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Try My Recipe & Have It Displayed On My Facebook Fan Page!

Following my post on A Reader Who Bothers To Give Credit & Share, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my readers for trying out my recipes. Hence, I’ve created a corner at my Facebook Fan Page specially dedicated to this group of people to showcase their cooking using my recipes. This is superb especially for those without a blog.

At the same time, I’d like to encourage those who’re afraid to put on the apron, to step into the kitchen bravely & prepare some home-cooked food for their loved ones. It’s cooking made fun & easy here; you don’t need to be a Chef with the step-by-step photo instructions. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get COOKING!!

So if you tried my recipes whether it’s recently or in the past, show them off to the world! Start sending me your pictures now! Don’t worry about photo quality. You’re not going to be penalized here, it’s not a photo competition :)

Choose the best photo & email me at luxuryhaven [at] hotmail [dot] com. I’ll add your hardwork into my Readers' Corner Album in Facebook! If you’ve a link, include it in so others can visit your site too.

Thank you once again, for trying out my recipes!


  1. Yoohoo! I can now show off my cooking and photos too. Will send the photos over asap;)

  2. thanks for the info Shirley, will certainly do that if I try the recipes out.

  3. Cool! This is really a good interacting way with your fans.

  4. Hey Shirley..for some reason Your Blog URL instead of name is displaying on my blog...I tried to change it but could not...Let me find out some way...And this is a good way to boost a lot of people...

  5. Amy, I've already posted few of your recipes in the new album. Chk it out!

    Nava, looking fwd to yours :)

    Doris, thks! Some of us are there too :) Pity that few other readers that have tried didn't snap any pix :<

    KF, does that mean I'll be seeing ur pix soon?? Hahaha!

    Neha, thks for your kind gesture! Strange that this doesn't happen in some blogs I see. The title appears nicely. I do hope to see u trying one of my recipes soon :)

    Malli, thks! Hope to see urs too :)

  6. That's interesting. I would love to see all the photos and drool. I just wish everyone can make for me :P It's a great idea, Shirley, to get more people to cook. Thumbs up to you :D

  7. This is nice, from now on, I will be following your posts, hope I could just have the luxury of trying out your good stuffs! Hope you follow me
    Have a great one!

  8. Love the idea of this Shirley!

  9. Your heart is in a good place. I just subscribed! :)

  10. Shirley, this is such a great idea! It really gets people inspired to try different dishes.

  11. Mary, I wish I get to taste their cooking too. LOL! Thks again!

    Joy, thks so much for dropping by! I'll pop by urs soon :)

    Peggy, glad u like it too!

    Alittlelunch, awesome! Look fwd to your cooking soon :)

    Lequan, I was trying to get people to cook for me indirectly. Hahaha!

  12. I though this was such a wonderful to see all of the different versions :)

  13. Alisha, thks! I'm so happy to feature your product :) Thks!

  14. This is such a great idea! LOVE it!

  15. Cajunlicious, thks & I hope to see one of yours too!

  16. I saved the FaceBook Page and I'll try the recipes. Great! I will see all the new recipes....

  17. Elena, thks for dropping by! I've left my comments @ your blog & following u now :)

  18. Hi Shirley. Thanks for following my blog, and wow, this is such a thoughtful gesture from you. I would definitely submit a photo of a dish from the recipes that you've shared ;)

    All the best,


  19. Chichi, thks! I'm really looking fwd :)


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