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Angry Birds Onigiri Bento Box (おにぎり)

angry birds onigiri bento box for kids, japanese cuisine

I was given few packet samples of Koshihikari Premium Rice; harvested in the Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture, typically the most expensive rice in all of Japan.
koshihikari premium rice japan
An idea struck me when it was my son’s lunch box day on Fridays. Jon loves Onigiri, so I decided to make him an Angry Birds Lunch Box!

Angry Birds Bento Box for a 16-yr-old boy? Never mind, his mum is a big kid too! Guess what? It was my hubby who was more impressed & “snatched” the lunch box from Jon! Yes, Ken brought these Angry Birds to his office instead!!

Angry Birds, the popular & best-selling mobile game, has taken the world by storm. The game is about these birds who’re angry because their eggs were stolen by a bunch of green pigs. Since they can’t fly, they’ve to use a giant slingshot to catapult themselves to destroy those pigs that are well protected inside their fortress. So are you ready for some action now?? Let's GAME!

finnair angry birds asian challenge, bento box
This Bento Box also won the hearts of Finnair's jury
I Won A Trip On Finnair’s Angry Birds Flight To Helsinki!!

angry birds asian challenge finnair helsinki
(Red Bird)
3 tbsp cooked Japanese Rice
2 Crabsticks
½ Hard-boiled Egg
1 slice of Cheese
1 sheet of Nori (seaweed)
1 tsp Salt water
1 tbsp Ketchup ( tomato sauce)
1 tbsp Mayonnaise
Dash of black pepper
1 sheet of Cling wrap
Mayonnaise & Wasabi for serving (optional)

  1. Mash hard-boiled egg & set aside. Blanch crabmeat in boiling water & drain. Dice it & mix with egg, mayo & pepper.
  2. Mix Ketchup into 2 tbsp of rice. Using fingers, spread some salt water onto cling wrap. Put 2 tbsp of rice onto palm & top with crabmeat mixture.
  3. angry birds onigiri rice ball recipes
  4. Make into a ball. Add 1 tbsp of white rice to make the bottom of the Red Bird. Press well to combine the two.
  5. how to make angry birds onigiri rice balls
  6. Once you’re done, start cutting out the eyes by using Cheese & Nori & the crown/beak using Carrots. Tada! Here’s your 1st Angry Bird!! Serve with mayo & wasabi if you like :)
angry birds japanese rice ball recipes for kids
So what do you think of this Red Bird? Visit Angry Birds Part II Recipes to make the Yellow Bird, White Bird & the King Pig!!


  1. How creative and cute is that? Happy to be your new blogging friend! :)

  2. wow this is so cute and creative! and . . . is this hard to make? or just trying your best to follow the shape of the angry bird hehehe

    the piggy green color is wasabi ar? :P

  3. This is amazing. Absolutely love it! Well done.

  4. Tori, thks so much! I'll be popping by soon :)

    Kian Fai, thks! If u ask me, I'd say, "Of course not!" Heehee! U're right, just follow the step-by-step instructions. Wasabi on the entire Pig?? Sure, if u wanna "kill" someone. Hahaha!

    Kim Bee, thks for checking out! I'll be going over soon :)

  5. If the pig contain some raw salmon, taking that amount of wasabi I think is a little too much. And Wasabi kills germs too XD

  6. Kian Fai, looks like we've got a Wasabi fan here. This reminded me of an incident yrs ago where I played a trick on a Japanese colleague. On one April Fool's Day, I added lots of Wasabi on a sushi that I've made & that sent him crying out loud. The entire dept burst into laughter!

  7. That looks so cut, I'm sure your little one should have enjoyed this a lot. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  8. You are really creative Shirley, like the name of the recipes and it fits the images you have created.

  9. I have always wanted to try making sushi, but with no experience at it, i'm a little hesitant, but now, with your instruction, it sure have boost my urge to try. Lovely bento! No wonder your hubby snatch it. hahaha!

  10. They are so fun, Shirley. I would have loved to have seen your son's face when he opened that box! Amazing work and bet they're not just pretty to look at, either. ;-)

  11. OMG that is fantastic... too cute and funny!! LOL

  12. These are so adorable, Shirley. I don't blame your hubby for stealing your son's lunchbox, I know I would too. Fantastic job with the characters. My husband used to be so addicted to this game. Haha.

  13. Umm M, glad u like it. Pleasure is mine :)

    Nava, u're sweet! So fun!

    Doris, Onigiri is different from Sushi. Method's different; Onigiri is much easier as it uses only salt water. U can see Sushi-making @ Sushi “Birthday Cake”. Have fun making :)

    Jill, u should've seen my hubby's. Hahaha! Thks so much!

    Claudia, yipee! Thks again!

    Malli, would u buy them?? Heehee!

    Lequan, what happened? He got sick of the game?? Hahaha!

  14. Oh, thanks for enlightening me. This is easier to do than sushi? Hurray! Then i shall try my hand on this.

  15. This so cool I want to try "playing with my food" like this.
    I can't play Angry Birds on my phone but am addicted to the Chrome version

  16. This looks amazing....My son is a big fan of angry birds....I really like your creativity....Visit me at

  17. Doris, have fun making your own :)

    Mike, so glad u like it too! Looks like we've got another Angry Bird fan here :)

    Neha, thks for visiting! Will pop by soon :)

  18. These are so adorable Shirley...I want them for my lunch too!
    Very creative :)

  19. Alisha, if only u're living nearer...... we could share so much :)

  20. Shirley, you make lunch FUN and it appears that "The Thinker" on The Culinary Lens link party could use a little of that, too. (We ALL could!) :) Thanks for reminding us to pack a "smile" into our loved ones' lunches.

  21. ALittleLunch, thks so much for your wonderful comments! Let's party together!

  22. How cute...:)! Thank you for following my blog, I have been a follower of your blog for some time :).

  23. Cooking Gallery, oops! Didn't realize u've been following my blog all these while. This is the 1st time I'm seeing your comments :) Really happy. Your bento skills are amazing!

  24. Naah,I'll simply ate it before I finish makin em..Ha ha ha..

    So creative ah U.. ^_^.v..

  25. Aki, u're so funny! I like your sense of humour :)

  26. wow!!so cute angry birds....found this post from linky party-Whats for lunch Wednesday..

  27. Amy, thks so much for dropping by! Looking fwd to sharing :)

  28. So adorable! Thanks for stopping by Bento Blog Network. We have an anything goes theme starting this Friday so you can enter this and any other bentos into that linky.
    I am now your 200th follower!

  29. Diana, thks for the heads-up! Will bookmark & chk it out :)

  30. What a great idea. :)
    Fab blog.

    1. Higley, thks for dropping by & it's great having u here with us! Hope to see more of u :)

  31. That's so awesome Shirley, you are so creative!

  32. That's pretty crazily awesome!!!! I love angry birds! I bet these tasted delicious!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  33. Too cute!! This would be so fun to make with baby glam! In a year or two! xx -Taj

  34. These are so adorable. My little boy loves angry birds! I can't wait to make this for him. :) I love the green peas green pig a lot! I think I'm a big kid myself too. :P Happy Friday.

    1. Amy, I'm glad u're enjoying this too! They taste great too!

  35. Replies
    1. Chandrani, thks for the heads-up! Will try to join :)


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