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Multi-coloured Xiao Long Bao At Paradise Dynasty

Have you seen Xiao Long Bao in various colours? Do you enjoy eating these soup dumplings? For those not familiar with these Chinese baos, they’re traditionally filled with minced pork & steamed in small bamboo baskets.

I’m a huge fan of Xiao Long Bao & I’ve heard a lot about these colourful ones. Finally, I managed to grab a friend & headed to Paradise Dynasty @ ION for our little adventure.

We marvelled at the sight of these 8 multi-coloured dumplings @ S$13.80 when the basket arrived. Well, Let me introduce you to the fillings inside together with minced pork:

White - Original, Yellow – Cheese, Green - Ginseng, Pink - Szechuan, Beige – Crab Roe, Black – Truffle, Grey -Garlic, Orange – Foie Gras.

Perhaps we were too overwhelmed by these attention-grabbers, resulting in having too high expectation. Of course there were some outstanding ones like the Truffle Dumpling which topped the list & the Cheese Dumpling was surprisingly yummy.

The Foie Gras Dumpling tasted more than Prawns & we didn’t like the scented Szechuan Dumpling. Besides these Signature Dumplings, we also ordered:

Shanghai pan-fried Pork @ S$3.80. Rating: 3/5

Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup S$5.80. Rating:2/5

Sauteed French Bean with Minced Pork @ S$9. Rating:4/5

Yang Zhou Fried Rice @ S$10. Rating: 3/5

Chilled Aloe Vera & Osmanthus Jelly @ $3.50. Rating: 3/5

Overall, the food was not too bad & prices are kept reasonable. It's just that I think the Xiao Long Bao is over-rated. I guess if you’re in some funky mood & would like to try something unique, the casual eatery is a place to have your meal after shopping at ION.

For those who’ve not tried Soup Dumplings, here’s an instruction briefly extracted on their menu on the right way to eat these baos:
  1. Lightly lift the soup dumpling from the basket to your spoon, placing extra care not to break the skin.
  2. Chew off a portion of the dumpling skin from the side to allow cooling of the broth & pork filling. (Dumplings are very hot; do not eat the entire dumpling immediately to avoid scalding)
  3. Seep the broth from the opening you chewed off earlier.
  4. Complement with ginger slices & vinegar.
Xiao Long Bao fans, is this how you eat your soup dumplings too? Well, as for myself, I always chew off the top part & spit it out as the skin is the thickest there. I don’t like it. After that, I’d pop the entire bao into my mouth & let the soup & flavour engulf my tastebuds :)

Paradise Dynasty
#04-12A ION Orchard


  1. now I wonder why those xiao long bao with multi color is expensive, such as ginseng, crab and many more flavor in inside thos bao! LOL

    I prefer colored bao as in Red Bean or Kaya Flavor :D yum~

  2. I will certainly go for the hot and sour soup, my kind of food.

  3. Shirley, I enjoyed your review and I learned a few things, too. Never saw colored dumplings before; I've only eaten or made the "plain" ones. Sounded like a fun lunch!

  4. i saw the coloured xiao long bao before.....but only in pictures. LOL! Despite your rating that the xiao long bao is just so so, i don't mind giving it a try if i get a chance to.

  5. KF, goodies inside that's why ex lor. Hahaha! So u've got sweet tooth eh?

    Nava, I like that too but it's just average at this place.

    Kimby, thks for your kind words! Restaurant is so smart to come up with colourful ones & new flavours :)

    Nikel, thks & have a pleasant evening!

    Doris, it's good to try as it's really unique. You may like them :)

  6. Those xiao long bao with those bright colours are so appetizing, but I was quite bummed when you said it was overrated. That's usually the case when restos create too much hype on a certain dish, sometimes they can't meet people's expectations.

    Thanks for sharing this, Shirley <3


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. Hi again, Shirley! Since you have such a spirit of fun and food adventure, I'm "tagging" you in a blog game to share 7 of your posts and then tag 5 others. (Details on Mike's "The Culinary Lens" blog or mine.) Have fun!

  8. nice, hard to pick which one to eat first..:D

  9. Wi, glad we're on the same page :) Wonder if u also have these colourful dumplings in your country...

    Kim, thks for much for the tag! I'll gladly play along :)

    Agnes, that's true! I picked my fave Truffle first :)

  10. Christine, thks for dropping by & leaving your trail!

  11. As always a great and honest review...I must say the multi-colored dumplings look beautiful :) I have had vegetarian versions and they are a favorite :)

  12. Alisha, thks for your wonderful feedback! Vegetarian version sounds great too & it's healthier :)

  13. These xiao long bao look so pretty and actually quite appealing with the different colours. I am not a pork fan so I like that these were stuffed with different fillings. I've been eating my xiao long bao wrong. Lol. I just bite a chance out of it. Haha.

  14. Lequan, 1st impression counts so this is very eye-catching. With different fillings, u can really pick & choose. So now u've learnt the right way of eating the baos. Have a nice weekend, dear!


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