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My Mini Onigiri Garden (おにぎり公園)

Mini Japanese Onigiri Rice Balls Recipe
I was in some Onigiri freaky mood lately, making these Japanese Rice Balls non-stop. I've been getting lots of "orders" for this popular Japanese dish. This is another addition to my Onigiri collection, for a group of my students this time.

In my garden, there’re Salmon Wasabi, Spicy Shrimp (hay bee hiam), Green Tea with Plum & Cherry Tomato with Sweet Prune.

Aren’t these Winnie the Pooh cute?? You can find these decor in Japanese supermarkets. The bears here are loaded with Salmon Wasabi.

To learn how to make the Salmon Wasabi & Onigiri, please visit Hello Kitty Bento Box For A Friend’s Birthday.

Spicy Shrimp is known as "hay bee hiam" in the Chinese Hokkien dialect. These are very popular in parts of Asia & they’re really delicious. I’ve added this in my Onigiri & my students love it!

For Green Tea with Plum, simply fix a cup of green tea & mix with your Japanese cooked rice. Add shredded seaweed & top with bits of plum.

These Cherry Tomatoes are great for entertaining. Simply cut up Sour Prunes & slot them in the tomatoes. Chill before serving & they make lovely snacks!

The tools I used for making these mini ones are easily available at Japanese stores.

Do not mistake these "snacks" for Sushi. Onigiri is made with plain rice (sometimes lightly salted), while Sushi is made of rice with vinegar, sugar & salt. To make Sushi, check out Sushi “Birthday Cake”!

Be sure to KIV this bento post for your next party! Just fill these bite-size rice balls with your favourite ingredients & pair off with some refreshing cocktails.

You may wanna go gaga with my Angry Birds Onigiri Bento Box too! Check it out now!


  1. Wow, u made me hungry..... I love your version of tomato snack, it sure taste good

  2. I never get tired of onigiri. Loved the creative varieties you have here especially the hay bee hiam. We call that sambal hay bee :)

  3. Wow! Yummy! Thanks for enlightening me about the difference between Onigiri and Sushi. I thought they uses the same rice all the while - silly me. LOL.

  4. Looking at that post really got my stomach juices running! The presentation is so creative, Shirley. I swear, it looks too pretty to eat! If that was in front of me right now, I'd probably stare at it and admire it all day long haha...

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm definitely bookmarking this dish ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. Jen, thks for leaving your lovely comments despite your slow wave band! Means a lot :)

    Biren, I know u're a fan of Japanese cuisine. Glad it caught your attention :)

    Doris, are u still making the Kitty Bento?

    Wi, these mini bites are great for entertaining! Hope this recipe will spur u to make some :)

  6. Shirley, I love your onigiri, so lovely and the Angry Birds are so cute.

  7. That platter looks so delectable--- it makes me so hungy for those little Winnie the Pooh treats:)

  8. Shirley, your presentations are so appetizing and colorful! And salmon wasabi... sigh. (Wish I had some right now.) Cute with the Winnie The Pooh decal, too!

  9. Very creative and beautiful! I think I will prefer to look at it so that I don't spoil it :D

  10. Haha! I really wanted to make but couldn't find time and the confidence to do. But i promise, i shall send you a picture should i make and it's successful.

  11. Ann, it's a compliment coming from u :) Thks & have a wonderful weekend!

    Neha, thks for dropping by!

    Malli, we're all big kids! Good to hear from u :)

    Kimby, wow! Thks so much for your sweet words! I'm in seventh heaven now. Hahaha!

    Mary, I've another admirer :) Welcome to my garden!

    Dory, hurry! My neck's getting longer & longer..... Hahaha!

  12. that is so cool! I thought it was egg yolk at the first glance! then it turn out is Winnie the pooh XD

  13. KF, hahaha! R u also a cartoon fan? Thks so much for leaving your lovely comments in my posts. Have a beautiful weekend!

  14. Another creative work of yours Shirley, great with the flag name tag.

  15. Nava, the flags are a good way of identifying the food. I started this when I cooked for some crew during our night-stops :)

  16. Shirley, Your garden looks very pretty! I don't think I can bring myself to destroy it! hehe.. You have been tagged to play the 7 link challenge because I am thinking of you. XOXO

  17. This onigiri garden looks so cute Shirley! And that Angry Birds bento is so impressive =)

  18. Veron, thks for thinking of me! Heehee :) I'll definitely join in the fun!

    Peggy, welcome to my World of Onigiri :)

  19. Ooh, one of the cutest gardens I've seen indeed. Love the Winnie the Pooh one's - super cute! I know my kids and I would enjoy eating this for sure. Maybe not the salmon wasabi one for them though.

  20. Lequan, welcome to my garden of joy! I'm sure your kids would enjoy these mini bites especially if u make for them :)

  21. What a lovely garden, Shirley! And oh my, the Angry Birds Bento is awesome!

  22. Tina, hahaha! Let's have fun bento-ing. Wish I have your gadgets, then it'll cut down on a lot of time. LOL!


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