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Play The 7 Links Challenge!

How do you like my new Avatar? Hahaha! Nothing to do with this challenge, just thought of putting up something fun :)

Lately, there’s a challenge bouncing around the blogging community & I was tagged by 2 lovely bloggers to join in the game.

I recalled the 1st time I visited Quay Po Cooks, I was amazed not just by Veronica's cooking, but also her photography skills. A mommy blogger like myself, she blogs about her yummy recipes as well as her loving family life.

As for A Little Lunch, I was impressed by Kimby's lovely comments the first time she visited my blog recently. I’m glad she did cause I’m enjoying hers too. A new blogger that packs a punch!

Thank you ladies, for thinking of me & adding me to the game! My 7 links:

1) The most beautiful post: 80th Birthday, Ageing Gracefully

Like Veron, my most beautiful post is also going out to my mother. I’m rather attached to her, a stunning lady both inside & out. I also hope that through this post, old folks can learn to lead an active life like my mum & her friends.

2) The most popular post: Encounter With The Deadly Japanese Delicacy

In terms of the number of hits, this is one of the most popular posts I’ve written to date. It’s a very interesting article about my little exploration in Japan. Enter at your own risk! Hahaha! Be sure to watch the video clip.

3) The most controversial post: Visit To The Nanking Massacre Site

I enjoy reading a lot & I’ve always wanted to get my hands on “The Rape of Nanking”. I’d worked in Japanese organizations for many years & Japanese detest this book. I’ve a lot of good Japanese friends & hence, I only pick up this book after I left working for them. You’ll understand why I chose this as the most controversial post when you read on.

4) The most helpful post: How To Prepare A Live Lobster

A seafood wholesaler had contacted me some time back & offered to supply me with lobsters in exchange for my recipes. This has to be the most helpful post due to the high number of hits. You'd better give me some credit for wrestling with these creepy crawlies! LOL!

5) A post that was surprisingly successful: Non-bake Delicious Cheesecake

Most of you would've known by now that I can't bake for nuts. Thank God this yummy Cheesecake needs no baking at all; it was my first attempt. Not only I was surprised that my students love it, it also generated a lot of comments. Do check this out if you can’t bake like me. LOL!

6) A post that did not get the attention it deserves: How to spot that fake bag!

I felt that this is a well-written article that ought to get merit for it. I wrote the post based on my shopping experience in designer bags & of course, my “Black Belt In Shopping” title. Ha! I want my readers to have at least some basic knowledge on how to tell the difference between a counterfeit & an authentic bag before parting with their hard-earned money on one.

This post, together with a list of Guides to Authentic Bags, generated 0 comments. I guess that was because I’d just started blogging then & didn’t know how to reach out to the audience. I hope that through these posts, I can educate my readers to spend wisely. It'll be great to see your comments on these few posts as well. Please share if you found them useful so your friends can benefit from it too.

7) A post I am most proud of: Laksa, Freebies Galore At Changi Airport

I’m a true blue Singaporean & love every bit of it. I love my airport, which is the world’s most awarded “Best Airport”, with more than 370 accolades under its belt. I’m proud to be able to share with travellers what you can do & see at Changi Airport.

As part of the game, I’m going to tag 7 bloggers to join in the challenge. These are a mixture of bloggers whom I’ve met recently & some I've known for a while. They’ve all been very supportive of my blog & I’d like to thank them for taking their time, leaving me their wonderful comments. So blogger friends, have fun tagging your 7 links to keep the game rolling. Looking forward to your posts!

I'm really glad to be given the chance to go through my old posts again. I hope you'll also spend some time reading my past articles too. See you there!


  1. nice sharing on ageing gracefully and preparing the life lobster is so interesting Shirley.

  2. Hi this was so much fun wasn't it, one of my favorites being tagged did this a few weeks ago tagged by Lizzy @Thatskinnychickcanbake! Thanks so much for thinking of me I am so flattered! I especially love the live lobster post!! I just love everything you make here... thanks again appreciate the mention~

  3. Shirley, Your mum looks really good at 80. I can imagine what a beauty she was when she was younger. The doggy birthday card is so cute. Hey thanks for sharing the tips on how to differentiate between real and fake. Frankly I have not bought a branded bag for myself, my Quay Lo bought them for me. I am too Chinzy to spend on branded stuff hehe. I will definitely take time to go through your other links. Thanks for joining in the fun. XOXO

  4. You had definitely rekindle my memories with some of these links. The post on spotting a fake is definitely a very informative post. i'm surprise that it didn't receive the merits that it deserved; it had definitely helps me in differentiating a genuine from a fake although i can't recall why i haven't left a "Thank you note" for you back then. Now, thank you for your every effort make in sharing here - be it sales information, travel log, or recipe sharing, i have definitely gain from reading your blog. THUMP UP!

  5. Your mom looks so regal and elegant, I can see where you got your good looks.

    Thank you so much for tagging me in your post, Shirley, I am honoured! And I'm so glad you did this post, it's so nice to learn which posts endeared itself to you. And a nice way to get to know you more too!

    Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, I am so touched and yup, it's funny how you and I have so much in common. It's like we're big sis-little sis haha.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. A tribute to your mom...says a lot about you Shirley..very NICE :)

  7. Hi Shirley! Just wanted to quickly drop by before my Internet gets cut off again. Thank you for sharing these great 7 links with us. I'll definitely have to drop by again and read some of them as I know I've not read them all. Love that photoof your Mom! She looks so great at 80! Ill bet it was hard for you to pick these 7 links as you have so many wonderful posts. I love your avatar. Gave me a good laugh. Haha. It's definitely you though, my friend. Thank you for thinking of me and tagging me in this. Keep up the awesome blogging! Will be back to catch up soon.

  8. Hi, Shirley! Great Avatar for this post. :) I'm looking forward to reading your links when I get home. You definitely stepped up to the 7 Links challenge with style and a smile! :)

  9. Hey Shirley...Thnx for tagging me dear..I am so flattered...

  10. Nava, looking fwd to your 7 links!

    Claudia, I wouldn't be surprised as the game is going around :)

    Veron, I'm delighted to be invited to the game. Thks for having me in mind!

    Doris, u're always such a doll! Thks!

    Wi, she was a beauty back then. And of course, she still looks good for her age. Thks, sis! hahaha!

    Sandi, thks for visit! I'll pop by soon :)

    Lequan, I know u've a connection problem. Take your time, dear! Looking fwd :)

    Kim, thks again! Looking fwd to more sharing :)

    Neha, it's certainly a pleasure! Thks for adding me to your blogroll.

  11. this is slightly extreme for me, gimme some precious time ok? hahah this few day got something settle :P

  12. I really think this is such a fun your most beautiful post! Always love it all though :)

  13. KF, hahaha! U're cute! Will be patient :) Enjoy your weekend!]

    Alisha, beautiful post for the most beautiful person in this world :)

  14. Shirley, thanks so much fro tagging me. Actually, I'm still scratching my head right now. hahaha.... Guess, it going to take some time to get this posted. Thousands apology!
    Btw, I think your mom is simply an amazing woman. Yes, I have to agree with you about today's women. They should be more involved in all kinds of activities. Good ones, of coz! I rather prefer to go round helping the old folks home when I grow older & have nothing to do. Frankly, if I have 20 more years to live I want to do something meaningful to my life.

  15. Kristy, I'm glad we're on the same page. I do hope u'll join in the fun to play the game to keep the ball rolling :) Enjoy your weekends, dear!


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