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Welcome To The Neon City Of Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is the most visited city in the United States; it's absolutely one of those cities you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

I was watching a documentary on Las Vegas & it reminded me of my trip there ages ago. It was especially memorable because my hubby had brought the entire family there to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary, plus it was my son's 1st long-haul trip! I’ve done quite a bit of travelling, but I readily admit that the first time I stepped foot in Vegas, the experience was a very impressive & unforgettable one.

In Las Vegas, the hotels are the tourist attractions; you'll find accommodation for all sorts of tastes & budgets. Each with their individual varieties of mind blowing nightclubs & casinos, luxury shopping malls, world-class cuisines, extravagant theatres etc, etc. You can even get married or renew your wedding vows in Vegas, just like us!
7th Anniversary in 1997

Be spell-bound by hotels boasting international themes, a stroll along Las Vegas Hotels On The Strip will take you around the world!

Vibrant neon lightings,

Wonders of the World, & the list goes on & on.

Of course the famous Las Vegas Strip is the center of the show, but the entire Vegas city is one hell of an attraction!

Las Vegas isn’t just about casinos, there’s so much to do besides gaming. Regardless of your travel style, a trip to Vegas has something for everyone. So if you’re planning for your next holiday, escape To The City That Never Sleeps!


  1. Its a super duper place to visit but must carry enough cash for shopping and everything. Hoping to visit soon.

  2. The pictures are pretty vintage but it still captures all the joy and the fun you and your family had on your visit there. Vegas is a spectacular place, hoping to visit someday.



  3. I am visiting Las Vegas in september....Hope to have a blast...

  4. Nava, I agree on that :) So much to shop. LOL!

    Chichi, too bad the pix quality's fading :< But I'd a great time then.

    Neha, that's so cool! Have fun on my behalf. Hahaha! I wanna join u too!

    Anu, thks dear!

  5. wow is that really you?? super young and hot hahaha :P

    and classic XD

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! i love las vegas! i was there twice and had a blast on both occasions.

  7. KF, hahaha! I take it as a compliment :)

    Jean, that's cool! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  8. What a fun trip -- you describe things so vividly! That was special to renew your vows when you celebrated your anniversary there, too -- congratulations then and now!

    I've only been to Vegas on sales trips in the past, so I got to see the "convention" side of it, but I remember the excitement and the FOOD -- so many choices and excellent meals! And yes, the hotels make it memorable, too!

    Thanks for the "vacation" this morning, Shirley. :)

  9. I've always dreamed of going to Vegas - everyone I know that has ever gone, has loved it!

  10. Shirley, you're right, it has been a while since we've exchanged words. I'm so glad to see this post because Las Vegas is definitely one of my favorite cities. We used to go there often and we need to go back now. We renewed our wedding vows there 4 years ago. Thanks for all the great memories. Love the pics! Here's hoping we "visit" each other again soon!

  11. Shirley,

    Vegas is definitely one of the top places I would love to visit. All I've heard is nothing but great stuff about it. I think it's so sweet that you guys renewed your wedding vows. I've actually been thinking about that. Thanks for sharing those cute pictures.

  12. So sorry I took so long to reply your comments, ladies. Just realized I missed it. LOL!

    Kimby, your work sent u there?? That's so cool! Hope I can celebrate there every year. Hahaha!

    Pam, that's awesome that u'd renewed your vows there. May u have many more to come! Yes, will try to visit u again soon,

    Lequan, we didn't renew our vows there, just celebrated anniversary. We simply poised there for pix. Hahaha! Mmm.... perhaps we shall do that!


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