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A Visit To Rovio, Angry Birds HQ In Helsinki

jaakko iisalo rovio angry birds senior game designer
After a 12-hr overnite flight from S’pore to Helsinki, I was finally able to meet the ‘Father of the Angry Birds’ in person!

rovio angry birds senior game designer jaakko iisalo
Yes, Jaakko Iisalo is Rovio’s Senior Game Designer & is also the creator of the popular Angry Birds; a puzzle game for touchscreen smartphones that has became a worldwide phenomenon. Even his name card is so cool!

I know all of you are anxious & are shouting for pix, pix, pix! Now, I’m gonna bring you around Rovio office, the Headquarter of the Angry Birds:

angry birds headquarter helsinki luxury haven

angry birds headquarter helsinki finland
This was the first sight that greeted me when I stepped out from the elevator. My heart was racing & just couldn’t wait for more surprises.

angry birds headquarter office helsinki finland

angry birds stuff toys headquarter helsinki finland
Walk along the hallway & there were all these fluffy #AngryBirds staring at you. Wouldn't you like to work in such a fun-loving environment?

angry birds headquarter conference room helsinki finland
Just look at this cosy room with all the plush cushions. Can you guess what this room is for?

In no time, the presentation commenced where the team was introduced to the history & making of the Angry Birds etc, right in this luxurious room. I've complied some of the slides for your viewing pleasure:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

After the presentation, we were entertained by Angry Birds range of merchandise. Awed silence was suddenly busted by the sound of clicking, as cameras from the audience rushed to capture the perfect moment.
rovio angry birds merchandise t-shirt

rovio angry birds merchandise

rovio angry birds merchandises

rovio angry birds kids merchandise

rovio angry birds children merchandise
These are all mine!! Hahaha! Just kidding. I wish they belong to me......

rovio angry birds merchandise lunch box
This lunch box is what I'd like to have :) Isn't it sweet?

rovio angry birds merchandise cookbook
#Rovio has done it again! Other than a record-breaking 300 million game downloads, a line of merchandises that’s doing extremely well, they’ve also launched an #AngryBirdsCookbook! For those who’re into cooking, check it out!
rovio angry birds merchandise cookbook contents
Rovio’s 96-page Cookbook @ US$19.99 - “Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes”. The book has yet to hit the stores but Rovio is already accepting pre-order with an estimated shipping on 13th Oct.
angry birds bad piggies egg recipes
The Egg-themed #Cookbook is just one of their few series. What a wonderful way to get your kids start cooking, the Angry Birds way!

angry birds limited edition glow in the dark tee
So can anyone just pop up at the HQ for a visit? Nope! Only invited guests are allowed into this fun office. Love the VIP piggy pass that I've got!

Here’s leaving you with some of Angry Birds’ Fan Art & My Cooking while I join the team for a nice lunch @ I’d Reindeer Meat @ Salutorget Scandinavian Bistro, Helsinki:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


  1. So so nice.... I want the gummies.....and the pigs........

  2. Arghhhhhh, i am so envy~ I lol-ed when i saw the 2 ppl wearing angry birds on their heads XD

  3. Jen, early bird catches the worm! U're so early today & the 1st to comment. LOL! I want everything!! Hahaha!

    Kelvin, hahaha! Should've joined the contest & flew with us :)

  4. This is so cool, Shirley! I am jealous. lol. hahaha.....

  5. Kristy, my turn to make u jealous. Hahaha! It's about time :)

  6. LoL.. the costume make me remember their talks about peace video.. make me wanna laugh.. deng..

  7. Aki, the costumes are sooooooo cute! But it's really hot. Guess it's made for their weather :)

  8. wahlau cookbook summore should make a cookbook and propose it to Rovio if they wanna market for you or not..sure you're gonna make big bucks :D

  9. Hong, u may wanna order & try your hands on one of their recipes :) Wah, I'm not so ambitious lah. U're so biz-minded. LOL!

  10. This office looks more like a playground than office i love the gummies too. Wish i could lay my hands on the cute goodies.

  11. Doris, how true! I'd probably dream more than I work there. LOL! The gummies are really tasty. Even we adults fell in love with them :)

  12. Woots, what we've all been waiting for to see, the pics!!! Awww Shirley, your talents surely paid off... this is like a dream trip, especially for a big old kid like me hahaha I'm so glad I followed you, reading this post is like living vicariously through you. It looked like such a fun trip! And that Angry Birds lunchbox is the cutest thing ever, even I want one too! Glad to see you had a swell time, hun! And yes, I did visit your blog while you were away :) Glad you liked my song round-up post, you should listen to that Bonnie Bailey song, it's really good. And oh... where's my pasalubong from Finland? haha jk jk!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  13. Angry birds is the only game my hubby has on his phone. So fun to read this post.

  14. Shirley, it is great to know you enjoyed your trip and welcome back. You look lovely in all the photos!

  15. Shuwen, thks for visiting & I've left my comments in your blog!

    Wi, so that makes 2 big kids with their eyes glued to these Angry Birds. Hahaha! Pasalubong? My friends & son were shouting for it too but too bad, couldn't find any AB souvenirs in the HQ nor shops in Helsinki. No one seems to be selling AB stuff there. So strange!

    Kristen, we've got so many big kids here. LOL!

    Neha, definitely! A memorable trip indeed!

    Veron, thks! My batteries are almost fully recharged & ready to go again! Hahaha!

  16. Your smile in the photos says it all! What a fun tour! So glad you won this trip and thanks for sharing highlights with us!

  17. Kimby, I'm so glad to have won too! Can't believe my luck!

  18. Thats a great time you had Shirley and looks fantastic surrounded with all the angry birds.

  19. Nava, I'll be happy forever if I'm in this type of environment. Hahaha!

  20. Cool Shirley! I am so envy and jealous...hahaa. Oh I love that Angry Bird cookbook, can order on line? I also made Angry Bird birthday cake two days ago. Check on my fb :D

  21. Ann, I know. Even my son is so jealous of me now. Lol! Yah, u can pre-order online now. That cake looks cute. Always like your baking :)

  22. Sounds like a fun trip! So nice that you were chosen to visit :)

  23. Biren, u're late! But better late than never. Heehee! Thks so much!

  24. What an exciting and cool experience, Shirley! Those Angry Birds are super cute. Hubby used to be so addicted to that game. Now my girl is starting to play it too. Teehee.
    That king pig costume is adorable. I can't believe they have a cookbook now. Hahaha. I'll have to come back and view your slideshow. I'm on my phone right now and it's not showing up. Thank you for sharing such an exciting experience. Looks like you had a fantastic time.

  25. Lequan, I've to admit it's an unforgettable one :) Everything is awesome! Looks like u're gonna get that cookbook. Hahaha!

  26. Replies
    1. Kylie, I'm pretty sure you'd like to work there too :)


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