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Would You Pay $50 For A Pizza?

Very rarely, would I do a review on a restaurant twice. But I just had the best Pizza, & the most expensive to date! The taste is still lingering in my mouth as I’m writing this post. So where can you find this gourmet Pizza? Can you guess the ingredients just by looking at this pix?

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Following my 1st visit to "Sky" At Il Cielo, Hilton Singapore, I knew I just had to return to try their Pizzas, which have all my fave ingredients to satisfy my discerning taste buds.

The Pizza Bosco Porcini @ S$42 excl taxes was my top pick, with bits of cured Italian Sausage & TRUFFLES! Not only were there Black Truffle shavings, the server explained that the Chef also used Truffle Oil in the Pizza & lined the base with Truffle cream sauce. So there're actually lots of Truffles in there.

I love the earthy mushroomy smell & taste with each bite, especially their crispy waffle-thin crust. Simply the best Pizza I’ve ever tasted to date!

For those who’re not familiar with this priceless delicacy, Trufficulteurs use specially-trained dogs to find these buried treasures each year. Truffles are among the most expensive natural foods in the world, selling for hundreds or thousands of US$/pound!

Besides the Bosco, I also had the Capesante @ S$22, which is a trio of Scallops. I had the same thing during my last visit & I remembered it was good.

I couldn’t get enough of the Pizza, so I ordered a take-out: il Cielo Pizza @ S$48++. This one has a mouthful of Lobster & generous toppings of Caviar on each slice of Pizza. My two guys at home prefer this but Truffles Pizza is no doubt my No. 1!

So what is your favourite Pizza toppings? Where is the best Pizza you’ve tried? Would you pay S$50 for one?


  1. yums! yes i will!!! but it would be better still if is free!!! HAHA lol~

  2. im not a pizza fan.. but so far, i like domino's pizza.. and nope, i wouldn't pay that much for a pizza.. :)

  3. Dblchin, u're some gourmet lover too, aren't u?? I wouldn't mind if it's free too :) I'll chk out your blog soon.

    Ken, Domino's not very popular in S'pore. Wonder why. Pizza Hut seems to draw more crowd. Having tasted authentic pizzas in Italian restaurants, the normal eateries can't satisfy my taste buds. LOL!

  4. If its worth the taste, why not Shirley because I think we deserve to treat ourselves to food we enjoy. I will go for it although pizza is a once a while indulgence for me.

  5. Food that is prepared with the best ingredient & created with passion is worth every penny.

    Will definitely pay for it :)

  6. Food that is prepared with the finest ingredients & created with passion, is worth every dollar.

    I'll definitely try the truffle pizza though not a fan of it.

  7. would ask my parent share with me to buy this lovely pizza~!

  8. I love pizza but $50 consider pricey for me unless somewhere willing to spend me. Hehehe..

  9. I make pizza from scratch only could never even fathom anyone spending that kind of money, especially more than what I rather be eating crab legs! I would have alaskan king crab for that price wow!

  10. Mmmm!! Very luxurious life you have Shirley!

  11. Nava, I only eat good Pizzas. Hahaha! This is really the best so far :)

    Juliet, glad we both felt the same way. U could try others if u're not a Truffle fan but it's their signature.

    KF, that's a brilliant idea!

    Diana, good to go on a date then u don't have to pay :)

    Henry, hahaha! Taste is WOW too!

  12. Claudia, u're a crab fan too! Now we've another thing in common. Love to have Alaskan Crab all to myself. Yum!

    Charmaine, blame it on the life of a stewardess. Hahaha! Just kidding!

  13. $50 for a pizza?? I can eat it at a buffet restaurant with another person. Unless it is really delicious. Will pay a visit to Shirley's Luxury Haven soon.

  14. David, I couldn't agree more. Many would rather go for buffet with this price. For me, it's quality over quantity. Heehee! Will pop by your blog soon. Thks for visiting!

  15. It's very delicious! Amazing!

  16. My new favorite pizza topping just became truffles. Or lobster. Or both! (No wonder you went back, Shirley!) Definitely worth the price -- especially when you consider it costs $20 (or more) to eat "fast food."

  17. I love pizza, its one of my fave indulgence but wow, those pizzas are very dear, but they are of top quality ingredients and from the pictures, they look absolutely delicious! My mouth was watering as you described the Pizza Bosco Porcini.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Shirley!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  18. $50, wow...I do love pizza, but I think I would make my own first. Must have been some pizza though :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week...

  19. Hey Shirley....Sorry for being so late...It was a long weekend here in US so we went to Vegas...Will be viewing your posts tomorrow as I am very tired after the long drive...

  20. I would pay even more for a pizza if its that good :)

  21. Jasmine, thks for visiting! Glad u like the Pizzas.

    Kimby, u've got good taste! Hahaha! Fast food ain't cheap these days too.

    Wi, it was another chance of luxury indulgence for me. LOL!

    Alisha, Truffles/Lobster/Caviar.... guess they deserve the hefty price tag :)

    Neha, u went to Vegas?? U're making me jealous! LOL! Have a good rest, my dear!

    Ian, hope u've a chance to visit & try it for yourself :)

  22. Hello Dear,

    I have linked you in the 7 links game...chk out this post of mine....

  23. Shirley, I WOULD!! You not only pay for the pizza here, you pay for the good service and the ambience. I love Il Cielo!! I would go back again the next time I am in Singapore. I hope this comment appear on your post! I had a lot of problem trying to leave comments on your 7 links. I will do it again. XOXO

  24. Veron, I hope I get to visit the one in KL too! So sorry about the glitch. I think Blogger did some upgrading recently & I've problem posting using IE8. I'm now using Google Chrome. Thks so much for your patience!

  25. Anu, thks so much for the tag but I've just been tagged in the game & the post is already out. So sorry :<

  26. Wow Shirley! You are seriously making my mouth water just by your descriptions of the pizzas. I LOVE pizza (hubby doesn't like it all that much though). The truffle pizza sounds amazing with the truffles, truffle oil, and truffle cream. I think I WOULD actually pay $50 to try that pizza. Then I'd probably be down $100's cause I'd probably wouldn't be able to get enough. Haha. I'd have to sell my car just to eat pizza. Lol.
    My toppings would probably include truffles and lobster.

  27. Lequan, love it when I see u sharing the same taste as me. Easier to go for a meal if we should get to meet :)


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