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My Vanity Affair With Garnier BB Eye Roll-On & BB Cream

garnier, bb eye roll-on, bb cream
Garnier launches two of their innovative products recently, the BB Eye Roll-On & BB Cream. Under the arm of L’Oreal, the world leader in cosmetics, Garnier has kindly delivered these two unique solutions that combine long-term skincare benefits together with instant correction of skin imperfections, for my use.

I’m more than happy to try out Garnier’s range of BB cream & hope the products will help me disguise the flaws on my face. I’m not young anymore. Besides, I’ve dark circles from young; I was told it’s genetic. And of course, it gets worse whenever I’ve late nites.

In recent years, BB Cream, more often referred to as the "the secret of Korean actresses", has attracted aficionados from all over the world for its skin-regenerating functions. Now, it's also widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage.

I shall now show you what BB Cream, the magic antidote that had taken the world by storm can do, & let you judge for yourself. To see the best possible results & to be fair to you, my readers, I did not use any expensive eye cream under the Garnier BB Eye Roll-On.
garnier, instant fairness bb eye roll-on
The first of its kind, the Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On is a breeze to use. Simply roll-on under the eye contour till enough cream is dispensed. Tap gently till its well blended & you’re done.

garnier, bb eye roll-on
Spot the difference? Left side is after the application. My eyes were swollen & puffy after a 12-hr overnite flight to Helsinki. After checking into Hilton, I'd to leave for the Angry Birds HQ shortly. Thank God I've these BB Cream! I think the Garnier BB Eye Roll-On did a pretty good job in providing me with a fair coverage of my dark circles & puffy eyes. Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
garnier instant fairness bb eye roll-on

Product Description:
The first of its kind, the Garnier BB Eye Roll-On allows its complex to be easily massaged onto the eye area in order to stimulate micro-circulation & refresh tired skin. Its size also makes it convenient to carry around in a handbag, allowing women to touch up anywhere at any time.

The formula is enriched with caffeine to dramatically reduce signs of fatigue, while remaining gentle on the delicate eye area. Available in light & natural shades, the roll-on provides natural coverage adapted to one’s skin tone, & leaves skin nourished, firmer, & free from signs of fatigue.

When I’d finished applying the Garnier BB Eye Roll-On, I continued to use the Garnier BB Cream on my face. Can you tell which side is with BB Cream?
garnier, bb cream, product review
I rarely put on make-up since I left my full-time job. I only use tinted moisturizer & lipstick when I’ve to teach. I’m now captivated by the lightweight feel of Garnier BB Cream on my face, providing me with maximum coverage & evens out my skin tone without the use of foundation.

My skin feels smooth & silky, & gives my skin a healthy glow. Now I can have flawless, luminous skin even without using much make-up!

There's only one point, resulting in me giving it only a 3-star. While it provided me with "Instant Fairness" as stated,  the BB Moisturizer is too fair for my skin tone. It'll be perfect to have different shades to suit different skin tone.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Well, it's still a great BB Cream & the product promises:
  • More radiant
  • More even-toned
  • Less dark spots
  • Less visible imperfections
  • Reduce redness
  • Smoother
  • More hydrated
  • Less visible Lines
  • Less visible pores
  • Reveal a healthy glow

garnier bb cream review
Product Description:
The Garnier BB Cream has a fine & lightweight texture that unifies and brightens skin tone. The velvety texture allows for easy application & provides subtle coverage together with long-lasting radiance.

The cream produces instant results upon application by improving skin tone, minimising signs of aging (such as fine lines, enlarged pores & dark spots), & by leaving skin nourished, brighter & visibly smoother. The highly moisturising formula also shields skin against harmful UV rays with its SPF 26 PA++ protection, making the Garnier BB Cream a comprehensive & caring skincare solution.

Prices for these two products are extremely affordable & won’t burn a hole in your pockets. The Garnier B.B Eye Roll-On retails @ just S$22.90 & Garnier BB Cream retails @ S$18.90.

Blemish Balm Cream or in short, BB Cream, is gonna be my regular beauty regimen!


  1. The one product I too cannot life without is the concealer Shirley. Like you said, as time without enough sleep and most of the time its that way for me, hahahh!! age and stress.

    Most BB cream is too fair for Indian skin but I found one after so long from Shu Emura and love it very much. Just matches my skin to perfection.

  2. Like you, i have natural dark eye circle and it's even more obvious with my fair skin tone. I tried using concealer but discovered that it's not easy to apply and it cakes when i use too much. I used a couple of garnier products and think it's quite good in term of value for money, but i didn't know it's under the arm of Loreal. Ta ta.... off i go, i'm going to check these 2 items out in the store, i believe if should suit my skin tone

  3. Nava, I finally found the perfect concealer for myself :) Mmm... now that u mentioned, I think it isn't easy for darker skin tone to find something that suits them. Glad u found yours too :)

    Doris, I'm sure u're gonna fall in love with Garnier's BB Eye Roll-on. It's so light upon application. Best part, it provides just enough coverage :) Happy shopping!

  4. I did tried Garnier Roll On Eyes before,the green color one..but hardly see the effect on my BAD dark circle..I'm sure gonna try this Garnier BB after reading ur review.. :) Will see if it has any effect on me :)

  5. Yay, so nice to see you doing your posts again, Shirley, oh how I've missed it haha And so this is the BB cream review you were telling me. I think you did a great job with this, hun. I haven't tried Garnier's line of BB creams yet, they haven't released it over here, but I'm very interested with the Eye roll-on. I, too, am being pestered by occasional dark circles lol

    Thanks for sharing, and welcome back.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. Thnx for sharing the info Shirley...Even I have dark circles under my eye and i am on a lookout for a good solution...will try this...

  7. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips on eye care with us. I am encourage by your flawless skin and will try out Garnier's BB eye roll on.

  8. Shirley, it's so awesome of you to photograph your "before and after's." Can really see the product at work (not that you provide them much to work on!) At my age, any improvement is a plus. Or as my Grandmother used to say, "A little paint on the ol' barn never hurts." :)

  9. I am totally convinced after seeing your pix. I think it will suit my skin too.

  10. Kenny, cool! Hope this version will work better for u. Thks for visiting & I'll pop by your blog soon!

    Wi, thks so much for visiting my blog during my absence! Great to see your feedback since u're a lover of BB Cream. Will chk our your posts soon, I promise!

    Neha, hope u've this Garnier version in your country :)

    Malli, great to see u here again & thks for the feedback!

    Kimby, I've always loved your witty comments! Will chk out your posts soon after I've recharged my batteries. Hahaha!

    Jen, that's why I asked u to see the pix. LOL! Happy shopping, dear!

  11. As I was reading this I was wondering if there were different shades for different skin tones. Good thing you mentioned at the end there wasn't. I'm surprised they don't have different shades. Maybe something for them to think about in their future productions. I can certainly tell the difference. Love the compact eye roll-on, so convenient. If they had different shades, I'd definitely like to give this product a try. Seems to really do it's job. Thanks for this review, Shirley. Hope all is well with you and that you're getting a good rest since you've gotten back.

  12. Lequan, thks so much for all your wonderful & kind comments! Gosh, this is your 6th or 7th comments straight at one go!! Think you've broken all the records. Hahaha! You've been so supportive & I'm so glad I met u, sweetie!

    I do think it's a fantastic product too & I'd certainly love to have a darker shade suitable for my skin :)

  13. I honestly think you have great skin! That's why I couldn't differentiate which side is with BB cream! LOL

  14. Can the under eye bb cream be used overnight?

  15. Jazz, thks for visiting! I'm sure u can but it's never good to keep cosmetics overnite as our skin needs to "breathe". Well, u may try posting your questions to Loreal instead as they're the experts :)

  16. thank you for your lovely post. I've been wondering what this product is all about and your review certainly made my day. ;)


    1. Jenny, thks for the visit & I'm glad u like the review! Will pop by your blog too :)

  17. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Very informative post with pretty good insight on all aspects of the
    topic! Will keep visiting in future too!

    1. Faye, thks for your kind note & I'm happy that u've found the review useful!

  18. Love garnier products! gotta try the BB cream!!

    1. Honeys, thks for sharing your thoughts & it's great having u here! Will drop by your blog too.


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