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SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream Review, 一本の奇跡!

sk-ii signature goodie bag
SK-II launched two new Anti-ageing products recently, celebrating its heritage of empowerment. Hailed as the most powerful anti-ageing solutions, I was overjoyed to receive the latest Skin Signature Eye Cream (スキンシグネチャーアイクリーム) & Wrinkle Specialist (リンクルスペシャリスト) from #SKII.

The Skin Signature Eye Cream is the latest addition to the Skin Signature series, designed to deliver a decade of Skin Power for firmer, smoother & more radiant skin around the eye area.

sk-ii signature signs eye cream, beauty
I’m an ardent fan of the award-winning SK-II for many years & currently using their Signs Eye Cream. So I was really eager to try out the new improved version.

I’d a late nite & my dark circles were showing. My eyes were also tired & I was concerned as I’d a event to attend that evening.

Boasting powerful ingredients, the magic concoction came to my rescue; the new #SkinSignature Eye Cream delivered results in just 10 minutes, just as they'd claimed:
luxury haven sk-ii eye cream review
Fine lines were visibly reduced; my eyes were less puffy & dark circles seemed to have lightened. The cream promised to increase radiance around the eye area & it did! My eyes looked brighter & more radiant! I also found the improved version seemed to absorb faster & is also less oily. Rating: ★★★★☆

Product Description:
SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is formulated with the same ingredients found in Skin Signature – the powerful cocktail of Oli-Vityl, Signaline & SK-II’s unique ingredient, #Pitera.

It also contains concentrated levels of Niacinamide, an efficacious active that delivers superior anti-ageing benefits. The eye cream boasts an innovative Capsule Technology that encapsulates Signaline in a capsule form for long-lasting eye care.

Its rich & non-greasy formula penetrates deep into the skin to provide superior hydration for up to 12 hrs.

Results after 10hrs:
The eye cream acts like an invisible eye-mask to provide all-day nourishment to improve the skin’s firmness, radiance & smoothnes around the eye area by 70%.

Results after 4 weeks:
Used together with the Skin Signature #Moisturizer & Melting Rich Cream, the Skin Signature Eye Cream can help shave off 10 yrs from a woman’s perceived age! And with continued usage, it can deliver a decade of Skin Power to sustain firm, smooth & radiant skin around the eye.

To achieve effective results, simply apply a pearl-size of the cream twice a day. Pat the cream on your eye area from the inner to outer corner.

shirley luxury haven, sk-ii review
Thank you, SK-II! Because of your new wonder Skin Signature Eye Cream, you've turned a panda bear into a glamorous gal ready to party! ありがとう、SK-II。私は綺麗になりました。

Now I can't wait to try the new SK-II #WrinkleSpecialist that came together with the Skin Signature #EyeCream. The superb product claimed to see visible results after 14 days; so stay tune for my next SK-II review!



  1. Hey Shirley, Happy Mid Autumn to you & your family! Yeap...time just flies and wrinkles come all the way. haha... I think SKII should hire you as one their! haha...Btw, do they giveaway trial pack? :o) However, hope you're going to enjoy the day and have fun!
    Blessing,s Kristy

  2. I agree with little space, you should be an ideal model for SK II, and I will let my wife know ... She's a big fan of SK II!

  3. Wow! I can understand your happy feeling when you have gained +ve effect from skin care.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy mid autumn day to you and your family too.

  4. Kristy, hahaha! Thks, I take that as a compliment! Brilliant idea u've got here :) Will sure to chk that out. U enjoy your evening too, dear!

    Ian, thks for checking out! Coming from a guy, it feels great :) Hope wifey doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. Oops!

    Yin, product's really effective :) Have a great time with your family this evening!

  5. Looks like its worth while product Shirley but the price for this brand can be a killer.

  6. Hi Shirley!!! Yaay, another beauty product review from you! Your reviews are always fair and reliable so I was so excited to read what you had to say about SK-II. And whoa, that product is just amazing! I was so impressed on the before and after shots you took on your eye area! You looked so perky and fresh after applying the cream.

    I'm sure a superb product comes with a price but from the looks of it, it's value for money spent. Thank you so much for doing this review.

    And thanks for dropping by my post, I am so glad you liked it! And haha, Lovers in Paris was one of my faves back then! I remember rushing home so I can catch it on primetime and I would be so bummed if my OJT's schedule was during evenings cuz I couldn't watch it haha.

    Happy Mid-autumn festival to you and your loved ones <3


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. Ah ha, now i know one of your secret to staying youthful - SK-II. LOL!

    I think high price product is justified with great result. And you are tempting me there.

  8. Wow what a great review, although I dont use these types of products, you sure peeked my curiosity. nice job.

  9. Nava, guess u gotta pay for something of high quality :)

    Wi, I'm so delighted that u found the review useful :) Absolutely right! Good things don't come cheap. Heehee! U have a superb evening too, dear!

    Doris, SK-II + bird's nests & lots of it! Hahaha!

    Claudia, u've got nice skin. Wonder what products u use then...

  10. Tempted to get it but I'm broke! LOL!

  11. woots! nice review?? can i have a sample too??

  12. The eye cream seems to work...The difference is much clear in the two pics of yours....Would love to have one...

  13. Hi, Shirley! I like that your readers consider you "fair and reliable" when it comes to product reviews. (No need to "sell it" -- the results proved it works.) Plus you looked lovely, even as a panda bear! :) Thanks for pampering me with this post -- you really do hostess a Luxury Haven!

  14. Sounds like a great product. I am all about hiding those lines around my eyes!

  15. Thanks for this review, Shirley. Sounds like a great product! I think they should hire you to be their model. You honestly have beautiful skin.

  16. Charmaine, time to save up :)

    Xue Ren, mmm..... I'm sure everyone here would love to sample the product :)

    Neha, thks for your positive feedback. It helps :)

    Kimby, u're always such a sweetie! Thks for your lovely comments!

    Kristen, we all have things to hide, don't we? Hahaha!

    Lequan, thks for your generous comments! U made my day :)

  17. An-Nyoung-Ha-Seh-Yo from Korea!

    Wow! You have a beautiful and fair skin. Hope my skin can like yours.

    After seeing you review this product, I think I should go and buy too because my dark circle around my eye getting worst for all the late night sleep and also b'coz of frequent travelling.

  18. Diane, An-Nyoung-Ha-Seh-Yo! U're such a sweetie :) Since u're in Korea, is the SK-II there cheaper?? Then u don't have to burn a hole in your pocket. LOL! Have fun!

  19. Sounds like a great eye cream...will have to check it out :)

  20. Alisha, I'll need more of this eye cream now that I'm flying off to Helsinki. LOL!

  21. hie's great to see that you are reviewing beauty products as well..the foundation really shows the differences especially your eyes :D
    Thanx for sharing again

  22. Hong, so u see the difference too? Lol! Nice to hear from a guy's perspective. Thks!

  23. hey dear! seldom people really takes time to respond to their blog comments, and am glad you're such as sweet person to do so! am touched personally!

    am starstrucked! i knew it as I was reading your posts, you were a model! to be honest,think you're the most beautiful blogger I have come across to date. hope to meet you one day.

    am loving your recipes too as i love to cook as well! happy holidays!


  24. Charles, thks so much for your lovely note! It's great having u here & hope to see u more often :)

  25. I put this on before I go to nap, and when I wake up. After about 3-5 days I have noticed that the bags below my eyes are about 50 percent the size. Pretty fantastic… but wait a subsequent. After ~2 weeks associated with usage, the bags under my eyes are 99% gone. I just find it difficult to believe this worked and so well.
    I have now tried using many different products that can help fix my puffy face, but this one really does the trick. After 2 or 3 days of use my tumid eyes are 80% removed. My eyes now usually are not looking so tired any longer because of this product!

    1. Matha, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us! Glad the product is working for you too :D


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