site and it couldn't have exists.

  22. Lovely write up...Helsinki looks like a beautiful place...And thnx a lot for sharing these awards...I am humbled...

  23. Beautiful architecturals!
    They have reminded me on my previous trip to Perth where they have breathtaking ancient buildings too.

    Wish to visit Helsinki someday.

  24. Anu, always a pleasure!

    Hong, u're making me envy! Lol!

    Lequan, always a joy to read your comments :) OMG, we've just too much in common. Hahaha! Ok, ok, deal's on! Horror movie the next time u visit S'pore :)

    Doris, hope u'll get the chance to visit :)

    Neha, thks & I'm most happy to share with u the awards!

    Curryegg, thks for the visit & will pop by your blog soon!

  25. Looks like you had an awesome trip! Looking forward to more pictures on Helsinki. Congrats on your awards and thanks for passing it on. Have a great weekend!

  26. I'm born in the year of the snake too!! high 5!!! :P
    congrats on the awards and looks like you had a great time in Helsinki!

  27. Biren, thks again for the kind gesture!

    Sylvia, Welcome to the Snake Club! Hahaha!

  28. Thanks for the virtual tour to Helsinki. I am so happy to see you enjoyed yourself. A big thank you for the awards and appreciate that you think of me. I feel honored!

  29. Veron, it's certainly a pleasure of mine :)

  30. Love all the pix Shirley! It's like I've been to Helsinki too!
    Congratulations on your well deserved awards...and thank you so much for sharing them with me! I truly feel so honored!!!

  31. Tina, back from your camp? Thks for dropping by & leaving your trail here as soon as u return! Looking fwd to your post :)

  32. Got back yesterday afternoon. Did all the unpacking and laundry this morning. I'm now doing a little blog hopping before I go to bed. :)
    Thanks again for the awards, my dear!


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