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Monkey Be Cool Tees Review!

See No evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this phrase? Yes, the Three Wise Monkeys!!

I was thrilled when I received these lively T-shirts for review as I’m totally in love with these Monkey tees!

Tees from the Cool Characters Collection

Monkey Be Cool is a charming online store specializing in matching pairs & family sets etc, that caters for the modern parents & kids who dare to show!

If you’re a fan of Starwars, be sure to check out their vivacious range of Starwars characters! Well, Jonathan got himself the Darth Maul, Lord Sidious' deadly apprentice. Standing at almost 1.85m, Jon looks even taller with the Darth Maul tee :)

Don't you think this Obi-wan tee is extremely cute too?

These “monkeys” come with free delivery within Singapore; in cool, reusable & non-woven bags. These carriers are awesome; greeting tags are included too if you decide to present these tees as gifts!
So does Monkey Be Cool dispatch overseas? Of course they do! They ship to all major cities in the world. A flat US$10.00 per item applies for postage outside of Singapore.

Oh wait, there’s more! Monkey Be Cool even holds on-going competition for crazy monkey designers. Don’t fret if their current competition is closed, stay tuned for the next & you may be their STAR!

So don’t mess around with Monkeys, cause Monkey Be Cool means serious business & they deliver as promised! Check out their matching tees now, starting from just S$24.90, with FREE reusable bag & FREE delivery within S'pore! So let the Monkeys speak for themselves!

* Check out their Win A Matching Pair Of Monkey Be Cool Tees contest now!


  1. Nice t-shirts and why not for a change esp for casual wear.

  2. Nice! My friends who are into couple dressing or family dress up as a team will be delighted to see this. I shall spread this news to them.

  3. Omgsh, Shirley, I am completely smitten by those tees! Graphic tees are my fave, and this is just too cute! Will definitely check out their site soon, thanks for sharing!


  4. Nava, glad u like these lovely tees!

    Doris, thks for the shout!

    Claudia, thks & have a good week!

    Neha, be sure to chk them out!

    Wi, looks like we've another thing in common. Hahaha!

  5. Shirley, your review was enthusiastic and FUN -- cute product and adorable couple! :)

  6. Kimby, thks for your wonderful comments! Have a pleasant evening!

  7. Evil Sith Monkey is so bad ass looking hehe :P

    I prefer normal cute monkey which is u had posted above hehe DJ alike Monkey lol

  8. KF, why don't u get someone to join the contest to win Monkey Tees? It's open to M'sians too!

  9. These t-shirts are so cute! I've never heard of these monkeys before. I live the baby be cool one. Haha. Thanks for introducing these to me, Shirley. And boy oh boy is your son ever tall.

  10. Lequan, the tees are simply adorable :) It hurts each time people comment Jon's tall :< Does that mean I'm short? Sigh! Hahaha!


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