2 Beautiful Awards & Give Me 3 Words That Best Describe You!

I received these awards from a blogger from Philippines, whom I’ve met recently. Accordingly to her, the first one's "Your Blog is Heavenly" & the second is "Your Heart is My Prize"!

Wi is a vivacious gal & her blog is full of life. Take a look at her blog & you'll know what I mean. Thank you, Wi of a Single Girl’s Musings! You make me SMILE!

With this, I’d like to play a little game with you, my wonderful readers: Give Me 3 Words That Best Describe You!

Just before I was featured in the S’pore’s National Papers, I’d An Interview By Pepperconn Social Media. I was given a list of interesting questions; one of which was, “How would you best describe yourself?”

Well, it struck me that maybe it’s my turn to post this question to you.  It’ll be interesting for me to find out the profile of my readers, especially those who’ve been stalking me here for a while.

So my dearest readers, give me 3 Words that Best Describe You. I’d love to learn more about you. I hope you'd participate in this little game & I think it's gonna be fun for all of us here. I’m really looking forward to see your answers………


  1. Thank you for such kind words, Shirley <3 It really warms my heart to know that you enjoy visiting and reading my posts.And thank you so much for taking time to read my 7 links :)

    And these are the 3 words that best describes me: hopeful, determined, loyal(haha this took a while to come up)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. Congrats on your awards Shirley! You and your blog surely deserve all the awards out there. Three words that describe me? Hmm...a mother, wife, and daughter. Yes, I cheated a little. Teehee. You can add naughty to that list. :P

  3. quirky, straightforward and emotional

  4. Emotional, random, photogenic! =P

  5. Way to go on your awards, Shirley! :)

    Three words that describe me...


  6. Wilson, u're cute & adorable, the awards or the post? Hahaha! Just kidding :) Thks for visiting!

    Wi, thks again for the lovely awards! Loyal? Mmmm.... u're my stalker & fan now so I truly believe that. Heehee!

    Lequan, thks so much for your kind words & taking time to comment on all my posts after your vacation! Play cheat!! Naughty sounds more like it :)

    Sherry, wow! Nice mtg u & I'll pop by soon :)

    Xue Ren, photogenic? Gosh, I must rush over to your blog to take a look soon :) Thks for visiting!

    Kimby, thks! Totally agree & love it!

  7. beautiful words and congrats for all the amazing awards you have been receiving, its such a joy sharing it with you/

  8. Shirley, Congratulations for receiving the two lovely awards. I'll most definitely check out Wi's blog.

    Three words that describe me:
    diligent, balanced, thoughtful!

  9. Congratulation again on the awards that you'd received.

    Talking about 3 words best describe about myself. Erm.. Freedom (that's why love travelling), emotional (my bf said so) and friendly :D..

    Thanks for following my blog and I am following your blog too. Hopefully we can share our travel experience someday. I might visit Singapore again this month :D

  10. Nava, thks for your lovely comments!

    Rebecka, diligent? I couldn't agree more. It's great initiative to start 'At Home With Rebecka' & thks for the invite :)

    Diana, we share freedom & friendly :) Cool! Visiting S'pore? Bet it's not your 1st visit. Hope u've a great vacation here, dear!

  11. Congratulations on both awards Shirley! Well deserved!
    Glad to meet you!

  12. Tina, thks so much for dropping by! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  13. Keep going Shirley, hope many other publicity and awards will follow, am so happy for you.

  14. Nava, thks again! U're also so sweet :)

  15. Congratulations on your awards :)
    Three word, probably depends on who's say it ;) OK... creative, strong and hard working.

  16. Alisha, well said! Indeed, u need these quality to manage an awesome blog like yours :)


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