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Win Fujifilm Instax Minis Cameras!!

My son has been short-listed in Dulux Win A Paint Makeover Contest @ Facebook! Jonathan is badly in need of a makeover for his room. As a mother, this is at most what I can do for him; calling for supporters. Please vote daily for him & if we win, you win too!

5 lucky voters get to win a Fujifilm Instax Minis Cameras!! You can vote once a day to increase your chances too. Voting ends 28 Aug. I thank you in advance! Kindly follow the steps to vote & Good Luck to you too!

To Vote:
  1. Visit Dulux to vote.
  2. 'Like' Dulux & go to 'View & Vote Now'.
  3. Click on 'Next' to go to 3rd page. His pix's on the right, in black t-shirt with bicycle (see pix above).
  4. Click on pix to view entry.
  5. Click on 'Vote'.
  6. Thank you so much & Good Luck to you too! If you can, kindly vote once a day. Contest closes 28 Aug!


  1. I voted yesterday evening, wanted to do so again this morning, but.... oh no, i need to wait another 13 hours more before i could vote again. Er..>~<, i badly in need of the Fujifilm instax Minia Cameras.... LOL!

  2. I will vote it hehe , try to be daily also . . . if I win the camera how? :P just joking hehe

  3. Doris, u can only vote once a day. LOL! Thks for voting, dear! Hope u win too :)

    KF, thks so much! If u win the camera, use it to take my pix. Hahaha!

  4. Love your yummy blog! Following via voiceBoks

  5. Hi Shirley!

    I did my part, and cast my vote haha I hope your son wins the room make-over *crosses fingers*


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. All the best dear....I "ll definitely vote for him...

  7. Hey babe, all the best in winning the mini camera ya.

  8. Rebecka, thks for following & I've returned the favour!

    Wi, thks so much! I need that :)

    Neha, thks dear!

    Peggy, do cast a vote if u've time! Thks :)

    Thristhan, we're vying for the makeover, not the camera. hahaha!

  9. Ooh! I hope my voting helped your son!

  10. Darlene, thks so much for voting!

    Dear voters, with your kind gestures, I've won my son the Dulux Room Makeover!! Yipee! Thank u so much for voting!

    Now, the five lucky voters to receive the Fujiflim Instax Mini are out! They're Daan Zhafroullah, Amanda Chua, Rui Hao, Geoffrey Teng & Chee Kiong! Congrats!


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