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Angry Birds Mixed Vegetables With Love From Helsinki!

Hihi, I’m probably now in Helsinki having tea & squawking with Angry Birds. I didn’t forget you guys; this is a scheduled post & a last minute dish before I left S’pore to Finland.

Recipe Featured @ PtitChef as 'Starter of the Day"!

Recipe Featured @ OpenRice S'pore!

For those who've missed my earlier post & wondering what I'm doing Finland, check out I Won A Trip On Finnair’s Angry Birds Flight To Helsinki!

The dish is nothing fanciful, just a simple vegetable dish filled with all the goodness of vitamins + a dose of Angry Birds. Would the fussiest kid in the world eat this? Hahaha!

If your kids hate vegetables, try playing a game of Angry Birds with them. Loser or winner eats the Angry Birds vegetables. I'm sure you guys will have lots of fun & laughter!

Mixture of vegetables: Carrots, Bell peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Corn, Sweet peas
2 slices of Ginger
1 tsp Minced Garlic
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
30ml Chicken/Vegetable stock
1 tbsp Extra-virgin Olive oil
1 tsp Chinese wine
1 tsp Sesame oil

  1. Cut the vegetables into alphabets & flowers etc, using cookie cutters. Don't waste the bits & pieces. Dice them; they add colours.
  2. Heat oil. Sautéed garlic & ginger till fragrant. Add carrots, cauliflowers & stock & simmer for about 2 mins.
  3. Add remaining vegetables except alphabets so they won’t go soft. Fry for another minute or so & add wine & sesame oil. Put in your letters in now.
  4. Pick out letters & transfer vegetables onto serving plate. Arrange your Angry Birds letters & you’re done!
With lots of love from Finland!


  1. As usual, another creative outcome, nice alphabets from the veges. I can imagine the kids jumping high looking at the colorful angry birds being spelled out.

  2. I love this, it os so colorful n yummy

  3. Rich With GREED Vege, I need it badly . . .

    and I am busy with some works, manage to do some blog update . . . hehe

    anyways good day to you! cheers

  4. Thanks for not forgetting us while u holiday. A real surprise for us indeed with such a colorful fried rice.

  5. Cute idea! Also liked how you used every bit -- I do, too -- or I save them for soup, or to add flavor to broths.

  6. This is the perfect way to hype up kids into eating veggies haha And how's your trip to Finland? I'll bet you're having the time of your life there, you are so lucky Shirley! And like I said previously, you absolutely deserved it! That was sheer talent, the way you came up with that Angry Birds bento box :)

    Hope you're having an awesome holiday! Can't wait to read your posts about the whole trip.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. Nice and colorful......Love this

  8. I love the color combination and I'm sure it tastes good. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  9. Congrats for the winning trip to Finland! I'm sure you are having a blasting time there. I just love your colourful vegetable dish. I think even vegetable haters will be curious enough to try :D

  10. Thank u for much for leaving me your trail during my absence to meet the Angry Bird in person! Remember to tune in for more exciting posts, promising lots of pix!

  11. This is a very good idea, but only applies to kids tat love angry birds XD

  12. Kelvin, thks! The alphabets can be easily arranged to suit all characters; Mickey Mouse, Superman, whatever. LOL! Just put your creativity to test!

  13. A fun, lovely, and colorful dish indeed. My kiddies would love these. I thunk my daughter would eat all the letters first and my son would dig into the veggies first. Thanks for sharing your splendid recipe, Shirley.

  14. Lequan, so your son is a veggesauraus? Hahaha! Cooking this dish is so fun especially when I was about to meet the Angry Birds :)


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