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My Oven Hates Me!!

Baking & I don’t seem to meet eye to eye. We’re in fact, ENEMIES! And I messed up BIG TIME!

Since I left school, I’ve not baked till of late. I got a new convection oven sometime last year & it sat there waiting patiently for me to start my baking. I was cool, of course. But it was my friends who got impatient & decided to come to my house to Break My Oven!

My good friends Juliet & Elena came during Chinese New Year to bake my fave Pineapple Tarts. J had to carry most of the baking “equipment” to my place cause I don’t own any. LOL! That’s why I always say I’ve the nicest friends on earth.

Juliet's Recipe

Both J & E are almost professional bakers. Juliet makes lovely cakes while Elena makes the most delicious Pineapple Tarts for me every year. I took it for granted & got lazy. Why do I need to learn how to bake when I’ve friends who would bake goodies for me?

Elena's Recipe

3 of us tested the oven & I wouldn’t say it was 100% successful that day. We’d hiccups along the way cause they were not familiar with my oven. But at the end of the day, we’d fun & some tasty pineapple tarts to eat.

Months past after that. My oven was tolerant of my ignorance. I didn’t totally neglect my convection oven; I use it often for microwaving, grilling & baking stuff like seafood, gratin etc. I just can’t bake stuff like cakes. There's no motivation for me to even try.

Then came another fateful day. I was craving for Pineapple Tarts even though it’s not Chinese New Year. So another baker friend of mine, told me she’d just tried a new recipe: Pineapple Tarts with Cheese! That got me really excited.

So my dear Doris took the day off from work, carried her electric mixer etc & we started our “Playdoh” session. We bonded our 30-yr-old friendship through kneading & moulding the pineapple & dough. Then we sent our first few batches of pineapple tarts into the oven. Guess what?

To our horrid, they came out burnt, @ 180 – 150 deg C settings! Reluctantly, we’d to throw away few trays of our hardwork. I’d no idea what went wrong. I’ve no problem baking seafood etc but when it comes to baking stuff like that, it just failed me :< I’m really lousy. My oven hates me!!

In between our “Playdoh” hours, D let me play with the dough when we had some leftover. I was in my crazy mood again & started “massaging” the dough into shapes of animals. My son was born in the year of the Pig & look what I came out with………

A Pig & Sow! Thank God these Pigs weren’t in the first few batches & they came out beautifully. D was full of praises & I was proud of it too. Hahaha! At least there was a fruitful outcome.

My family loves the Pineapple Tarts with Cheese. It was something different from the usual. As the recipe was from a professional baker, D & I aren't allowed to post it out. All I can say is we’d added Parmesan Cheese both inside & outside the dough. You can see the cheese on top of the piggies' heads :)

I’m so ashamed as I’m surrounded by baker friends, often showing off their fanciful cakes & cookies. I often wondered when I’ll be able to join their league.

So can I go solo? No way! I’m still having phobia. Besides, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to baking! Perhaps I should just sit & wait to be served.


  1. very open's ok that you didn't bake ones perfect...

  2. Good job, Shirley! I must say your oven starting to love you as well. haha.... Mind sending me a dozen? :o)
    Happy Monday & have a great week ahead.

  3. Well done for trying, Shirley! Just tell people it's meant to be that colour! :P I can help you to eat all though :D Great that you are surrounded by friends who can bake well. They will surely feed you well! Maybe you can try my super easy no dairy cake. I have made so many, with different fruits. Have fun baking! Hope you have a great start to the week.

  4. Aiya! U just sit back, relax & be served :)

  5. Anu, hahaha! Thks for accepting my flaws :)

    Kristy, I'm embarrassed that u're seeing this post. U bake so well so I was hoping u won't see it. Hahaha! Thks, dear!

    Mary, I like your sense of humour! LOL! U won't wanna eat the first few batches; they came out real hard!! Will surely KIV your recipes :) Thks!

    Juliet, don't regret saying this cause I'm really obedient. Hahaha! So when r u making your rounds of delivery??

  6. Good job Shirley..I am sure u'll join the league soon...All the best...

  7. I'm sorry about the baking :( better luck next time, right.

  8. Well, there's a saying. Fail the first time, keep on trying :). I guess you'll have to not give up and try till you get the right temperature etc. Worst come to worst dump your over.

  9. Neha, I've a long time to join the league. Hahaha!

    Natasha, I hope so. Else I'll never bake again. LOL!

    Thristhan, dump mu oven?? But it's relatively new. Ouch! Hahaha!

  10. Cool of you to be showing the burnt pineapples tarts. LOL! Not many would want to show failed product. I would say, don't give up, keep trying, you would be able to get familarise with your oven soon enough to produce beautiful products real soon.

  11. Doris, hahaha! I'm so thick-skinned to show off even my burnt food. Thks! I need lots of luck :)

  12. chill chill, try again maybe u know where is the problem comes out next . . or the oven got problem if use too much? LOL

  13. KF, I just need to learn how to tame the oven. LOL! Sigh!

  14. Oh no! Sorry your pineapple tarts didn't turn out. At least you got to spend some quality time with your friend. Pineapple tart with cheese sound delicious. Those pig and sow are so cute, Shirley!

    I'm totally like you, my dear. I'm not good at baking at all. Baking really intimidates me. Although the playdoh part is quite fun though. I think we both need to just jump in and bake more.

  15. Lequan, it's the 1st time I've tasted Pineapple tarts with cheese & it's really good!

    Can't imagine putting the 2 of us together to bake. Hell breaks lose. LOL!

  16. Shirley thanks fir shaing your baking failure so now Quay Po don't feel so bad about her failures ... Hehe how wicked this Quay Po is. You probably thinking, gave friends like this there is no need to have enemies yes? Jokes aside, I am very proud of you not giving up and I know for sure with that strenghth, you will soon become a fabulous baker. Oh in the meantime, just blame it on your oven! Hehe. Lots of love and hugzzz!!

  17. Veron, thks for your encouragement! Yes definitely, it's my oven's fault! Hahaha!

  18. Sorry that many got burnt...I am a terrible baker as well :( The pigs are too cute though :)

  19. Alisha, that's ok! I've to be mentally be prepared to throw away few trays the next time I bake again. LOL! U can't bake too?? No kidding! U look so pro, like Iron Chef!

  20. Shirley, I think you done a good job. I like the piggies,looks cute indeed. Try more bakes, so that your oven will love you dearly :D

  21. Ann, u're sweet! Think I need to take up baking lessons from u :)


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