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Ku De Ta, Skypark At Marina Bay Sands

When the sun goes down, where is a better place to indulge? Perched 200m above MBS is a Skybar, Restaurant, Club lounge & Skydeck; all at one place!

Hailed as one of the sexiest place to be spotted at, how could I not be there to check it out? Ku De Ta offers the most dramatic views of the city & it’s simply breathtaking.

The best way is to unwine with a glass of Ku De Ta’s Signature Cocktail just before dinner. I was recommended the ladies drink “Lady Be Mine”, a Martini with lychees, rose water & apple juice @ S$20.

The restaurant has 2 seatings; one @ 6.30pm & the other @ 8.30pm, & you’ve a choice of Al Fresco or indoor.

As the weather was pretty hot, my friend & I opted for indoor dining with a reservation for the earlier slot. A friendly waiter soon approached us & asked if it was our 1st visit. He then told us that they’re serving Modern Asian Cuisine & that their food is on a sharing basis. That explained why the 14-course Tasting Menu is only @ S$148++/pax.

Our 1st round of dishes were served soon. The Smoked Eggplant, Baby Squid & ‘Bo ssam’ Pork Belly Salad came at one go.

My friend Yuri enjoyed the Eggplant, which was topped with Salmon Caviar & marinated with black vinegar. I found it rather bland actually. The Crispy Squid was sweet & drizzled with lime. I went head over heels with the Pork Belly Salad. The taste was amazingly unique & it was delicious. The spicy salad is a mixture of their house-made pickles, cucumber vinaigrette & pork.

Next was a platter of Sashimi which consisted of Scottish Salmon, seared Black Angus Beef Tataki & sliced semi-fatty Tuna Belly. Love how the Chef cleverly infused herbs & spices like green tea salt, szechuan pepper, miso, vanilla bean oil etc into this course.

Yuri & I didn’t quite appreciate the Bamboo-roasted Pacific Black Cod. The fish was whipped in red miso, but we found it quite fishy. We didn’t finish the dish.

The next dish was supposed to be my all-time favourite. Unfortunately, the pan-roasted Foie Gras was only big in portion & didn’t turn out the way I’d envisaged.

The char-grilled Australian Black Angus Beef Tenderloin was just alright. Nothing to shout about.

Crispy Skin Bamboo-steamed Duck came jointly with Asparagus/Tofu. The name of the dish is misleading as the skin wasn’t crispy at all. It was a total let-down.

We ended our tasting menu with their desserts, which were just so-so.

Although the food was nothing fantastic, I’ve to give credit to the servers who were dedicated in their service & were chatty & friendly.

Would I go there again? I probably won’t spend S$148++ for dinner there, but the view & cocktail are definitely worth the visit. Rating: 3½/5

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  1. Too bad about the food...the black cod dish sounds like it should have been wonderful :(
    I could go for one of the martinis though :)
    Hope you have a great week

  2. It's such a pity that the food is not up to standard even though your pictures do looked appetizing.

  3. Alisha, I was a little disappointed. It was unexpected :< Hahaha, wise choice!

    Little Inbox, I agree price's a little high for the sharing concept.

    Doris, looks can be deceiving. Hahaha!

  4. beautiful place to dine, like the cocktail among all, tried one before at one of the places at Malaysia.

    Price seems a bit steep esp converted to RM.

  5. Nava, too bad the food was just average :< Yap, so don't convert to Ringgit then. Hahaha! Oops!

  6. Aiyoh!! Lucky I saw this review now! Thanks for the forewarning. I was talking to hubby about trying out Ku De Ta next Friday - heard so much hype about it. So sad about the food, such a letdown :( And too pricey, for what you got. The cocktail though looks lovely and the view is stunning! Maybe we'll just go to Dempsey again LOL At least I know the food will be good ;)

  7. Denise, hope my review didn't spoil your appetite for the place. It's just my opinion, u may get better food. Hahaha!

  8. Oh no! Too bad the food wasn't much better. You'd think that at a place like that the dishes would be amazing or at least not a let down. Glad the cocktail and service was much better though. Love the name of that cocktail. Sounds really yummy too. Hopefully your next restaurant will be much better, Shirley.

  9. Lequan, u're right! I've high expectation of the place but was truly disappointed :< Nevertheless, it won't dampen my appetite to try other new places :)


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