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Aromatic Lemongrass Mint Tea Recipe

Singapore is a tropical country. A glass of icy Lemongrass Tea refreshes & perks you up for the day. Besides coconut drink, I'd always order lemongrass tea whenever I visit Thailand. But at home, I like to add a touch of mint to invigorate my mind. Try this version & I’m sure you’ll like it too! Let the lemongrass scent envelope your home & send you reeling to a spa!
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(Makes 1 jug)
4 stalks of Lemongrass
2 sprigs Mint leaves
4 tbsp Sugar or Honey
1.5 lit Water

  1. Cut off both ends of lemongrass. Rinse & slice it diagonally, about 3” lengthwise & smash it.
  2. Boil water in pot & throw in lemon grass. Simmer for about 30 mins.
  3. Turn off fire. Add sugar/honey & mint. Cover the lid & let it infuse for about 5 mins and discard the ingredients.
  4. making lemongrass tea
  5. When tea is cooled, pour some tea into an ice-cube tray. Add 1 mint leaf in each cube. Freeze.
  6. Transfer the rest of the tea into a jug & refrigerate. Remove ice just before serving & pour the chilled tea into serving glass.
* Tips:
  • When you use the tea instead of water to make ice cubes, your tea will not be diluted when serving. These ice cubes will also make the tea look pretty.
  • Put on a face mask while the tea is simmering. Relax on a sofa with your eyes closed & inhale the lemongrass to relax you mind.
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  1. Thanks for the tips... To put mask while waiting...then I will be less inpatience

  2. Jen, u're the 1st today & soooooo early! Hahaha! Mmmmm.... this recipe is already working.

  3. This is so refreshing, love that lemongrass and mint, you know Shirley, the two ingredients we Malaysian simply cannot be without.

  4. Wow this is new! Tea+mint as ice! LOVE IT

  5. I'm not a fan of lemon grass, but the way you present it really makes me want to give this a try.

  6. I will bet this will cool me right off!

  7. This is a wonderful and refreshing idea, Shirley! A must-try for me on these hot and humid tropical days haha :)

    And thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, aww you're such a sweet and gracious lady. And I shall make S'pore one of my Asian destinations too! I have a very dear friend who's from S'pore, I met her briefly when I was stopping over Changi Airport. I would love to visit her again, and maybe we can meet up too! Haha

    All the best, hun! And have a lovely weekend.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  8. Nava, these 2 herbs are indeed very popular. I'm sure u guys like it too.

    Charmaine, a beauty & detox tea too. Hahaha!

    Doris, will fix one for u next time :)

    Claudia, anytime :)

    Wi, I'm sure this suits your weather too. Hope to meet u someday too!

  9. This drink looks so refreshing.....I have never used lemon grass before...Will be trying out this one...

  10. Very refreshing looking beverage! And Shirley, I have a favor to ask of you! Do you have a recipe for fried bread called you tiao? I have a friend seeking it. Here is her blog link (I hope this works.)

    Thank you and happy beverage sipping! :)

  11. Such a refreshing it! I keep looking for fresh lemon grass but have not found it. Love the addition of mint :)

    1. Lemon grass is easy to grow or root. You can stick stalks of lemon grass into a small container of water...and it will begin to root. Once it has can then transfer it into a pot and grow your own fresh lemon grass in a sunny location. You can even bring it in over the winter (if you live where temps drop below freezing)...and again, sit the pot in a sunny location and keep watered like any house plant. You can then return it outdoors when temps get warm again.

    2. Anonymous, that's a really cool tip! Thks so much for visiting & leaving such an informative note!

  12. This sounds like such a refreshing tea Shirley =)

  13. I love lemongrass in my tea, except that I prepare it with hot tea.

  14. YEZZZ! this is a very refreshing drink. Dried lemon grass is very cheap in Bangkok. When I was there the last trip, I bought a BIG packet. I repacked it into smaller packets and share with my friends and family. I love to be intoxicated with the smell of lemon grass!

  15. Neha, I'm sure u'll fall in love with this drink!

    Kim, I just thought of someone who made this recently. Here's her post Bread Expectations. I'll drop by to leave them a note too :)

    Alisha, I'm surprised u can't find this herb. Have u tried Chinatown?

    Peggy, it is! U should try it!

    Shirley, this is good hot or cold. Inhaling the steam of the hot tea really relaxes one :)

    Veron, I've not seen dried ones. I usually buy fresh from the mkt. Will look out when I go BKK next time :)

  16. Oooo....lemongrass drinks is one of fav as well. I normally boiled it with ginger. It helps in clearing the air in our body. Wonderful wonderful...
    happy weekend to you, dear.
    ((hugs)) Kristy

  17. Kristy, I love it with ginger too! It's really another way of using lemongrass :)

    Isaac, I think there's no problem for u trying to make this drink too :)

  18. Shirley, I love how simple and refreshing this drink is. I've never had a lemongrass drink before so I'm excited to give this a try. Great tip on adding mint in each ice cube. You've made me suddenly very thirsty. Haha.

  19. Lequan, good to have u back in action! Hope u've recovered from your "jet leg". Hahaha! I'm surprised u've never tried this drink. U'll fall in love with it soon :)

  20. How delightfully refreshing...will have to try this one :)

  21. Alisha, this is chicken feet to u. Hope u can get the herb soon :)


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