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Tips to Light & Crunchy Fish & Chips

My son loves Fish & Chips; he kept bugging me to make his favourite food. It’s a compliment that he still likes his mum’s cooking.

It's great to see my recipe Featured @ PtitChef too!

Most restaurants use Dory instead of Cod as it’s more economical. I’m using Dory too as I find it a waste to deep-fry the Cod fish as it's very expensive in S'pore.

  1. To get rid of the “muddy” taste of Dory, simply soak the fillet in salt water.
  2. I’d usually add either Beer or Soda to the batter to make it light & crispy. But when I run out of these like today, I’d substitute it with icy water. Ice-cold water is what I’d use when making the Japanese Tempura. It works like magic! Add couple of ice-cubes to aid whisking the batter to a smooth texture.
Why serve in newspapers? During my years of flying around the world, I came across many restaurants overseas using newspapers to wrap their Fish & Chips. Hard Rock Cafe was one of them, but I'm not sure if they're still doing that. I thought it's a brilliant & interesting idea.

Winner of Fish & Chips Challenge 2011
At Home with Rebecka,

1 Dory fillet
½ cup Self-raising flour
½ tbsp Corn flour
½ Egg
1 tsp Cooking oil
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Pepper
Water for batter
Oil for deep-frying
Corn flour for coating

French fries
Mixed vegetables (buttered)
Tartar sauce/Mayonnaise

  1. Soak Dory in salt water for at least 30 mins. Drain & pat dry. Season with pinch of salt/pepper.
  2. Mix self-raising & corn flour, oil, salt & pepper. Beat egg & pour half into flour mixture.
  3. Add ice water & cubes slowly & whisk into a smooth batter. Adjust water accordingly.
  4. Heat oil. Ensure oil is hot enough for deep-frying by sticking your chopsticks into wok. Temperature is right when you see bubbles.
  5. Deep fry the fries till golden brown, leaving 1 behind for testing the batter. Drain & set aside. Meanwhile, steam or microwave the mixed vegetables & add butter for flavour.
  6. Tip: Test out to see if you’re happy with the batter by coating 1 french fries with corn flour, then dip into batter to deep-fry.
  7. If you’re satisfied, do the same with the Dory fillet. For that extra crisp, I’d always adopt the Chinese way of returning the food into hot oil for a quick dip just before serving! Viola, the result is a light & crispy seafood dish to go with your sides!

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Good Old Fish and Chips


  1. What a great idea to coat the fry I love that! Will always remember this thanks so much!

  2. I grew up on this in Ireland. It was particularly good after a night in the pub LOL
    I am fast approaching 50 and have to tell you I never seen a "chipper" wrap in newspaper. But it is such a part of the tradition of serving FIsh and Chips.I see food service catalogs with newsprint parchment that is pretty cool.
    These look so good.

  3. Shirley, this sounds good and got to try this out. Perfect for a weekend dinner to eat in front of the TV seeing my favorite programLD

  4. Shirley, congrats again on your featuring post. You must be so excited! I love fish & chips alot. And thanks for sharing your version. Bookmarked it for later use. Have a great day, dear.

  5. Ooh, that batter shown in the picture of the fry DOES look crispy and fluffy. Cod is one of my favorite fish, but I agree with you that it'd be a bit of a waste to deep fry it. Thanks for the tips on the ice cubes and plain cold ice water. Fish n chips was one of my childhood faves. Yours looks perfectly dons and yummy.

  6. Looks yummy. XD You look like you can really cook. Nice! Thanks for dropping by my site today ya.

  7. Claudia, thks! I always do that so ensure I'm happy with my batter. Hahaha!

    Culinary Lens, I travelled to most places around the world but yet to visit Ireland :< It's one of my must-visit destinations tho'.

    I'm flattered by your generous comments & thks for dropping by! U've a fantastic blog & I'll be visiting often :)

    Veronica, that's an ideal "snack"! I may steal your idea but hope I don't put on weight. Hahaha!

    Kristy, thks! I'm most delighted to be featured again :) U have a wonderful weekend!

    Lequan, u bet! The fries tasted good too with the batter. Heehee! As u may already know, I not a fan of fish. This is solely for my son & hubby :)

    Isaac, u got a great blog! Thks for leaving your trail too :) Enjoy your weekend & eat more. Hahaha!

  8. this is always such a delicious meal - looks great!

  9. Hie Shirley, it's yummy, i have a question, you mentioned about 'dipping' the fish in a salty water for 30 minutes, may I know about how many tablespoon do we need per fish and how much water?
    thanx..might wanna try it on my own

    P.S. the last time i cooked was 2 years ago, pineapple fried rice

  10. Simply Life, who can resist a nice plate of Fish & Chips? Hahaha!

    Hong, just approx 1 tsp will do. No fix proportion needed as this is just to take away the unpleasant taste, not to marinade. Do come back with your review :) Good to try with Dory first since it's no so ex. Feel free to pm me if u need help. Have fun!

  11. Shirley, I was so excited to see your entry into my Fish & Chips Challenge! Your recipe looks amazing and will be on my table this week for dinner! I hope to find some Dory fish at my local fish market. I live in the mountains so it's hard to find fresh or even really good frozen fish! Thanks for taking on the challenge!!

  12. Rebecka, thks again for the challenge! Can't wait to see your review :) The dory I used here is frozen & easily available in supermarkets here in S'pore. The batter should work well for all fillets :)

  13. I am currently using Tumblr as my default platform. I want kinda
    something like what you have. Great job, I think I have to invest into a proper website.


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