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Angry Birds Onigiri Lunch Box Recipe (Part II)

My Angry Birds Collection drew a tremendous response, both from this blog & Facebook. My friends & students are also going gaga over these Angry Birds. I’ve received a lot of comments & emails from readers enquiring about the lunch box, some asking if I accept orders. That alone, is a compliment. But I’m really not ready to start a business yet :)

Well, some of you are getting impatient with the steps for the remainder of the Angry Birds Collection. Here are the instructions for the King Pig & the rest as promised:

(King Pig)
3 tbsp cooked Japanese Rice
½ cup of Green Peas
4 tsp of Tuna flakes
1 slice of Cheese
1 sheet of Nori (seaweed)
Crabmeat for nose
1 tsp Salt water
1 sheet of Cling wrap

  1. Steam the peas if they’re frozen ones. Keep 2 peas for the ears & add the rest to blender. Do not blend into puree form if you prefer to have some “bites”. Mix desirable amount into rice.
  2. Using fingers, spread some salt water onto cling wrap. Put 2 tbsp of rice onto palm & top with tuna (drain olive oil). Add another tbsp of rice to cover & roll into an oval shape.
  3. Cut out cheese to form the eyes, nori for eye brows, pupils & nostrils; crabmeat for nose. Voila, your King Pig is ready for consumption!

The White Bird is the easiest to make. Simply decorate a hard-boiled egg to get your White Bird!

Lastly, follow instructions for Red Bird to make the Yellow Bird with the fillings of your choice. Use this pix as reference to cut out the shapes for the face accordingly.

Having seen all the instructions, it’s not that difficult, isn’t it??

Well, here's a sneak preview of my Hello Kitty Onigiri for a friend's birthday, coming to you soon! I hereby, wish you all success in making your rice balls for your "little ones"!


  1. Great! I'll going to get my japanese rice already - getting ready for the kitty bento instruction too. Oh, these bento are not meant just for little ones, big ones are overwhelmed too. LOL!

  2. How adorable! I have a ton of bento supplies but have yet to break down and try to make one. This is a great idea!

  3. now those angry birds are just adorable, and I'm sure delicious, and having fun making food is always a plus! You should think about making these as a business, I know they would be an overnite sucess!

  4. Oh wow, such cute little birdie! I enjoy and love making bento too, nice to find another gang, lol!

    Hi, greeting frm My Little Sprouts, thx for your warm thoughts on stopping by!

  5. Gosh you're so creative! Would try it someday, after I killed those lazy bugs :p

  6. Doris, I'm really looking fwd to your bento :) Oh yes, they're for big kids like us. Hahaha!

    Kita, that's so great! Do let me know if u make ones of these :) Will pop by soon!

    Dennis, thks a million for leaving your kind words! Coming from a Chef, I trust u. Heehee!

    Alice, good to find another bento fan :) Looking fwd to more sharing!

    Charmaine, it's so nice for u to drop by! Let me get an insecticide & kill them for u. Hahaha! I'll by hopping over soon :)

  7. thanks for sharing Shirley but am wondering whether I have the patience to go the whole process of making it.

  8. Agree totally - you need to sell these. They're amazing. So excited when I saw Part II. We want more!

  9. Shirley, remember my birthday is on next June ya! hahaha... Must not forget. lol! so envy your friend~la!
    Happy weekend.

  10. Again I love these and they do seem easy enough with your instructions...and so fun!

  11. Awww...these are sooo cute!!!! Looking at them I think my eyebrows are also coming together......haha. Love it. You are just so creative, Shirley! Thanks very much for sharing.

  12. Nava, I thought I may not have the patience too but I was wrong. I felt a sense of satisfaction right after I saw my own products :)

    Jill, u're too kind! Hahaha! Ok, more coming up :)

    Cat, thks for dropping by! Will visit your blog soon.

    Neha, thks for visiting again!

    Kristy, can u come to S'pore? Hahaha!

    Alisha, I'm sure u can do a better job than me :)

    Mary, hahaha! So happy they won your hearts too :)

  13. These looked difficult to make, but with your instructions they seem easier now. They are adorable, Shirley! I can see why you were asked if you sold them. Great job all around! Will be back later to catch up on all your posts.

  14. Lequan, they're not difficult to make at all. Hope u'll try making these for your kids some day :)

  15. Hello! I saw your link on The Culinary Lens picnic and was curious to know how you made these. Very creative! I enjoyed browsing your website, too.

  16. Kimby, thks for dropping by & leaving me your kind words. I'm popping by yours now :)

  17. Delicious and tasting! loving the angry birds family

    1. Thks for visiting & leaving your trail here! Welcome to the AB Club! Hahaha!

  18. So cute! I going make them all!

    1. Jaime, pls send me your food pix if u do succeed in making them. Would love to exhibit the pix in my slide here & Facebook Fan Page too. Have fun!


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