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Flying The Singapore Flag High With Glutinuous Rice!

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Happy 46th Birthday, S’pore! It’s our National Day on Aug 9. This year, I decided to make a dish to show my love for my country. And of course, the best way is to show it through food. But why Glutinuous Rice? Well, this is a very popular food easily found in markets, coffee shops etc. It's one of the hot favourites for breakfast & tea breaks.

For non-Singaporeans, I’d like to tell you a little about our flag:

Red symbolises "universal brotherhood & equality of man", & white, "pervading & everlasting purity & virtue".
The Crescent Moon you see here represents a young nation on the ascendant. The Five stars stand for the nation's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice & equality.

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My recipe @ NDP 2011!

As S’pore is a multi-racial country, I wanted this Chinese dish to be enjoyed by all. Hence, I’ve left out my fave ingredient – Chinese Sausage as it contains pork, so that Muslims can also enjoy it. Something special this time, also my 1st, adding Hay Bee Hiam (Spicy Dried Shrimp) to the Red portion of the flag.

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This creation has been featured @
OMY-食天堂Eat as DIY 好主意!

To my surprise, the fiery portion was so well-received that even my son who can’t take spicy stuff, totally ignore the white portion of the flag & went for the red instead. Ok, ok, let’s get started!

Ingredients (Make 2 Flags):
150g Glutinuous rice
6 slices of Eryngii Mushroom
¼ cup Peanuts
3 Chinese mushrooms
20-30g Dried shrimps
2 tsp Hay Bee Hiam
1 tsp Oyster sauce
180ml water (90ml for each portion)
1 tsp Salt
½ tbsp Cooking oil

  1. Soak rice in water for an hour. Soak shrimps & mushrooms in warm water till soft. Remove stalk from mushrooms & dice into cubes. Marinade mushrooms with oyster sauce for about 15 mins.
  2. hay bee, dried shrimps, mushrooms
  3. Heat wok & fry mushroom, peanuts & shrimps till fragrant.
  4. glutinuous rice recipe, peanuts, mushroom, dried shrimps
  5. Drain rice & add to mixture. Fry for about 2mins. Add salt & stir well.
  6. glutinuous rice, peanuts, dried shrimps
  7. Transfer half of the rice into container & add water.
  8. glutinuous rice, peanuts, dried shrimps, hay bee hiam
  9. Add Hay Bee Hiam to remaining rice & mix well. Transfer rice to container & add water.
  10. steam glutinuous rice in water
  11. Steam rice for about 20mins.
  12. When rice is ready, cut each container of rice into half & transfer to 2 serving plates. Make sure you join the 2 colours well. Leave to cool.
  13. Meanwhile, cut your mushrooms into stars & crescent & place over red flag.
  14. singapore flag, crescent, mushroom
  15. Happy Birthday, S’pore!
singapore flag, national day, glutinuous rice

Well, do visit Make Your Own Delicious Glutinous Rice With Sea Salt for another delicious version!
glutinuous rice recipe, chinese, asian


  1. Whoa, you're so creative Shirley! I love glutinous rice alot and yours look really tempting.
    Happy National Day to you & all the S'porean!
    Best wishes

  2. Shirley, this is very creative. Wish you can share with me too :)

  3. Oh Oh Shirley, we call this "Loh Mai Khai" at Malaysia. I simply like your creatively, great and keep up.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog and no need for the sorry, understand we can get busy sometimes. Take care Shirley.

  4. Yes, every citizen in S'pore loves Singapore but who could have thought of "flying S'pore flag with Glutinous rice", what a great idea! Bravo!

  5. I have heard a lot about this recipe but never tasted one, looks so pretty.

  6. That's very creative and very patriotic, too :D

  7. What a great way to celebrate your national day Shirley!

  8. What a creative work....Rice looks tasty as well...

  9. Kristy, thks! U're always so sweet :) Try it with Hay Bee Hiam if u get the chance.

    Ann, thks! I'm sure this is no difficult task for u :)

    Nava, Loh Mai Kai has chicken & it's different from this. This is drier & ingredients are totally not the same. U must try it!

    Doris, so glad u like the Flag too! Happy National Day!

    Umm M, hope u get to try this dish sometime. I'm quite sure u'll like it.

    Mary, I love S'pore!!!

    Peggy, thks! I'm totally in love with it!

    Neha, I'm glad u like it too! Have a good weekend!

  10. Shirley, I love the detail and pride you put into this dish! Happy Birthday, Singapore -- what a neat way to celebrate!

  11. U are so creative!!!! I saw your link from Anncoo and your glutinous rice look sooo tempting :)

  12. Kimby, I'm very proud of my country & love every bit of it! Hahaha!

    Ellena, thks for visiting & I've left my comments in your blog! Enjoy your holiday!

  13. Happy National Day to you Shirley. Luckily I am back in KL, if not I will beg for a piece when I was in Singapore.

  14. Veron, thks! Have a nice vacation!

    Simply Life, thks for dropping by! Have a great week!

  15. Big fan of glutinous rice. Yummy.

    1. YL, I'm glad u like it too! This is spicy version :)

  16. Hi Shirley!

    I really enjoyed this post and learning about your national day and your flag. Happy Day! You did such a wonderful job and I am so glad you shared it! Thank you!

  17. What a wonderful and creative recipe to celebrate! Didn't know the meaning of the Singapore flag until your post. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Hope you had a beautiful celebration.

  18. Lovely! I'm a huge fan of glutinous rice too but sadly, the rice itself is rather fattening and i can't afford to eat much :(

    1. Ken, that's so true but it's kinda hard to resist.....


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